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 CUPERTINO, Calif., Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ --
 Product Description
 Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) today announced the availability of the Apple Macintosh System Enabler Collection 1.0, a single floppy disk that contains all of the system enabler files the company has released between October 1992 and May 1993. This software requires Macintosh System Software 7.1, and when installed, resides in the computer's system folder. This product will allow system administrators and other Macintosh customers to create a single Macintosh system folder that will start any Macintosh system.
 System enablers are system files that allow System 7.1 to operate on most Macintosh computers released since October 1992. The computers covered by the System Enablers Collection include the PowerBook Duo 210 and 230, the PowerBook 160, 180, 165C, the Macintosh IIvx, IIvi, the Color Classic, the Macintosh LC III, Quadra 800, and Centris 610 and 650. Macintosh computers introduced before October 1992 do not need a system enabler to operate with System 7.1. The System Enablers Collection also is not intended for Macintosh Performa users.
 These system-specific enablers enable Apple to ship new models of Macintosh computers without having to provide new releases of system software. This process has resulted in the most rapid introduction of new computers in Apple's history.
 By consolidating the different system enabler files into an easy-to- install package, system administrators who support a variety of Macintosh models can find the latest system enablers they need in one place. These customers will be able to use the System Enabler Collection to create a system folder that can start any Macintosh computer, greatly simplifying network administration.
 Some Macintosh users, particularly those with portable hard disks used for presentations or demonstrations, need to maintain a system folder that can start any Macintosh system. The System Enabler Collection will allow these customers to easily install all of the current system enablers, so that their portable hard disk will be able to start any Macintosh system.
 Apple expects that service providers and computer rental agencies will also benefit from the System Enablers Collection. These customers will be able to easily configure a system folder that can be loaded on any Macintosh computer, allowing them to standardize on one system folder for all their service and rental needs.
 Availability and Distribution
 The Apple Macintosh System Enabler Collection 1.0 is available immediately. It will be licensed to customers free of charge through various online services, including AppleLink, America Online, and CompuServe. The collection will also be available through Macintosh user groups in the United States. Customers can obtain disk-based copies directly from Apple by calling 800-769-APPL (769-2775), extension 6717. (A $10 duplication, shipping, and handling fee applies.) For further information, customers in the United States should call the Apple USA Customer Assistance Center at 800-776-2333. This product is available in the United States only.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, AppleLink and Macintosh are registered trademarks; and System 7 is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc.
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