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 SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 20 new CD-ROM titles for both Macintosh and MPC platforms are expected to be available during the first quarter of 1994 from Apple Computer's StarCore software publishing and distribution group.
 "Apple is committed to bringing the best multimedia software for children and adults to market," Ken Wirt, director of marketing for Apple's Personal Interactive Electronics (PIE) division, said. "With volumes of CD-ROM drives moving steadily into the home, we're looking to develop and distribute a complete library of software for users of both Macintosh and Windows platforms."
 StarCore CD-ROM titles lined-up for release during first quarter 1994 include an interactive exploration series, Royal Geographical Society Electronic Guides, from InterOptica Publishing Ltd. The series is comprised of 12 unique products which allow users of any age to explore famous sites around the world through interactive video, photographs and animations, illustrations and original text using either a Macintosh or MPC system:
 "The Egyptian Pyramids" features digitized video and photographs of the great pyramids and tells how Pharaonic architecture reached perfection at Giza. The expected suggested retail price is $24.95.
 "The Great Wall of China" allows children and adults to learn about the building of China's mammoth 1,400-mile construction that Genghis Khan overcame. The expected suggested retail price is $24.95.
 "Taj Mahal" explains the love story behind the building of the Taj Mahal, an everlasting monument created in the memory of a beautiful woman. The expected suggested retail price is $24.95.
 "Trans-Siberian Railway" takes users on the longest railway in the world through the vast expanse of Siberia's steppe and taiga. The expected suggested retail price is $24.95.
 "The Panama Canal" shows how the construction of an Cmerican engineering marvel united the world and divided a continent. The expected suggested retail price is $24.95.
 "The Empire State Building" gives the user background on America's best-known skyscraper, an edifice that rose an astonishing four stories per week in defiance of the Great Depression. The expected suggested retail price is $24.95.
 "Chartres Cathedral" studies a monumental Gothic cathedral and the theory that master builders used sacred geometry in its construction. The expected suggested retail price is $24.95.
 "Venice" tours Italy's fabulous maritime city and the architectural wonders of its maze of canals. The expected suggested retail price is $24.95.
 "Angor Wat" features the overgrown ancient capital of the Khmers uncovered by the French explorer Henri Mahout in 1860. The expected suggested retail price is 24.95.
 "Inca Ruins" brings users to the Inca's sophisticated empire in the Andes Mountains that fell to Spanish explorers. The expected suggested retail price is $24.95.
 "10 Manmade Wonders" contains a compilation of all the above titles in one complete package. This title, available for either the Macintosh or MPC platform, features a timeline, giving the user a historical perspective on events, and a multimedia quiz on the subject matter contained in the disk. The expected suggested retail price for either disk is $99.95.
 "The wealth of information available in the Royal Geographical Society edutainment series is phenomenal," added Wirt. "StarCore will distribute the series as individual products for consumers who are interested in specific sites, as well as a compilation package, making it fun and easy for desktop explorers to experience all the great wonders of the world right from their home."
 Apple's StarCore group also plans to handle exclusive worldwide distribution of eight electronic guides which InterOptica has published in conjunction with The Sierra Club : "The Blue Whale"; "The Amazon Rainforest"; "The Grand Canyon"; "The Great Barrier Reef"; "The Indian Monsoon"; "Mount Everest"; "The Wildebeest Migration"; and "Seven Natural Wonders of the World," an omnibus edition containing all seven titles. The InterOptica/Sierra Club CD-ROM titles, featuring animations, illustrations, original interactive text and narrated video and photo vignettes, can be played using either a Macintosh or Windows- based personal computer.
 In addition, StarCore will distribute InterOptica's "Journey to the Heart of Japan"; "Astonishing Asia"; and "Multimedia Dictionary of Knowledge," based on the best-selling book, "The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy."
 "Peter's Number Adventure," "Peter's Magic Adventure and Peter's Alphabet Adventure," previously published by StarCore for Macintosh computers in the fourth quarter of 1993, will also be published in early 1994 for the MPC platform.
 Apple's StarCore group publishes and distributes software on CD-ROM for Macintosh, DOS and MPC platforms and on PCMCIA cards and floppy diskettes for the Newton technology platform. Apple's StarCore titles are focused around six software categories: edutainment, sports, entertainment, reference, business applications and self- improvement. Apple is positioned to become the premiere worldwide publisher and distributor of multimedia and mobile computing software, which will be brought to market under both the StarCore name and an affiliate-label program.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh are registered trademarks. Newton and StarCore are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Sierra Club is a registered trademark of the Sierra Club and Royal Geographical Society is a registered trademark of the Royal Geographical Society
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