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 CUPERTINO, Calif., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Finding a needle in a haystack is easy if you have a powerful magnet. To that end, Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) announced today it is shipping a powerful electronic magnet designed to help computer users find the needles of information among the stacks of data that often reside on centralized office computer systems.
 Called AppleSearch, the new software from Apple allows Macintosh personal computer users to search central computers on small- and medium-size computer networks. AppleSearch software automatically finds and prioritizes information to make it easier to get the files or documents users want -- when they want them. AppleSearch software is similar to other full-text indexing and retrieval software, although it significantly benefits from Macintosh ease of use and enhanced reporting capabilities.
 "No one will argue that the computer revolution of the 1980s has given computer users access to vast amounts of information," said Jim Groff, a senior director in Apple's networking division. "Today, the challenge is weeding through all that information to find the files or documents you need most; AppleSearch software helps you do that easily."
 In much the same way a newspaper reporter goes out and compiles a report on a specific subject, the AppleSearch software sends a reporter (called a search agent) out over a network to find information on subjects defined by the user. The AppleSearch software reporter then makes things easy for the user by prioritizing the information it brings back in the form of a newspaper-like update. The AppleSearch software can also be used to find information residing on other information sources such as on-line news services and CD-ROM libraries.
 For example, if a salesperson is interested in getting information on two new product lines -- say stereo equipment and television sets -- but is unsure what information is available on these products, he can instruct AppleSearch to go out and find the information on his department's centralized computer, called a server, where information on all of the company's products are kept. By typing in a natural English language instruction instead of one that resembles lines of programming code, the AppleSearch reporter will seek the information, and bring back a prioritized report. In this case, the salesperson will get back information on stereos, TVs and related sales brochures. And since the information is prioritized, the salesperson can then quickly evaluate the information to see what best fits his needs.
 Gaining a Competitive Advantage
 Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: SNPS), based in Mountain View, Calif., is an electronic design automation company that creates software tools for chip designers. Synopsys' customers include a variety of hardware manufacturers who design custom chips for everything from computers to airplanes. Because of the highly technical nature of their business, Synopsys maintains immense archives of technical information that must be available to their 540 employees around the world. "Any way that we can make our vast volumes of technical information available to our employees will give us an advantage," said Richard Kline of Synopsys' Network Integration Services Department.
 Kline has been evaluating several information retrieval products, including AppleSearch, to help with this information challenge. "Of all the options we've looked at, AppleSearch is by far the easiest and most productive way I've seen for searching for information," said Kline.
 Availability and Pricing
 The AppleSearch software comes in two shrink-wrapped packages including an AppleSearch Server/Client 5-Pack, which allows for up to five users to search on a single server, and an AppleSearch Client 10-Pack for adding additional users. AppleSearch software is available from authorized Apple dealers and resellers, or by calling The Apple Catalog at 1-800-795-1000.
 The manufacturer's suggested retail price in the U.S. is $1,799 for the Server/Client 5-Pack and US$499 for the AppleSearch Client 10-Pack. An AppleSearch Client Developer's Kit is also available and is priced at US$299. It is available through APDA, Apple's source for developer tools. Pricing outside the U.S. may vary. For more information, call the Network Information Line at 408-862-3385.
 Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Apple Computer, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets computer systems for use in business, education, science, engineering and government. A recognized pioneer and innovator in the personal computer industry, Apple does business in more than 120 countries. Apple seeks through technology to provide people with easy and affordable access to information and computing power.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and APDA are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. AppleSearch is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
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