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 CUPERTINO, Calif., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Apple Business Systems Division of Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) announced today it is working with a variety of companies to enhance its search and retrieval server software called AppleSearch. Software developers, along with companies that provide services such as on- line news feeds and CD-ROM libraries are using AppleSearch in a number of ways, all with the intent of making information residing on servers, on-line services or CD-ROM disks easier to locate and manage.
 Presently, 11 third-party companies have publicly announced support for AppleSearch. As Apple continues its evangelism efforts, it expects additional companies will announce support for the search and retrieval software in a variety of information-related products.
 "Evangelizing third-party companies to support AppleSearch has been a pleasure since most really appreciate the capabilities of the product," said Jim Groff, senior director for LAN-based Systems in Apple's Business Systems Division. "We plan to continue working with outside companies to add value for our current and future AppleSearch customers."
 AppleSearch, which is available now from Apple, is designed to provide both easy access to unstructured information and a way to present that information that is personalized for individuals. The software comes with an AppleSearch Information Sampler CD, which is a collection of sample documents on CD-ROM from a variety of sources, including major newspapers, on-line services and publications for education and business communities. These sources can be searched using AppleSearch to familiarize users with the features of the product.
 For developers interested in customizing user interfaces to an AppleSearch server or integrating specific features in their own application solutions, an AppleSearch Client Developer's Kit is available now from APDA, Apple's source for developer tools. And in the first half of next year, Apple intends to expand the functionality of its AppleSearch software by providing client software capabilities for the MS Windows platform.
 AppleSearch Applications
 To date, several companies have announced plans to develop products that customize the AppleSearch client using AppleSearch Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It is expected this will provide superior information delivery applications that will make finding and managing information easier. Other companies have also announced plans to provide products designed to allow AppleSearch users to tap into various information sources, such as server-mounted CD-ROMs, newswire services or other on-line services that feed into the AppleSearch server.
 For example, in the education community, Apple and McGraw-Hill are studying electronic delivery of educational and professional information on a university campus network. Dr. Edward J. Heresniak, senior vice president, Information Management, McGraw-Hill, Inc., said, "We are very encouraged by the AppleSearch announcement. We believe that the easy-to-use characteristics of systems from Apple will be essential to extending electronic technologies to non- technical communities."
 In business, where easy information access can provide increased efficiencies, AppleSearch has the potential to extend information resources to many more users. According to Dow Jones Vice President of Business Information Services Dorothea Coccoli Palsho: "We are pleased to be working with Apple to develop a DowVision(SM) application enabling Dow Jones to deliver its comprehensive business and financial news to Macintosh's growing base of corporate customers."
 Third-Party Support
 Several other companies are have also announced support for AppleSearch and have products available or are planning to develop products that utilize AppleSearch capabilities. Here are some of those companies and a brief description of their products:
 --Baseview Products, Inc. of Ann Arbor, Mich., has announced it intends to include support for AppleSearch as an option in future versions of Baseview's IQue Editorial System. AppleSearch support will add sophisticated full-text queries from within the IQue Editorial System's document management database. The IQue Editorial System is a set of integrated products designed to streamline specific tasks involved in the complex process of editorial production. Contact: Robert Yoder at 313-662-5800
 --Canto Software Inc. of San Francisco has announced its intention to support AppleSearch in future versions of its client/server image database called Cumulus. Cumulus will provide users with access to AppleSearch servers on the network to search for and retrieve textual information related to images within a Cumulus database. Contact: Ralf Beuschlein at 415-431-6871
 --CASPR, Inc. of Sunnyvale, Calif., has announced the integration of LibraryBrowser with AppleSearch using the AppleSearch programming interface. This integration provides the ability to search either structured library records or unstructured files using the same user access interface. Once a file is found and requested from the AppleSearch Server program, the file can be displayed to the user by LibraryBrowser. Images can be brought up, sounds played and text files printed. Any computer file can be retrieved and can be opened if the user has the original software. Contact: Sharon McKay at 800-852-2777
