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ARAB AFFAIRS - Aug 4 - Riyadh Reiterates Stand On Lebanese Sovereignty.

Saudi Arabia reiterates its full support to the Lebanese government's efforts to protect its sovereignty during an emergency meeting of the OIC. Saudi Arabia also affirmed its full support to the PA, too, and its efforts to contain the crisis in the Israeli-occupied territories. The Kingdom called on the OIC members to form a united Arab-Islamic stand to counter the challenges facing the Ummah and find the mechanism for implementing a just and honorable peace initiative. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Nizar ibn Obeid Madani, who heads the Saudi delegation to the Meeting of Friends of the Chair of the 10th Islamic Summit Conference, made the Kingdom's stand repeatedly as OIC delegates discussed the carnage in Lebanon and Gaza. "Saudi Arabia strongly condemns and follows with concern the Israel's savage aggressions in Lebanon and Palestine", said Madani. "Israel violates all principles of human rights by detaining, torturing and assassinating innocent civilians with total disregard to international conventions and human considerations". Madani, in his statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency, warned against the perils of the situation going out of control. He said if the international indifference to Israel's dangerous policies continued, the region would fall into a state of war and destruction with unpredictable consequences. The Kingdom also repeated its call to the international community to take steps to bring an immediate halt to the hostilities and bring about peace in the region. "The Saudi stance emanates from its firm and constant support to the national authorities in Lebanon and Palestine and its keenness to exert joint Arab efforts", Madani said. The Saudi minister blamed the Israeli policies for the spread of extremism, instability and collapse of security in the region. "The Kingdom affirms that influential countries have legal and moral responsibilities to protect the Lebanese people and are required to move in immediately to put an end to the destructive Israeli aggression against Lebanon and the siege imposed on the Palestinian people and their institutions", he said. Madani outlined the efforts made by his country in containing the situation in Lebanon such as relentless discussions with international leaders to end the hostilities. The Kingdom proposed to the OIC's executive committee to undertake the implementation of the decisions taken at the OIC's extraordinary summit at Makkah in December. The minister also called on the OIC to make a united move to curb the spread of divisive thoughts that would destabilise the region. He also stressed the need for supporting the Palestinian cause and lifting the economic siege on the PA. Madani warned the Islamic world against diverting their attention from the issue of Jerusalem which is the core of all Arab Israeli conflicts, amid their preoccupation with the Lebanese crisis, SPA reported.
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
Date:Aug 5, 2006
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