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 SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) today announced two new computer input devices that are exceptionally easy to use because of their ergonomic design and adjustability. The Apple Adjustable Keyboard is divided into two hinged sections, allowing users to find the angle that feels right for them. The Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II has a new shape and improved design for added comfort.
 "These two new input devices underscore Apple's continual efforts to make computing easy and personal," said Eric Harslem, Apple's vice president of Desktop Computing. "They're built on a basic principle of good ergonomic design -- products that adjust to the worker, not the other way around," he added.
 Apple Adjustable Keyboard
 The Apple Adjustable Keyboard is a full-function keyboard that can be angled to help typists keep their wrists in a comfortable, neutral position. Modular components allow the user to customize the keyboard to meet individual work habits.
 The right and left halves of the industry-standard alphanumeric keyboard can be split up to 30 degrees so that hands are placed in a straight line with the forearm rather than turned outward. Adjustable feet control the keyboard's slope and height. Detachable palm rests provide a contoured surface for resting the hands, which can reduce stress on the neck and shoulder muscles and may minimize wrist-flexing.
 The Apple Adjustable Keyboard provides an attractive option for "power users" who do a lot of typing or data entry. It represents the high end of Apple's keyboard line, which includes the Apple Keyboard II and the Apple Extended Keyboard II.
 The Apple Adjustable Keyboard has 111 total keys, including 15 function keys and an 18-key numeric keypad. Sound keys control the volume, mute and record operations that are frequently used in multimedia applications. A separate extended keypad can be placed on either side of the keyboard according to personal preferences. The keypad has 15 function keys, six special screen-editing keys, four arrow keys arranged in an inverted-T layout and an 18-key numeric keypad.
 Compatible with any Macintosh computer-running System Software 6.0.7 or later, the board plugs directly into the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port.
 The product is available worldwide beginning in February 1993 through authorized Apple resellers. The suggested retail price is U.S. $219.
 Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II
 The new mouse has an elongated, rounded shape that fits the contours of the hand and supports the palm. The large button at the tip of the Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II is convenient for large or small hands to reach and lets more than one finger do the clicking. Because the tracking ball is located in the front of the mouse, the cursor can be precisely controlled with the fingertips rather than wrist or hand movements.
 The Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II is energy efficient, making it ideal for use with the Macintosh PowerBook line of notebook-sized computers. It can also be connected directly to any Macintosh computer through the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) or daisy-chained from the Apple keyboard or another ADB device.
 The Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II will replace Apple's current mouse. Starting in February 1993, it will be bundled with computer systems and sold separately for a U.S. suggested retail price of $79.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple Logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks; and PowerBook and Apple Desktop Bus are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc.
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