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Applied Semantics, formerly Oingo, Inc., has created a Naming Solutions division and debuted a comprehensive suite of new software applications that enable registrars to better manage, appraise, monetize and sell domain names. Applied Semantics has more than 50 customers already, including a 20 percent market penetration of all ICANN Accredited Registrars, and provides tools and applications for this billion dollar marketplace.

Applied Semantics' Naming Solutions division has developed four powerful applications, based on the company's CIRCA Technology, designed specifically to enable registrars to generate increased revenues. Applied Semantics' CIRCA Technology is based on a language-independent, highly scalable ontology that consists of millions of words, their meanings, and their conceptual relationships to other meanings in the human language. The ontology, aided by sophisticated search technology, is the basis for a conceptual understanding of the multiplicity of word meanings, enabling computers to more effectively manage and retrieve information which results in improved knowledge discovery opportunities for searchers.

Applied Semantics' new Naming Solutions' products and services include:

-- DomainSense -- Naming Solutions' DomainSense service increases domain name sales by simplifying the domain name search process for end users by utilizing linguistic technology to suggest domain name alternatives.

-- DomainPark -- Naming Solutions' DomainPark application monetizes parked domain names for registrars by displaying targeted content and pay-for-performance search results based on the meaning of the domain name.

-- DomainAppraise -- Naming Solutions' DomainAppraise application provides domain registrars with an automated appraisal system that uses complex linguistic scoring algorithms to calculate consistent and accurate domain name appraisals.

-- Domain Categorization -- Naming Solutions' Domain Categorization services automate the indexing of domain names into hierarchies either pre-built or custom designed by its team of linguists.

-- Value-Added Services -- Naming Solutions also provides its customers other value-added services, such as technology consulting and data mining.

Applied Semantics Naming Solutions applications are delivered via an ASP model, providing cost-effective outsourcing for a highly complex business problem. The company's geographically balanced Linux-clustered server farms have the ability to serve millions of queries per day and to produce results in a few milliseconds. Because the company's CIRCA Technology is XML-based, Naming Solutions products are widely compatible and easy to integrate with existing systems.

Realizing the immediate and substantial revenue benefits of these new tools, a number of major domain players have recently signed on as Applied Semantics customers: Dotster, DomainBank, and have each licensed DomainSense.

"Applied Semantics is already the leader in providing revenue-generating technology to domain registrars with our DomainSense application currently serving millions of domain name searches each month," said Steve Jackson, president and CEO of Applied Semantics. "Formalizing this division allows us to devote the resources and attention necessary to supply this rapidly growing market with the specific applications of our CIRCA Technology that will allow registrars to improve their businesses by leveraging new revenue-generating opportunities."

Applied Semantics has also formalized two additional corporate divisions, Enterprise Solutions and E-Commerce Solutions, to serve the needs of the enterprise and the portal/ad serving markets, respectively.

Applied Semantics' CIRCA Technology

Applied Semantics' proprietary technology, CIRCA, is based on an extensive, highly scalable ontology that consists of millions of words, their meanings, and their conceptual relationships to other meanings in the human language. This technology provides businesses with the power to generate metadata and taxonomies, categorize content, summarize and search for information, to realize optimal value from their knowledge assets. Developed by a team of leading computational linguists, artificial intelligence experts and database architects, this ontology is the most comprehensive knowledge base of its kind in existence and is growing daily through automated and manual processes. CIRCA couples this vast ontology with sophisticated software modules to give computers the ability to mimic the way humans process and understand language.

About Applied Semantics

Applied Semantics (formerly known as Oingo) develops software solutions that enable businesses to better organize, manage and retrieve digital information in Web-enabled, enterprise and e-commerce environments. Applied Semantics' solutions are based on the company's CIRCA Technology, which understands, organizes, and extracts knowledge from unstructured content in a way that mimics human thought and language, allowing for more effective information retrieval. Founded in 1998, Applied Semantics provides customized, stand-alone software applications for businesses, as well as tools and middleware solutions that can be integrated into existing systems.

Applied Semantics can be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 310/248-5454.
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