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 CUPERTINO, Calif., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of its effort to simplify product availability and support for IBM AS/400 customers, the Apple Business Systems (ABS) division of Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) today announced its Data Access Language Server for AS/400 will be marketed, sold and supported by IBM (NYSE: IBM) as part of IBM's AS/400 Client Series. The Client Series is an array of end- user products and application development tools designed to enhance client/server computing for AS/400 customers. The Data Access Language Server for AS/400 (version 1.4) allows Macintosh computers to transparently access information on AS/400 systems across either SNA or TCP/IP networks.
 In addition, Apple also announced its intention to add its SNAps Gateway to the AS/400 Client Series. The product, which provides SNA services to AppleTalk networks, joins the SNAps 5250 terminal emulator as part of the AS/400 Client Series. The SNAps products allow IBM to provide a complete solution for integrating Macintosh computers into their Application System/400 family of midrange computers.
 Both the Data Access Language Server for AS/400 (version 1.4) and SNAps Gateway, in addition to the Data Access Language Client for AS/400 (version 1.4), are also available from Apple. All of these products were developed under the Enterprise Networking Initiative, one of five initiatives that comprise the Apple/IBM alliance agreement signed October 1991.
 "The fact that these products are now being sold by both Apple and IBM underscores our combined effort to give users the ease of use of the Macintosh computer, as well as access to the 20,000 applications available for IBM's popular AS/400 product family," said Morris Taradalsky, vice president and general manager for the Apple Business Systems Division. "Apple's participation in the AS/400 Client Series is expected to simplify product access and support for our mutual customers by allowing them to use the sales and support channels they are most familiar with."
 In addition to providing its customers with IBM-recommended products that enhance AS/400 connectivity, database access and system management, IBM's AS/400 Client Series is also designed to help reduce costs and streamline support for AS/400 customers using the system in multi- platform client/server environments. "It is our intention to establish AS/400 leadership in client/server computing, just as the system leads in commercial application computing today," said IBM Senior Vice President John Thompson, general manager, Application Business Systems.
 Availability, Pricing and Support
 Both the Data Access Language Server for AS/400 and the SNAps Gateway are expected to be included in IBM's Client Series on Oct. 22, 1993.
 Pricing for products in the AS/400 Client Series will vary depending on the
package requirements. As part of IBM's AS/400 Client Series, the SNAps Gateway/10 (for up to 10 users) is expected to sell for $1,219; the SNAps Gateway/35 (for up to 35 users) is expected to sell for $2,429; and the SNAps Gateway/70 (for up to 70 users) is expected to sell for $3,649; while the SNAps 5250 GC (Gateway Client), the client software for the SNAps Gateway, is expected to sell for $105. The SNAps 5250 terminal emulator is currently available from IBM through the Client Series for $365. All of these products are available through the AS/400 Client Series in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico only. Pricing may vary outside the United States.
 IBM provides sales, marketing and technical support for all of the products in its Client Series. For more information, contact an IBM marketing representative or call 800-IBM-CALL.
 Apple's Data Access Language Server for AS/400, SNAps 5250 and SNAps Gateway are also available from Apple. For more information, contact the Apple Network Information Line at 408-862-3385.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and AppleTalk are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. IBM, Application System/400, and AS/400 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corp. AS/400 Client Series is a trademark of International Business Machines Corp.
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 /CONTACT: Emilio Robles of Apple Computer, 408-862-5671; Jeff Cross of IBM, 914-766-4296; or John McCreadie of Regis McKenna, Inc., 408-974-4398, for Apple Computer/

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