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ARAB-IRANIAN RELATI0NS - Apr. 27 - Iraqi POWs To Be Released.

Iranian State TV says Iran will soon repatriate about 480 Iraqi prisoners from the 1980-88 war between the 2 neighbours. It quotes a spokesman for Iran's commission on prisoners of war as saying the Iraqi POWs would be released in the next few days under an agreement with the International Committee of the Red Cross. The spokesman says the POWs will be turned over to ICRC and Iraqi officials at a border checkpoint in "a humanitarian move". He adds: "Iran...expects Iraq to show goodwill and take positive measures towards clearing up the situation of remaining Iranian prisoners and those missing in action". (Iran says Iraq is still holding some 3,000 Iranians. Iran earlier April repatriated 1,999 Iraqi prisoners under ICRC supervision but Baghdad says Tehran holds 9,000 of its soldiers registered by the ICRC and some others not registered. An ICRC official said after that release that more than 4,600 Iraqi POWs were unwilling to return home. The fate of the POWs is an irritant in relations between Iran and Iraq nearly 12 years after the end of the war.)
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Title Annotation:prisoners of war
Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Apr 29, 2000
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