 --Ensemble Information Systems, Inc. of Menlo Park, Calif., has introduced Relevant, an innovative Macintosh computer interface for DowVision from Dow Jones & Company, Inc. DowVision is a comprehensive business news and information service that includes, among other services, access to the Wall Street Journal and five exclusive Dow Jones newswire services. Working with Relevant, AppleSearch provides natural language and complex searches of data residing on DowVision. Ensemble is a contributor to the AppleSearch Information Sampler CD. Contacts: Christine Duff at 415-617-9735 (Ensemble) or Cris Maloney at 609-520-4677 (Dow Jones)
 --Knight-Ridder's PressLink, Inc. of Reston, Va., has announced its plans to utilize AppleSearch software to enhance its on-line offerings, which currently include bulletin boards, digital photo, graphic and text databases. The network contains more than 100,000 photos and graphics supplied by 30 of the world's largest media organizations. Contact: Todd Carter at 703-758-1745
 --Mainstream Data, Inc. of Salt Lake City has released its Mainstream Newscast for AppleSearch, a wireless broadcast information service that delivers real-time news and business information from leading sources to personal computers via FM radio sideband and small dish satellite systems. Combined with AppleSearch's indexing and retrieval capabilities, Mainstream Newscast allows Macintosh workgroups to access timely information from more than 20 of the world's leading on-line sources, including, among others, Associated Press, Business Wire, Gannett/USA TODAY, Knight-Ridder/Tribune and Reuters. Mainstream Data is a contributor to the AppleSearch Information Sampler CD. Contact: Lucy Anderson at 801-584-2855
 --No Hands Software of Belmont, Calif., has announced development of an XTND filter for Common Ground 1.0, which is designed to allow AppleSearch users to locate and retrieve Common Ground documents. These documents can be viewed and printed, with pixel-for-pixel fidelity to the original, even if the document was created using different operating systems, applications and fonts. The combination of AppleSearch and the Common Ground filter gives users transparent access to documents in various formats, just as they appeared when they were created. The Common Ground XTND filter is scheduled to be available later in September. Contact: Tony Stayner at 415-802-5800
 --ResNova Software, Inc. of Huntington Beach, Calif., has introduced NovaLink Professional 3.1 (NLP 3.1), a high-end communications solution called an "information server." Information servers offer bulletin board-type services which users can access electronic mail, message forums, file libraries and real-time conferences. NovaLink clients can log-on through local, modem, AppleTalk, Communications Toolbox, X.25 and TCP/IP connections which provide full Internet access. Additionally, NLP supports on-line graphics protocols for Macintosh, Windows and DOS users. Coupled with AppleSearch, NovaLink will allow users to remotely search the contents of file servers, while on-line. Contact: Daniel Link at 714-379-9000
 --Seybold Publications of Malibu, Calif., has announced it intends to provide an assortment of back issues of each of their three specialized newsletters -- The Seybold Report on Publishing Systems, The Seybold Report on Desktop Publishing and Digital Media: A Seybold Report -- for inclusion in the AppleSearch Information Sampler CD. Contact: Beth Sadler at 310-457-8551
 --Software Architects, Inc. of Bothell, Wash., has announced Jukebox MO Manager version 2.0, a software package that allows Macintosh AppleSearch users to set up and manage the Hewlett Packard 10LC or 20LT optical disk library as a high-speed AppleSearch Server library. The Jukebox MO Manager Optical Library for the Macintosh can index up to 20 gigabytes of on-line cached data stored on up to 16 magneto-optical disks. It can be used as mass storage for a standalone Macintosh computer, or as an AppleShare or AppleSearch network server library. Contact: Marlowe Fenne at 206-487-0122
 --Quark, Inc. of Denver has announced it intends to support AppleSearch with an XTND translator for QuarkCopyDesk files. QuarkCopyDesk is a word processing and editing application designed specifically for use with the Quark Publishing System. Contact: Peter Warren at 303-894-8888
 For more information concerning third-party products that support AppleSearch, contact the individual companies directly or John McCreadie in Apple PR at 408-974-4398.
 Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Apple Computer, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets computer systems for use in business, education, science, engineering and government. A recognized pioneer and innovator in the personal computer industry, Apple does business in more than 120 countries. Apple seeks through technology to provide people with easy and affordable access to information and computing power.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, APDA, AppleTalk and AppleShare are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. AppleSearch is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Additional company and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the individual companies.
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