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 LONDON, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) today announced that a wide range of major European corporations will support its recently introduced Newton technology. Some of Europe's leading computer, consumer, and telecommunications concerns will be supporting the Newton platform through licensing Newton technology, developing Newton products and services, and publishing titles. The announcements were made in conjunction with Apple's roll-out of the Newton MessagePad in the United Kingdom Live '93 Consumer Electronics Show.
 "These strong statements of support for Newton technology reinforce our commitment to making Newton technology a pervasive standard in a wide range of information devices," said Gaston Bastiaens, vice president and general manager of Apple's Personal Interactive Electronics (PIE) division. "Combined with the early success of the Newton MessagePad in the United States, these votes of confidence illustrate that Newton is well on its way to becoming the defining technology of the digital information age."
 With today's announcements, Apple greatly expands the number of companies that support Newton technology. Specifically, Alcatel, British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, and GEC Plessey Semiconductors, announced that they intend to integrate Newton technology in future devices. (See separate releases.) These companies join Sharp, Motorola, Matsushita Electronics, Cirrus Logic, LSI Logic, and Siemens/Rolm in the growing family of companies which line up behind Apple's Newton technology.
 Apple also announced agreements with companies that will utilize the robust communications capabilities of the Newton technology. Newton communication architecture allows Newton devices to connect through telephone lines, computer networks, and wireless networks, providing businesses with a platform for a complete line of intelligent communication solutions adaptable to different markets. Today, Air Call and Mercury Paging announced that, taking advantage of this architecture, they will work with Apple to provide messaging services to Newton MessagePad users in the U.K. In the United States, the Apple Messaging Services--a paging service--is provided by Bell South's MobileComm subsidiary.
 Cellnet, the U.K.'s leading mobile phone network operator, is also to work with Apple to develop a range of cellular products and services based on Newton technology. (See separate releases.)
 Apple has also been working actively worldwide with information providers and publishers to develop titles for the Newton MessagePad, providing them with extremely effective tools, which allow them to develop new applications and titles quickly. Today, the Economist, Time Out, and the Oxford University Press and Consumers' Association (publisher of Good Food Guide) announced that they are creating titles and applications for the Newton MessagePad. (See separate releases.)
 List of announcements:
 Newton MessagePad Now Available in U.K.
 PIE'S Starcore Publishing Announces First European Titles
 Apple UK Launches "Assist" - The Newton Users Club
 Developers Line Up for Newton Platform
 Apple and Air Call: Wireless Messaging Based on Newton
 Consumers' Association Announce The Good Food Guide 1994 for Newton
 The Economist World in Figures for Newton
 GPS and Apple Extend Newton Collaboration
 Mercury Paging and Apple: Wireless Communications Services
 Oxford University Press Develop for Newton
 Time Out Announce London Guide for Newton
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: As release in the U.K. on Sept. 16, 1993/
 /CONTACT: Russell Brady of Apple Computer, U.K., 081-730-2480, Emma Bufton of Regis McKenna, 408-974-1856, for Apple Computer/

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