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AQUI O Thermes, cluster thermal aquitain, connecting professional of hydrotherapy, health, tourism, formation and research.

Keywords: Cluster, Complementary Know-How, Competitivity, Spa Medicine, Aquitaine

Introduction and Objectives

Created in 2009, AQUI O Thermes, cluster thermal Aquitain, is a nonprofit association who connects professionals of hydrotherapy, health, tourism, education and research. AQUI O thermes is mainly composed of SMB's from The Aquitaine (South West of France) which bring together competitive or complementary knowhow in the field of medical spa.

Materials and Methods

Moreover, AQUI O Thermes is involved in Dax, the 1st spa town in France and in Aquitaine: universities (Universite Bordeaux Segalen), research institution (Institute of thermalism), and local authorities (Communaute d'Agglomeration du Grand Dax).

This cluster is unique in France and the first in Europe. Its position is clear: to foster spa medicine in France, the water cure therapy, and to enhance both qualities of medical spa treatment and thermal bath in the Dax area.

Its orientation is consolidated by the "Plan National pour les Douloureux Chroniques" of the French Ministry for Health and by the recent scientific publications.


AQUI O Thermes works to modernize the water cure therapy (using mineral water) in Dax. The area of Grand Dax is the first medical spa destination in France. The medical spa community, deals with a majority of patients suffering from chronic pathologies such as arthritis (Degenerative osteoarthritis), or vascular pathologies.


The aim of AQUI O Thermes is to share good practices and find new business opportunities.

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Author:Delphy, L.; Dubouurg, K.; Cambar, J.
Publication:Anales de Hidrologia Medica
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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