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 CUPERTINO, Calif., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) announced today 29 new independent software vendors supporting AppleScript. This brings the total number of ISVs to over 80. AppleScript is a system-software-level scripting facility that enables users to integrate the functionality of different applications into a seamless, custom solution designed to meet specialized needs.
 "Many of today's leading software developers share Apple's integrated application vision that leads to OpenDoc. This is evidenced by the dramatic increase in support for AppleScript over the last six months," said David Nagel, AppleSoft senior vice president and general manager. "With such strong ISV support, AppleScript allows solution providers to select from a variety of the most widely-used application software to build tailored, cost-effective solutions for their customers."
 New vendors announcing support for AppleScript represent a broad range of business and productivity software applications and include: ACIUS, Inc., Advanced Software, Inc., Aladdin Systems, Aldus Corporation, Beyond Incorporated, Cambridge Science, Canto Software GmbH, CE Software, Inc., Chang Labs, Claris Corporation, Concurrent Engineering Tools, Inc., CTM Development, Cypress Research Corporation, Ex Machina, Inc., Great Plains Software, Imspace Systems Corporation, ISIS International, Linksware Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Milum Software Group, Quark, Inc., SAS Institute, Inc., Scientific Visions, Shana Software, Symantec Corporation, Top Conseil Informatique, UserLand Software, Vividus Corporation and WordPerfect Corporation.
 "AppleScript is quickly gaining mass support among independent software developers because it fundamentally changes the way software is developed. ISVs can now focus their efforts and gain a competitive edge in entering specialized niche markets," said Chuck Piercey, product marketing manager for AppleScript at Apple. "AppleScript extends a product's life cycle by enhancing functionality without the need for revising core code. Additionally, it gives developers the freedom to enter into specialized niche markets. For example, a spelling checker tailored for a biologist or an electrical engineer can be integrated with one of the many AppleScriptable off-the-shelf applications to create a customized solution."
 The AppleScript scripting language is integrated into the Macintosh operating system and conforms to Apple's cross-platform Open Scripting Architecture (OSA) standard. Developed in cooperation with third-party developers, the OSA provides a standard way for mainstream applications to interact with any scripting system and is a key deliverable of Apple's OpenDoc technology. OpenDoc is a compound document architecture that enables users to create compound, customizable documents. AppleScript is an element of Apple's long-term strategy to automate the Macintosh computing environment, improve application interaction and provide a foundation technology for OpenDoc.
 According to Doug Wood, director of marketing for Shana Software, "Our consultants can now build custom solutions that integrate many different enterprise-wide systems and have them all work together in a standard way. This tight integration of applications will lead to new solutions that will increase productivity by automating business processes that thus far could only be performed manually."
 "AppleScript brings publishing on the desktop to a new level. Shrink-wrapped applications have not had the programmable capabilities found in many traditional high-end publishing systems," said Tim Gill, founder and senior vice president of research and development for Quark, Inc. "With AppleScript, those limitations are gone and new doors are opened for off-the-shelf applications."
 Targeted to ISVs, the AppleScript Software Development Toolkit v. 1.1 is available worldwide and can be ordered through APDA, Apple's source for developer tools, for a U.S. suggested retail price of $199. An upgrade from v. 1.0 to v. 1.1 is available for U.S. $99. APDA can be reached in the United States at 800-282-2732; in Canada at 800-637-0029; or internationally at 716-871-6555.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, and Macintosh are registered trademarks and System 7 and AppleScript are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective companies are acknowledged as such.
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 /EDITORS NOTE: The AppleScript Scripter's Guide, which lists all scriptable applications, is available by contacting Cindy Cooper of Cunningham Communication, Inc. at AppleLink address: CCI.Calif. If you are interested in receiving Apple releases via fax, call 800-AAPL-FAX and enter I.D. number 6172./
 /CONTACT: Emilio Robles of Apple Computer, 408-862-5671; or Toni Giusti of Cunningham Communication, 408-982-0400/

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