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 FRANKFURT, Germany, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL), and SOFTWARE AG today announced an intent to form a worldwide strategic alliance and technology partnership designed to provide the tools and techniques to facilitate client/server computing for enterprise customers. Apple's Virtually Integrated Technical Architecture Lifecycle (VITAL) and SOFTWARE AG's ENTIRE integration technology form the foundation technologies to support enterprise-wide, mission-critical applications.
 Announced at Macworld Frankfurt by Michael Spindler, Apple's chief executive officer and Peter Schnell, SOFTWARE AG's founder and chief executive officer, the agreement revolves around using the methodology of Apple's VITAL with the technology of SOFTWARE AG's ENTIRE product line. This in turn will provide the client/server tools and techniques to solve the mission critical needs of enterprise customers.
 VITAL & ENTIRE Technologies
 VITAL is Apple's vendor independent technical architecture. It is a blueprint for the creation of modular, network-orientated, client/server applications made up of components that can be shared. VITAL also shows how to integrate mainframe-based legacy systems to the more advanced client/server implementations that are now dominating discussions about data processing, information sharing and decision support in today's large businesses.
 VITAL starts with the premise that the personal computer is the user's window to back end information processing systems, including mainframes, departmental servers and on-line information sources. For end users, VITAL provides a single systems image, that of the personal computer, masking all the complexities from the end user of multiple machine types at the server and mainframe levels, operating systems, network links and protocols. For IS managers, VITAL details how to cost effectively implement client/server solutions by making the best use of existing legacy systems along with new client/server solutions.
 ENTIRE is a suite of middleware software that bridges mainframe applications and highly distributed networks. ENTIRE simplifies the transition from pure mainframe solutions to distributed applications on any type of platform. With ENTIRE in client/server environments, each system sees the other as an equal partner.
 SOFTWARE AG's ENTIRE integration technology enables mission critical client/server applications for the first time. It allows the user to concentrate on implementations of business functions rather than on specific environments, including operating systems and networks.
 A Powerful Combination
 "In today's world of client/server computing, many customers are still struggling with issues such as security, transaction integrity, control and performance as well as how best to integrate their existing mainframe-based
legacy systems into their new client/server systems," said Spindler. "Today's announcement provides both the blueprint -- through VITAL -- and the tools -- through the ENTIRE product line -- to enable superior cross platform client/server solutions.
 "SOFTWARE AG has adopted VITAL as a methodology to describe and solve our mutual customers' problems. Beyond its utility in implementing truly distributed systems, VITAL and its methodology and terminology has started to impact a significant number of computer vendors' thinking, providing them with a common cross platform framework to solve enterprise customers' client/server problems."
 According to Schnell: "Our customers have numerous mission-critical, mainframe-based applications. They are also looking to migrate from centralized to client/server computing, using SOFTWARE AG's proven database and Fourth Generation Language technologies. Our ENTIRE product line provides this migration path for everyone: both for new and existing customers alike. Coupled with Apple's VITAL architecture, ENTIRE provides an even smoother transition to modular, client/server based systems. Overall, the combination of these two technologies will provide compelling solutions for all our respective customers: that is, providing systems with ease and consistency of use, easily adaptable to new needs and operationally efficient."
 Intent Specifics
 Specifically, the agreement revolves around the following:
 -- Apple plans to collaborate with SOFTWARE AG on the development of VITAL and its evolution as a comprehensive blueprint for client/server systems. Additionally, Apple intends to work with SOFTWARE AG to ensure future server technologies can be tuned to maximize performance;
 -- SOFTWARE AG intends to incorporate AppleEvents in its ENTIRE BROKER Gateway product. This will extend the abilities of Apple Macintosh personal computers and Apple Workgroup Servers to access enterprise servers based on IBM's APPC, DEC NAS, UNIX DCE and Microsoft's DDE/OLE;
 -- A VITAL/ENTIRE starter kit is planned to be marketed jointly by Apple and SOFTWARE AG. This also includes VITAL consulting services from SOFTWARE AG. Among the services included in the starter kit are: authentication, authorization, dynamic selection, invocation of cooperating applications and message arbitration and translation among the various protocols encountered in multi-platform enterprise environments;
 -- SOFTWARE AG support for the Apple Workgroup Server 95 as an entry point and integration hub for enterprise systems. SOFTWARE AG intends to make its products, ADABAS, NATURAL and ENTIRE available for the Workgroup Server 95, providing outstanding price/performance ratios within SOFTWARE AG's solution set for enterprise client/server systems;
 -- ADABAS and SQL-DB will be accessible through Apple's Data Access Language (DAL). DAL is a generic, open, SQL-based ad hoc query language.
 Delivery for the products and services listed above are expected during 1994.
 Company Details
 SOFTWARE AG, of Darmstadt (Germany), was founded in 1969. The company is one of the world's leading independent software vendors and Germany's largest exporter of software. In 1992, 4,000 employees achieved total group sales of DM 780 million (about $480 million (U.S.)). More than 5,000 companies base their data processing operations on SOFTWARE AG products and services, distributed through subsidiaries and partners in over 60 countries. SOFTWARE AG is a member of X/Open, UNIX International, the Open Software Foundation (OSF) and the Object Management Group (OMG).
 Apple Computer Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets personal computer, server and personal interactive electronic systems for use in business, education, science and engineering, government and the home. A recognized pioneer and innovator in the personal computer industry,
Apple does business in more than 120 countries. Through its advanced technology, the company seeks to provide individuals and organizations with easy and affordable access to information and computing power.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc.
 Unix is a registered trademark of UNIX System Laboratories Inc.
 NATURAL and ADABAS are registered trademarks of SOFTWARE AG.
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 /CONTACT: Emilio Robles of Apple Computer, 408-862-5671; Renate Kneufer of Apple Computer Deutschland, Gmbh, 089-99640-177, or fax -223; or Jen Norman of SOFTWARE AG of America, 703-391-6727; or Irene Droemert of SOFTWARE AG, Darmstadt, 06151-92-4439, or fax -4613/

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