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 CUPERTINO, Calif., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The award-winning Apple PowerBook family was expanded today as Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) unveiled the industry's lightest active-matrix notebook computers. The PowerBook Duo 270c, capable of displaying thousands of colors, is the first 16-bit color notebook on the market while the new greyscale PowerBook Duo 250 becomes the lightest active matrix model on the market.
 Apple, known for its technology leadership in the notebook market, incorporated advanced features -- including 50 percent longer battery life, outstanding display quality thanks to active-matrix screen and easy expandability -- in a lightweight, sub-5 lb. design that fits easily in a briefcase. The new PowerBooks are ideal for users seeking a small, lightweight notebook computer that provides the power and expandibility they need both on the road and at the office.
 "Advanced features in a lightweight notebook -- these are the hallmarks of the PowerBook Duos," said Randy Battat, vice president of the Macintosh Desktop and PowerBook Division at Apple. "Not only are the new Duos feature rich, they are also competitively priced to make them accessible to a broader audience than ever before."
 Apple customers have eagerly awaited the new PowerBook Duos. In fact, Matt Ghourdjian, national director of technology at the 750-person LA law firm of Howrey & Simon, plans to make the color Duo his primary system as well as a computer of choice for the firm. "An active-matrix color screen in a notebook that weighs less that five pounds is ideal. The PowerBook Duo is already a winner in terms of performance and weight, but high-quality color will give it a clear edge over the competition."
 PowerBook Duo 270c: A 4.8lb Active-Matrix Power House
 The new flagship PowerBook Duo, the 270c, is the industry's first 16- bit color notebook, capable of displaying thousands of colors on its backlit active-matrix display. With its ability to display rich colors at 640 by 480 pixels, the PowerBook Duo 270c is ideal for users who make color presentations directly from the notebook.
 The PowerBook Duo 270c weighs just 4.8 pounds, yet features a high- speed 68030 33 MHz processor, on-board 68882 math coprocessor to speed up numeric calculations, and award-winning PowerBook ergonomics. Thanks to new battery technology developed by Apple, the Duo 270c has an exceptional battery life of up to four hours -- especially high for a color notebook. The PowerBook Duo 270c is expandable up to 32MB of RAM, and includes a unique battery reconditioning capability that enables users to get maximum use from their batteries.
 PowerBook Duo 250: The Lightest Active-matrix Notebook on the Market
 The new PowerBook Duo 250 is the lightest active-matrix notebook on the market, bringing the crisp clarity of a high-contrast display to a 4.2 pound notebook. With a full 9-inch diagonal screen, the backlit display features 640 by 400 pixels and 16 shades of gray. Apple's new battery technology enables users to use the PowerBook Duo 250 for up to six hours on a single charge.
 New Batteries Provide Longer Run Time
 With the introduction of the PowerBook Duo 250 and 270c, Apple debuts its new High-Capacity Type II Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) batteries. The new batteries provide approximately 50 percent additional capacity over the original Type I Duo batteries.
 Duo 210 or 230 owners can also utilize the new Type II batteries by simply purchasing a stand-alone battery pack for use with any PowerBook Duo notebook. The pack includes software that updates the intelligent EverWatch battery saver to work with the new Type II batteries.
 Software Preinstalled
 To further reinforce Apple's mobile computing advantages, a new PowerBook Software Solutions and Sampler software set has been preinstalled on the hard disk drives of new PowerBook models sold in the U.S., starting in August of this year. The PowerBook Software Solutions and Sampler software which will be available with all new Duos includes:
 -- AppleTalk Remote Access Client, Version 1.0
 AppleTalk Remote Access allows users communicate with other Macintosh computers and networks from remote locations using standard phone lines and a modem. With AppleTalk Remote Access PowerBook users can access file servers, send and receive electronic mail messages, communicate with host computers and print to network printers--all as if they were attached locally to the AppleTalk network. PowerBooks shipped with the AppleTalk Remote Access Client software will therefore be able to connect to any Macintosh or server running AppleTalk Remote Access server software.
