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APHA: Keep the Clean Power Plan.

To protect human health, the U.S. must significantly reduce carbon pollution from power plants, not weaken protections--which is exactly what would happen if a new federal proposal moves forward, according to APHA.

APHA joined 11 other health groups on Oct. 31 in opposing the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed replacement to the Clean Power Plan.

Enacted in 2015, the Clean Power Plan is designed to limit carbon pollution from the nation's power plants and protect health. The EPA's so-called Affordable Clean Energy proposal, on the other hand, would reduce limits on carbon emissions from power plants and jeopardize health. Last year, an EPA analysis of its own proposal found that it could result in up to 1,400 more premature deaths and 120,000 more asthma attacks in the U.S.

The new EPA proposal would also weaken federal oversight, allowing states to set their own emissions standards for power plants, with the ability to opt out of regulations.

"Adopting the ACE proposed rule would force Americans to suffer unnecessary risks to their health and lives that would be avoided under the Clean Power Plan," APHA and the organizations said in their official comments to the agency.

When combined with the federal government's rollback of the fuel economy standards established in 2012, it becomes clear, said APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD, in an August news release, "that for this administration, industry interests come before public health and American lives."

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Caption: Photo by Patrick Gorski, courtesy iStockphoto: A recent proposal to roll back vehicle emissions standards would increase air pollution and should be rejected, APHA says.

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Title Annotation:APHA ADVOCATES: Recent actions on public health by APHA
Author:Barna, Mark
Publication:The Nation's Health
Date:Feb 1, 2019
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