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As the leading source of critical information for apartment seekers in the multi-family industry, ( has launched its new 5.0 web site to provide apartment shoppers with a simplified, better search experience, and drive higher lead volume for advertisers.

With one of the largest collections of apartments for rent anywhere online, provides one-click access to apartment information, and has re-engineered its site in direct response to what consumers said they want and respond to.

"In the first two weeks after launching 5.0, our e-mail lead conversion rate more than doubled, and we experienced 235% improvement in advertiser URL click-through conversion and a 49% increase in lead generation, creating more high-quality leads for our customers during an especially challenging time in the business cycle. Combined with its 65% increase in unique visitors over the past year as a result of proprietary SEO optimization techniques, <> has established itself as the pre-eminent fixed-cost, high-volume lead generator in the multi-family category," said Marcia Bollinger, president of Apartment Finder.

The smarter, simpler, more powerful 5.0 provides more options for shoppers to connect with advertisers. Features include the following:

* Details page has been redesigned with a newer, cleaner feel, cutting out unnecessary distractions to drive consumers' focus straight to the listing.

* Visual appeal has been enhanced through vibrant, eye-catching colors featured on the Search Results page, to make the listing's name and contact information a prominent focal point.

* Each Details page now provides a list of Nearby Apartments, automatically generating more opportunities for consumers to link to advertisers=92 listings.

* Pages now load faster and deliver one-click search results to ensure better user experience and stronger results.

Apartment Finder's dedication to state-of-the-art Internet development extends far beyond the launch of 5.0.

Over the past year alone, Network Communication, Inc. (NCI) has:

* Launched the DigitalSherpa social media marketing service, with the introduction of CommunitySherpa, the first-ever social media marketing program for the multi-family industry, DesignSherpa, for the design and home improvement markets and CRE Sherpa, for the commercial real estate market

* Implemented social media distribution

* Introduced mobile Apps for the iPhone and iTouch

* Increased web traffic more than 100%, making NCI one of the top hyper-local destinations on the web for housing and home design solutions

In addition to rolling out the latest website enhancements, Apartment Finder has also ramped up its investment in print for the prospect focused on-land distribution by adding 21 new chains in 65 markets for 1,150+ new locations. Apartment Finder services 115 markets across the U.S.

Apartment Finder is the anchor of the multi-family division of Network Communications, Inc. <> , the largest publisher of print and online housing information in North America. Considered the fastest-growing multi-channel brand in the industry, Apartment Finder's print and online products provide the latest information about apartment rentals to millions of consumers around the country, while offering a comprehensive and targeted integrated advertising solution for multi-housing professionals.

About Network Communications, Inc.

Network Communications, Inc. is the leading publisher of printed and online real estate information in North America. The company was acquired by Court Square Capital Partners in January of 2005. Its magazines are read by over 12 million readers in over 500 markets and deliver more than one million leads to advertisers each month. Network Communications' assets, The Real Estate Book, Apartment Finder / Blue Book, Mature Living Choices, Black's Guide, New Home Finder, Unique Homes, Kansas City Homes & Gardens, By Design Publishing, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Atlanta Home Improvement, At Home In Arkansas, Relocating in Las Vegas, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles, Mountain Living, and New England Home, include publications that millions of readers around the country turn to when looking for the latest information about the real estate and home design markets. Online magazine content can be accessed at

For more information. visit or call 212/750.5755.
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Date:Mar 1, 2010

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