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 BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Arabesque Software Inc. today announced ECCO Simplicity(TM), an easy-to-use yet powerful personal information manager that extends the ECCO family of SuperPIMs(TM) to meet the needs of entry-level users. The user interface enhancements debuted in Simplicity are also incorporated in Arabesque's new version of ECCO Professional(TM). A free upgrade to the new version, 1.1, is available to current ECCO Professional users for a nominal handling and shipping charge.
 ECCO Simplicity introduces a new intuitive startup screen, enhanced graphical Calendar views and profession-specific templates that simplify categorization and viewing of information for first-time PIM users and for users with straightforward information management needs. ECCO Simplicity carries forward Arabesque's strategy of serving a broad range of users by providing easy entry to SuperPIM power at an affordable price, while continuing to provide the innovative features of ECCO Professional.
 "ECCO Professional added tremendous power and flexiblity to personal information management and essentially established a new category -- the SuperPIM," said Pete Polash, president and chief executive officer of Arabesque Software. "With Simplicity, we're appealing to the first-time user while retaining access to ECCO's power. Simplicity is part of Arabesque's strategy to deliver the capabilities of ECCO but in a simple and low-cost PIM that anyone can quickly learn and use for greater productivity."
 Intuitive Startup Screen, Enhanced Graphical Calendar Interface
 ECCO Simplicity's toolbar initially shows the Calendar, PhoneBook and Outlines views to make startup intuitive, with little or no learning curve. Additional dynamic toolbar buttons for any menu item can easily be added on-the-fly to meet personalized needs.
 Both ECCO Simplicity and ECCO Professional 1.1 include an enhanced calendar interface that emulates familiar paper-based systems such as Daytimer and Franklin. The Calendar interface now includes week-at-a- glance and month-at-a-glance view options.
 Appointments and To-Do's can be changed between days in either view using drag and drop, and new color options let the user more quickly distinguish the calendar's To-Do's from appointments. Calendar reminders (ticklers) can now be added with a single mouse click.
 For users who need to organize information for specific professions, ECCO Simplicity provides templates that automatically access ECCO Professional's dynamic information linking capabilities, while shielding users from the mechanics of how data linking occurs. The templates can be customized or new templates created as information needs change or grow. For example, VARs and MIS professional can create templates for specific tasks or activities in their clients' or employees' daily work environments.
 In addition, both new ECCO products add right-mouse Popup Menus, which can be used to execute commands specific to the mouse location. For example, in the Calendar view, a right-mouse click brings up a menu that allows addition of new appointments or ticklers. Right-mouse Popup Menus also provide access to such common Edit menu operations as Cut, Copy and Paste.
 Arabesque's ECCO Professional Redefined PIM category
 "ECCO Professional created new metaphors in personal information management software," said Bob Perez, Arabesque co-founder and COO. "since it's introduction on June 14, it has won several best-buy recommendations. According to major resellers, within two months of shipping ECCO became the best selling product in the personal information manager and contact management categories."
 ECCO Professional allows flexible and powerful ways of linking, viewing and recombining information in contexts that are most meaningful to the user -- arranging information the way a person works rather than the way the computer has traditionally worked.
 For example, information need only be entered once and can be entered on-the-fly, such as during conversations, while on the phone or while working in another application. In addition, users can move or "shoot" items to ECCO from any Windows application using Arabesque's proprietary Shooter(TM) feature. Shooter instantly moves text, graphics and OLE objects without leaving the application.
 Information is entered into any one of three main views -- PhoneBook, Calendar or Outlines. It can then be cross-referenced, organized and categorized within any of these views, much as people randomly gather and record paper-based information.
 In Outline views, users can keep lists and dynamic notes, sort and display data in additional, hierarchical outlines to match the organization that is most productive for their needs. The outlining metaphor underlies information management in both ECCO Simplicity and ECCO Professional.
 Path to ECCO Power for Broad Range of Users
 As part of its strategy to extend ECCO power to many kinds of users with a broad range of information management needs, all ECCO products are designed to be completely cross compatible. Files can be used interchangeably, without conversion and retaining full access to all data, between ECCO Simplicity, ECCO Professional and ECCO Professional 1.1.
 Arabesque also is developing ECCO for Networks, expected to be available in Q4 of this year, which will make ECCO the only configurable PIM to appeal to users from entry level through power user and workgroup user. ECCO for Networks files will also be interchangeable across the ECCO product family.
 Pricing and Availability
 ECCO Simplicity is available for $79 (U.S. suggested retail) during a 90-day introductory period. The price is $149 (U.S. SRP) after 90 days. The ECCO Professional 1.1 upgrade is available to all ECCO Professional users for $14.65 to cover shipping and handling. ECCO Professional 1.1 lists for $395 (U.S. SRP). Both products ship today.
 Arabesque products are available through key distributors, including Ingram Micro and Merisel and through major resellers including Egghead Software, Corporate Software, DellWare, PC Zone, TigerSoftware and MicroWarehouse.
 Arabesque is a privately held company with headquarters in Bellevue. The company is developing information management software that improves the quality and productivity of people's lives. For more information on Arabesque, ECCO Professional or ECCO Simplicity, write to Arabesque Software Inc., 2340 130th Ave., N.E., Bellevue, WA 98005-1754, or call 206-885-4272. In the United States, call 800-457-4243.
 NOTE: Arabesque ECCO, ECCO Simplicity, ECCO Professional, SuperPIM and Shooter are trademarks of Arabesque Software Inc. Any other marks or trademarks belong to the manufacturers or marketers of the products or processes with which the marks are associated.
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