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ARAB AFFAIRS - April 18 - Ministers Discuss War Aftermath.

Foreign ministers of Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain meet in Riyadh to discuss their response to the US victory in Iraq and US allegations against Syria (see Syria). In a 10-minute opening address, Saudi FM Prince Saud Al Faisal says: "We reject utterly any accusations and threats against Syria. This will lead to a vicious cycle of wars and turmoil. Delegates, our region has suffered more than its share of wars and turbulence over decades, which exhausted its resources and delayed its development and cost a lot in material and human resources. I believe that we should work hard to establish peace and security in this part of the world. We should try to make the war in Iraq the last of these turbulences". Throughout the day, other foreign ministers voiced similar concerns about the dispute between the US and Syria. Syrian FM Farouq Al Shara did not speak to reporters before joining his counterparts in the meeting hall. During a break, Egyptian FM Ahmad Maher said: "For there to be a military government, this is something I can't imagine anyone will accept". Commenting on the need for a speedy withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, Al Shara said: "Occupation is not the right response to stability in Iraq".
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Title Annotation:foreign ministers of Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain
Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:Apr 19, 2003
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