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ARAB-TURKISH RELATIONS - June 5 - Iraq Demands Stop To Assault.

Iraqi FM Sahaf urges Arab League Secretary-General Esmat Abdel Maguid in a letter to intervene to prevent Turkey from invading northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish guerrillas. He says: The Arab League should reject such repeated aggression and demand the Turkish government to stop such provocative and unjustifiable acts against Iraq. This aggression constitutes a flagrant violation of Iraqi skies and territories, the UN charter and the Security Council's resolutions". (Hundreds of Turkish troops have been involved in repeated military offensives into northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party. Late May, around 3,000-5,000 Turkish troops pushed deep inside a Kurdish-held enclave of northern Iraq to strike at the militant group, known as the PKK). Sahaf says the Turkish incursion caused "human and material losses" among Kurdish civilians in northern Iraq. He says Turkey sent in 3,000 troops in a 3-pronged offensive on May 23. Meanwhile, Iraq's Vice Pres. Taha Yassin Ramadan tells a visiting Turkish official Ankara should stop Western jets from using an air base at Incirlik, southern Turkey, to enforce a no-fly zone in northern Iraq. (Incirlik-based US fighter planes have attacked Iraqi air defences during recent months).
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:Jun 10, 2000
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