 -- AppleLink, PowerBook Edition
 AppleLink, Apple's global on-line service, opens a world of information and communications to users. After calling an 800 number to register at no cost, the user has access to AppleLink's 24-hour worldwide electronic mail service, online support from both Apple and third-party companies and recently expanded content and services from organizations such as Reuters, RR Donnelley, Dow Jones, Ziff, USA Today, Groliers and Tribune Media Services.
 -- The Software Sampler is a collection of seven demonstration versions of innovative third-party software applications aimed at mobile users. The full version of each package can be purchased for under $100 direct from the vendor.
 Sample applications included are:
 TouchBase Pro by After Hours Software
 Dynodex 3.0 by Portfolio Software
 IN CONTROL 2.0 by Attain Corporation, Inc.
 Now Up-to-Date 3.0 by Now Software, Inc.
 DayMaker 2.0 by Pastel Development
 Local Expert by Strategic Mapping, Inc.
 Electronic Books by The Voyager Company
 Advanced Features Across the PowerBook Duo Line
 The PowerBook Duos are noted for their advanced docking capability. Users simply slide their PowerBook Duo into a docking station, creating a powerful desktop computer complete with a large monitor, full-size keyboard, and access to printers and servers. With its open docking standard, the PowerBook Duo is the only dockable notebook for which a comprehensive range of docking solutions is available, both from Apple and third-party providers.
 Both the PowerBook Duo 270c and 250 feature built-in AppleTalk networking, so users can connect to resources such as electronic mail, printers and file servers. With an optional modem and AppleTalk Remote Access software, users gain full access to AppleTalk networks practically anywhere in the world. And the PowerBook Duos come with Apple's advanced software, System 7.1.
 Upgrade Options
 Owners of the PowerBook Duo 210 or 230 systems can upgrade to the new active-matrix screen on the PowerBook Duo 250. PowerBook Duo 210 and 230 owners can also choose to upgrade to the new color active-matrix screen and the
new processor board used in the Duo 270c. In the

United States, these upgrades are performed by Apple's Central Product Repair Center.
 In addition, owners of Duo 210s or 230s can upgrade to the new Type II NiMH battery to get up to six hours of battery life, depending on the Duo model. The ApplePrice for the separate Type II NiMH battery pack is $85.
 To accomodate the new PowerBook Duo 270c with its slightly thicker profile, existing PowerBook Duo Docks will require an inexpensive top cover change. This change is easily done by the user. The top cover is expected to cost approx. $70, and take less than one minute for users to snap on.
 Pricing and Availability
 Both the PowerBook Duo 270c and Duo 250 will be offered worldwide through Apple authorized resellers. Users can locate the authorized Apple reseller nearest to them by calling 800-538-9696.
 Product configurations, pricing and availability may vary worldwide. Prices and configurations in the United States are given below. Prices quoted are ApplePrice. Apple Price will vary within the general range of street prices offered by our resellers.
 Configuration ApplePrice
 PowerBook Duo 250
 4 MB/200HD $2599
 12 MB/200HD w/Express Modem $3099
 PowerBook Duo 270c
 4 MB/240HD $3099
 12 MB/240HD w/Express Modem $3619
 Upgrade to PowerBook Duo 250 $1299
 Upgrade to PowerBook 270c $1999
 Energy Star Compliant
 The new PowerBook Duo 270c and 250 meet the U.S. Government Evironmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Energy Star guidelines.
 Apple Computer, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets personal computer, server and personal interactive electronic systems for use in business, education, science and engineering, government, and the home. A recognized pioneer and innovator in the personal computer industry, Apple does business in more than 120 countries.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, PowerBook, AppleLink and AppleTalk are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. PowerBook Duo is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. All other brand names are trademarks of their respective companies.
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