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 CAMPBELL, Calif., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ --In response to consumer and retail demand, Apple Computer (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) announced today that it has expanded distribution of the popular Apple PowerBook computer through selected retail locations. Called the PowerBook 145B Plus Pack, the model will be offered through selected mass merchants including Circuit City, Montgomery Ward, Best Buy, Staples and OfficeMax.
 The PowerBook 145B Plus Pack has been designed for consumers who value the mobility a notebook computer offers, and require computing solutions for work-at-home and personal productivity needs. It will include the PowerBook 145B with bundled software and an internal fax modem, and is expected to be priced between $1,549 and $1,699.
 "An increasing number of home computer buyers are turning to the retail channel for their computing needs," said Keith Fox, vice president and general manager of the Apple USA consumer division. "Apple has responded by offering a customized PowerBook to customers in shopping locations where the emphasis is on convenience and products optimized for consumers."
 The PowerBook 145B Plus Pack is based on the Motorola 25 MHz 68030, with 4 MB memory and 80 MB hard disk. It will run the Macintosh operating System 7.1 and offer bundled software totaling $348 suggested retail price, including TouchBase Pro, DateBook Pro, Macintosh PC Exchange, AppleLink Online Services and ZTerm terminal emulation software.
 In addition to personal productivity capabilities, these software offerings allow users to connect to various information systems, including AppleLink Online Services, or to send and receive files with the modem. With Macintosh PC Exchange, users can read and write to Windows or MS-DOS files, making it easy to exchange information between the PowerBook 145B and other personal computers. An internal Global Village PowerPort/Bronze fax modem with send and receive capabilities is included.
 "Apple has found that individuals are spending more time using their computers for work at home, and want to use their computer in multiple settings in the home," said Kevin McDonald, marketing manager of the Apple USA consumer division. "The PowerBook Plus Pack was designed to address the needs of consumers who value portability and flexibility in a computer. Home users can extend their work environment into the home, bring their home computer to school or the library, and use their computer where it's most convenient in the home."
 The Apple PowerBook line has received international awards since its introduction including recognition for "Best New Product" of 1992 from Fortune, BusinessWeek, Time and U.S. News and World Report.
 The PowerBook Plus Pack is immediately available at selected general merchandisers, consumer electronics and office product superstore locations.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh are registered trademarks; Performa, PowerBook are trademarks of Apple Computer. PowerPort is a trademark of Global Village Communication Inc. All other brand names are trademarks of their respective companies.
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