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AOL Releases New Spyware Protection to Improve Internet Security for Millions of Users.

DULLES, Va. -- America Online, Inc.:

--New Protection Offers Four Scans - Every Minute, 15 Minutes, Daily, and Weekly -- to Find and Block 28,000 Known Types of Spyware and Adware

--AOL Partners with Computer Associates to Offer One of the Most Comprehensive Anti-Spyware Packages Available

America Online today launched AOL Spyware Protection 2.0 (ASP 2.0), a powerful new multi-level package of spyware protection that includes four different scans, including minute-to-minute, every 15 minutes, daily, and weekly. ASP 2.0, powered by eTrust(R) PestPatrol(R) Anti-Spyware technology from Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), provides one of the most comprehensive protection packages available and finds more than 28,000 known types of spyware, adware, keystroke loggers and trojan horses.

"Spyware programs are the snakes of the Internet," said Joe Redling, President, AOL Access Business. "They creep silently onto a user's computer and wrap themselves around everything on the machine, choking the computer and poisoning the online experience. Spyware and adware can cover your screen with unwanted pop-ups, steal your connection, change your preferences, slow your computer, redirect your Web navigation and searches, and even steal your personal information. AOL wants to protect our members from dangerous and damaging software, and ASP 2.0 offers a powerful tool to help our members keep their machines safe and clean."

Provided to AOL members at no additional charge, ASP 2.0 helps users find and disable a wide range of security threats, nuisance software and Web tracking programs. ASP 2.0 offers four levels of protection against surveillance and advertising software:

--Every approximately 60 seconds: An automatic memory scan looks for roughly 15,000 types of spyware and adware that may be running silently in memory (less often on slower computers);

--Every 15 minutes: The AOL(R) SpyZapper (TM) feature scans in less than a second for any new programs that have been downloaded or attempted to reinstall themselves;

--Every day: Automatic "Quick Scan" takes just a few seconds to check for more than 28,000 known types of spyware and adware;

--Every week: A "full drive scan" performs a thorough review of the user's entire hard drive for all 28,000 known variants.

Automatic updates help protect users against new threats as they emerge.

"The quality and value of a user's online experience can be seriously compromised by the growing tide of malicious code that has become pervasive on the Internet," said Jeff Clarke, CA's Chief Operating Officer. "We commend AOL for taking advantage of our industry-leading anti-spyware solution to protect their users from these pervasive threats."

Members on AOL(R) 9.0, as well as those on AOL 8.0 and above who have separately downloaded the software, will automatically receive the new version during sign-in. The new version also will be available for download for users of AOL 8.0 and above at AOL Keyword: Spyware. The product will work only via unused memory and therefore tends not to slow or interfere with computer performance during scans or updates.

To further augment this protection, AOL and CA will launch updated versions later this year and early next year. The updates will feature an "always on" active shielding that blocks infections before they occur, neighborhood watch reporting, and a Web-based spyware encyclopedia that includes an elaborate description and discussion of detected programs.

Backed by five years of market leadership and supported by an industry-leading spyware research team, eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware is the one of the strongest anti-spyware solutions available today. As a standalone product, eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware has sold more than 13 million licenses in 100 countries and earned top rankings in respected online publications including CNET Downloads and ZDNet Australia.

About Computer Associates

Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE:CA), one of the world's largest management software companies, delivers software and services across operations, security, storage, life cycle and service management to optimize the performance, reliability and efficiency of enterprise IT environments. Founded in 1976, CA is headquartered in Islandia, N.Y., and serves customers in more than 140 countries. For more information, please visit

About America Online

America Online, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc (NYSE:TWX). Based in Dulles, Virginia, America Online is the world's leader in interactive services, Web brands, Internet technologies and e-commerce services.

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Date:Sep 21, 2005
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