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ARAB-AFFAIRS - Apr. 7 - Arafat To Protect Palestinians In Lebanon.

Palestinian leader Arafat says he welcomed an Israeli troop withdrawal from Lebanon and offers his protection to Palestinian refugees living there. Arafat, whose PLO guerrillas controlled areas of south Lebanon before being driven out by Israel in 1982, says: "I say to our people in Lebanon, the Lebanese and Palestinians there, we are with you and we will not allow anybody to touch you in anything". (It is not clear whether his offer of protection comes in response to recent tensions between Lebanese security forces and PLO activists in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, or in anticipation of possible unrest following an Israeli pullback.) To ensure Lebanese interests are met following an Israeli withdrawal, Lebanese Pres. Lahoud called on UN forces in his country to disarm Palestinian guerrillas in refugee camps in Lebanon. Lahoud warned the Palestinians may try to attack Israel after its troops withdraw from south Lebanon if there is not a peace agreement in the area.
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Title Annotation:Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat
Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Apr 8, 2000
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