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ARAB-AFFAIRS - Aug. 3 - Saddam's Son Condemns Kuwait.

Pres. Saddam Hussein's youngest son, Qusay, attacks Kuwait's rulers. Qusay says in an open letter to his father to commemorate Iraq's invasion of Kuwait: "We remember with great pride and regard Aug. 2 ... when our brave men went [into Kuwait] to topple the hotbed of betrayal, the Al Subah rulers", adding: "Kuwait was then liberated from that backward and loathsome regime". (Qusay controls the Iraqi Republican Guards, the main army division that carried out the invasion. Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990 after weeks of dispute over oil production shares. The occupation lasted until Feb. 1991.) In the letter that was carried by Baghdad Radio, Qusay says: "That glorious day was a great and historical achievement. Your men in the Republican Guards pledge to remain loyal and strong and their swords are ready to defend Iraq from the north to the south". (In 1994, Iraq recognised Kuwait as an independent state within the borders demarcated by a UN commission and has since then stopped declaring the emirate a part of Iraq.)

Meanwhile, Iraqi newspapers continue for the 2nd day to attack Kuwait's rulers, blaming them for Iraq's 7-month occupation of the oil-rich country. 'Babel' says: "Aug. 2 was a great day in which Iraq foiled the conspiracy". It says the Gulf War was still continuing, "until a decisive victory is achieved". The ruling Baath party newspaper 'Al Thawra' says that the rulers of Kuwait would not last for more than another decade.
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Date:Aug 5, 2000
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