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 SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT)and the AppleSoft Division of Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) today announced the signing of a comprehensive agreement to ensure interoperation of their messaging and directory services, and to provide their customers with the necessary software to share information across the Apple(R) Macintosh(R) and Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) operating system platforms. The agreement focuses on four key aspects:
 -- Access from either platform to the messaging and directory servers provided by either vendor
 -- Interoperation between the two vendors' messaging and directory servers
 -- Support of Apple Open Collaboration Environment (AOCE(TM)) capabilities in principal Macintosh productivity applications from Microsoft
 -- Support for Common Mail Calls (CMC) programmatic calls on both platforms, resulting in easier cross-platform development for application developers and more choices for end users
 The agreement reaches beyond the much-discussed issue of programming interfaces to the broader and more significant aspects of cross-platform interoperation in messaging and directory services. Both companies believe that providing messaging and collaboration services in the operating systems will result in end users gaining the benefits of an integrated user interface and application developers gaining the benefits of a common set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that ensures interoperability between client and server products.
 Apple and Microsoft have agreed to develop a suite of Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI) service providers and AOCE technology-based gateways to allow customers to build cross-platform client-server solutions that allow users to work more productively with each other across both platforms. The new gateways and service providers outlined in the agreement will provide MAPI-compliant applications for Windows access to Apple's PowerShare(TM) Collaboration Servers; and will also give applications based on the AOCE technology and PowerTalk(TM) APIs on Apple Macintosh and PowerBook(R) computers access to current and future Microsoft information management products. Microsoft and Apple also agreed to provide a gateway between their server products and to support the basic send capability Common Mail Calls in their products.
 "This broad agreement ensures interoperation across the MAPI and AOCE technologies on the two most popular personal computer operating environments," said Gursharan Sidhu, AppleSoft's director of collaboration products. "Microsoft MAPI will make information management a part of the Windows environment. We at Apple have made collaborative computing a mainstream capability by providing a comprehensive, integrated set of such functionality in the Macintosh operating system. Now, with this agreement in place, customers using Macintosh and Windows will be able to work effectively in a multiplatform team environment while using the latest products from both Apple and Microsoft."
 According to Tom Evslin, general manager, workgroup division at Microsoft, "The release of the AOCE technology as part of System 7 Pro and PowerShare Collaboration Servers gives Macintosh application developers, including Microsoft, the APIs we need to messaging-enable our applications. We are doing that in order to give our Macintosh-based users the capabilities they need. MAPI provides similar capability for Windows-based applications. The contract we've signed today ensures that MAPI applications and AOCE-based applications will interoperate smoothly across platforms regardless of which clients or which servers our customers choose."
 Microsoft to Develop PowerTalk Gateway to Future Information Management Products
 Under the agreement, Microsoft will provide a personal gateway that will allow AOCE-based PowerTalk users and applications on Macintosh and PowerBook computers to access and use Microsoft's messaging and directory services provided by Microsoft's future information management products. At the System 7(TM) Pro introduction in October 1993, Microsoft committed to provide updated versions of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, the Microsoft PowerPoint(R) presentation graphics program and Microsoft Works to support Apple's PowerTalk Mailer capability. The updated applications will be able to use the PowerTalk Mailer to send and receive mail through the standard PowerTalk universal mailbox. PowerTalk is Apple's personal communication software based on AOCE technology that is incorporated in System 7 Pro, the newest Macintosh operating system from Apple.
 CMC Support
 Under the agreement, Apple intends to support a subset of CMC, a set of common cross-platform APIs from X.400 Application Program Interface Association (XAPIA). Microsoft has already delivered developer libraries for CMC access to MAPI and plans to include these APIs with MAPI in a future version of Windows. Having CMC support available on both platforms allows corporate and professional developers to use a common API set for mail-enabled applications targeted to run on both Windows and the Macintosh. Apple intends to provide support for specific aspects of CMC within PowerTalk.
 Apple to Develop MAPI Service Provider to PowerShare Collaboration Servers
 The agreement also includes Apple's plan to provide a MAPI service provider that will allow applications and users of Windows and MAPI to access and use Apple's PowerShare Collaboration Servers. Apple also intends to ensure the availability of a PowerTalk gateway to Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk(R). In addition, Apple plans to provide migration tools for those current customers of Microsoft Mail Server for AppleTalk who wish to migrate to Apple's PowerShare Collaboration Servers. The PowerShare Collaboration Servers software is the first Apple server product based on the AOCE technology designed to provide server-based mail, catalog and privacy services.
 Joint Development of New Server-to-Server Gateway
 Under the agreement, Apple and Microsoft intend to jointly develop a server-based gateway that will allow Apple's PowerShare Collaboration Servers and Microsoft's future information management products to access and use each other's messaging and directory services.
 Apple and Microsoft will announce specific products, features, capabilities and schedules throughout the course of 1994.
 Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.
 Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Apple Computer Inc. develops, manufactures and markets personal computer, server, and personal interactive electronic systems for use in business, education, the home, science, engineering and government. A recognized pioneer and innovator in the information industry, Apple does business in more than 120 countries.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, PowerBook and AppleTalk are registered trademarks and AOCE, PowerShare, PowerTalk and System 7 are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. Microsoft and PowerPoint are registered trademarks and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.
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 /CONTACT: Christopher Escher of Apple Computer, 408-974-2202; or Nobby Akiha of Regis McKenna Inc., 415-354-4509, for Apple; or Julie Larkin of Microsoft, 206-882-8080; or Beth Herrell of Waggener Edstrom, 206-637-9097, for Microsoft/

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