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 CUPERTINO, Calif., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Computer's StarCore, a newly founded software publishing and distributing group within its Personal Interactive Electronics division, has announced six new CD-ROM titles for the Macintosh that promise to open up a whole new world of interactive "edutainment" for children and adults, alike.
 Apple's multimedia software development group, Discovery Studio, based in San Francisco, has created two new CD-ROM titles uniquely designed to promote interaction between family members by allowing players to choose individual difficulty levels that put them on equal footing. The two titles, Travelrama USA, a cross country postcard game and Wacky Jacks, a CD game show, also look and "feel" like three-dimensional board games rather than flat, one-dimensional computer titles.
 "Our goal is to create games that both adults and children can enjoy playing together. Most computer software out there just doesn't offer that kind of experience," Fabrice Florin, executive producer, Apple's Discovery Studio, said. "Because players can actually pick their own level of difficulty, the games remain challenging for every on two twelve-year-olds can have as much fun playing together as an adult and a seven-year-old."
 Travelrama USA takes players, ages seven to adult, on a coast-to- coast scavenger hunt in which they travel from city to city collecting postcards -- and actually learn U.S. geography along the way. Each player is given a list of five postcards to collect -- three featuring specific places and two general topic cards, such as monuments or lakes -- which they obtain by making their way to individual cities or by trading cards with their opponents.
 Travelrama USA features a richly detailed, realistic map of the U.S, illustrating routes and mileage to destination cities and more than 600 postcards featuring full color, digitized photographs of actual U.S. cities and attractions.
 Another title from Apple's Discovery Studio that promotes family fun is Wacky Jacks, a CD game show featuring the voiceover of veteran TV host, Don Pardo. The fun begins in a cartoon TV game show studio, where "Wacky," a helpful, but slightly loony character announces the contestants, which players select from the studio audience.
 Wacky Jacks features four action-packed, colorful games that test players' knowledge and skill: a fast-paced game in which players must match pairs of pictures from a game board that is constantly changing; a tic-tac-toe type game in which you capture squares by correctly answering trivia questions; a hangman game where picture titles help you fill in the blanks of the mystery phrase; and a picture puzzle game in which you have to unscramble the pieces of a large-screen image. As in Travelrama USA, players can choose their own level of difficulty, which affects the level of trivia questions, speed of action and complexity of puzzles.
 Players can also access the album, a colorful set of 500 picture cards used in all the Wacky Jacks games, with fun facts on a variety of themes, including people, animals, places and everyday objects.
 Travelrama USA and Wack Jacks currently run on Macintosh computers with color screens (LCIII & up) and will be available under Apple's StarCore label nationwide for a suggested retail price of $39.95.
 For younger children, Apple's StarCore group is introducing the Peter's Adventure series, four multi-lingual education and discovery titles for the Macintosh. These new CD-ROM titles, developed by Arborescence in Paris, feature beautiful colors, lively music and highly detailed animated images that combine to create a fascinating educational experience for the child.
 Peter's Number Adventure; Peter's Magic Adventure; and Peter & Santa Claus all feature voiceover options, including English, German, Spanish and French, which can be accessed with a simple click of the mouse. Peter's Alphabet Adventure features both French and English voiceovers.
 Peter's Number Adventure, an "explore and discover" number activity for children, features 10 different worlds -- from a zero-shaped ferris wheel to a nine-shaped orbiting space station -- which children simply click on to reveal the games and puzzles hidden within. The title contains 10 activities, including a simple finger-counting game and a gallery full of pictures to paint. Each hidden game and puzzle familiarizes the child with numbers, yet no math skills are required.
 In Peter's Alphabet Adventure, animals help children learn the alphabet by associating their names -- Anthony the Albatross to Zelda the Zebra -- with their species. A short poem underscores the sound of the letter and the name of the animal before the child embarks on an adventure with each one. Children will have fun matching animal tracks with the creatures who make them or eggs with the birds that lay them, all the while learning their ABCs.
 In Peter's Magic Adventure, children join Peter in familiar household and outdoor surroundings, yet find them filled with adventure. Unlike adventure games for older children, no one wins or loses. The object is simply to explore -- children can leap from scene to scene, including a whimsical tour of the ocean floor and a trip to the far side of the moon, and animate almost every object with a click of the mouse.
 Peter & Santa Claus invites children to follow Peter to the North Pole where they are welcomed into a wonderland of animated toys and games. Children can learn how to assemble toys in Santa's play room; color a picture of Peter at the North Pole; click on reindeer who will break into a chorus of carols; and race to see who can pack the most toys into Santa's sleigh before he takes off.
 All of the Peter's titles have a suggested retail price of $29.95.
 Apple's StarCore group publishes and distributes software on CD-ROM for the Macintosh and on PCMCIA cards for personal digital assistants using Newton technology. Apple's StarCore titles are focused around six software categories: edutainment, sports, entertainment, reference, business applications and self-improvement. Apple is positioned to become the premiere worldwide publisher and distributor of multimedia and mobile computing software, which will be brought to market under both the Apple StarCore name and an affiliate label program.
 NOTE: Apple and the Apple logo are registered trademarks and StarCore, Macintosh, Newton, Discovery Studio, Travelrama USA and Wacky Jacks are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Peter's Number Adventure, Peter's Alphabet Adventure, Peter's Magic Adventure and Peter & Santa Claus are trademarks of Arborescence SA.
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