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 PLEASANTON, Calif., Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Appoint Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: APNT) announced today that the Gliffic Plus Desk Set, an innovative new computer input device, will begin shipping in late August. According to Cynthia Colmenares, vice president of sales for Appoint Inc., "Gliffic Plus gives users the best of both worlds in a single, affordable input device -- the familiar feel of a mouse for conventional applications and the control and dexterity of a pen for high resolution graphics or pen computing."
 The Gliffic Plus Desk Set includes a cordless pen, a cordless mouse and a 7.5-inch by 8-inch digitizing tablet with an external power supply and a portable battery adapter. The pen and the mouse are interchangeable -- switching devices is as easy as setting one down and picking up the other. The convenient on-screen control panel permits the user to choose absolute or relative operating modes, and to customize button functions, cursor speeds and the working area of the tablet to optimize performance for a full range of Windows or DOS applications.
 In traditional "point and click" applications, Gliffic's cordless mouse offers the user new freedom and exceptional control, with more than twice the resolution of conventional mouse devices. In Appoint's beta testing, however, many users preferred the pen for traditional menu selection and software control applications. Gliffic Plus lets the user make the choice -- pen or mouse -- the most comfortable tool for any application.
 For graphics, Gliffic Plus offers the precision of 1000 dpi resolution and the natural comfort of a pen -- an unbeatable combination. For handwriting, Gliffic Plus is as easy as a pencil and paper. Users can now add a signature or make marginal notes on that internal memo or fax transmission, adding security, convenience and personal touch to computer-generated communications.
 For the installed base, Gliffic Plus offers the full functionality of pen-based applications -- including handwriting recognition -- at a fraction of the cost of a tablet computer. According to Joseph Picken, Appoint's president, "We believe that Gliffic Plus -- a single device that offers the user the familiar feel of conventional input technology, plus the opportunity to explore the new pen-based software -- may be an enabling technology that spurs the broader acceptance of pen-based applications. Today, with a limited number of pen-based applications on the market, the typical user may be able to use pen computing only about 10-15 percent of the time, and will prefer a conventional mouse for other applications. For that user, Gliffic Plus is the right answer."
 Gliffic Plus also offers ergonomic advantages, permitting the user to switch from one input device to another during the day, reducing fatigue and lowering the risk of repetitive motion injuries. Changes from one device to another is easy and natural -- no need to unplug one and plug in another.
 Gliffic Plus is the latest in a line of innovative input devices from Appoint. Appoint's product line also includes Gulliver, the only mouse designed specifically for the portable environment. Thumbelina, the world's smallest trackball, and several versions of the MousePen, a pen-shaped mouse designed for maximum control and input dexterity. All of these devices incorporate the latest features of Appoint's advanced input device technology.
 Gliffic Plus is competitively priced with a suggested retail price of $349. Distributed through Ingram Micro and Merisel, Gliffic Plus will be offered to consumers at a special introductory price of $299 through Oct. 31.
 Appoint designs, manufactures and markets advanced technology input devices for IBM-compatible, portable and Apple Macintosh computers. For more information about MousePen, Thumbelina, Gulliver or other Appoint products, contact Appoint, 510-463-3003, or fax correspondence to: Appoint, 510-463-3204. For sales and marketing information, phone: 800-448-1184. For investor relations, call Corporate Relations Group at, 714-955-1860.
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 /CONTACT: The Corporate Relations Group, 714-955-1860/

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