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ARAB-U.S. RELATIONS - Sept. 10 - Qaida's Zawahri Vows Anti-US Attacks.

In an audio recording broadcast by Aljazeera, Al Qaida's No. 2 Ayman Al Zawahri urges Iraqis to "devour" their American occupiers and vowes the real battle with the US is yet to begin. He says: "Rely on God and devour the Americans, like lions devour their prey. Bury them in the Iraqi graveyard". He also urges Palestinians to resist Israel, warning them not to lay down their weapons because "only jihad will liberate Palestine". He adds: "We will not let America enjoy security until security becomes a fact in Palestine" (repeating what Bin Laden had said in a previous tape). He says Al Qaida's strikes so far were no more than "skirmishes" and the "real epic" with the US had yet to begin in earnest. He exhorts Arabs to topple their rulers and urges Pakistanis to rise up against Pres. Musharraf. Aljazeera's videotape of Al Qaida chief Bin Ladin and Zawahri shows the pair walking in an "undetermined mountain area" (probably recorded towards the end of April or in early May. Bin Ladin and Zawahri appeared in reasonable health). In the videotape, Bin Ladin praises the 9/11 hijackers and says: "Whoever wants to be taught about loyalty and honesty should have known them... they were the most honest and the bravest". And he has a word of caution for those Muslims who oppose jihad: "I tell them that those who fear climbing up mountains will live forever in holes".
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
Date:Sep 13, 2003
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