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AOC corporate member profiles. (Sustaining Members).


1601 Research Blvd.

Rockville, MD 20850-3173

Phone: +703.236.6246

Fax: +703.236.6205

BAE Systems North America is a high-technology US company employing more than 22,000 Americans in the design, development, integration, manufacture, and support of a wide range of advanced aerospace products and intelligent electronic systems. BAE Systems' employees -- who live and work in 30 states and the District of Columbia -- are dedicated to solving our customers needs with both highly innovative and leading-edge solutions across the defense electronics, systems, information-technology, and services arenas.

BAE Systems is one of the world's leading electronic-warfare and information-systems companies, providing our nation and its' allies systems and technologies that ensure dominance on the modern battlefield. These systems include the electronic-combat suite for both the F-22 and the JSF; communications, infrared, and radar countermeasures such as ATIRCM and IDECM; and information warfare systems which meet customers' mission requirements in all aspects of active- and passive-signal exploitation.

BAE Systems has a strong US heritage, based on the shared traditions of excellence and highly successful performance of more than 20 premier aerospace, defense, and service companies. Successfully integrated into one of the US military's top suppliers, BAE Systems North America has established an impressive record of growing our businesses, investing in lobs and new technologies, supporting our communities, and meeting commitments to our customers, partners, and shareholders alike. BAE Systems -- Protecting those who protect us.


Military Aircraft and Missile Systems

P0 Box 516

St. Louis, MO 63166

President and CEO: Mr. Jerry Daniels

AOC contact: Mr. Paul Summers, director for F/A-18 derivative programs

Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems designs, produces, and supports the fighters, bombers, transports, rotorcraft, missiles, and munitions for those entrusted with the defense of their nations. Boeing is the largest military- and commercial-aircraft manufacturer in the world -- and NASA's largest contractor. Boeing employs nearly 189,600 people and has operations in 26 states. Major production centers are located in Washington State's Puget Sound area; in St. Louis, MO; and throughout Southern California. With customers in 145 countries and field offices around the world, Boeing is truly a global enterprise. Military Aircraft and Missile Systems, based in St. Louis, has major facilities in Missouri, California, Pennsylvania, Washington, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, and Texas. It is the world's leading military-aircraft producer, with close to a quarter of its sales to international customers. Boeing is the prime supplier on programs such as the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet strike fighter, the C-17 Gl obemaster III airlifter, the AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter, the V-22 Osprey rotorcraft, and the Joint Direct Attack Munition. Boeing is currently developing the EA-18 Airborne Electronic Attack aircraft. The EA-18 will integrate the EW capabilities of the EA-6B Prowler with the multi-mission effectiveness of the FA-18F Super Hornet. Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems offers an extraordinary range of superior military products. Through its worldwide Military Aerospace Support organization, the company also offers customers a broad selection of integrated maintenance, modification, and upgrade services to help them minimize product life-cycle costs and to sustain an effective defense. In the years ahead, Boeing will continue to deliver quality products, systems, and support that meet the requirements of its customers.


13873 Park Center Rd.

Herndon, VA 20171

Phone: +703.904.5700

Fax: +703.904.5779

President and CEO: Carl N. Guerreri

AOC contact: Edward T. Connolly, executive VP

Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc. (EWA), headquartered in Herndon, VA, is a rapidly growing broad-based information technology (IT) company that operates globally in rapidly expanding markets. The company has a diverse base of products, services, and customers. EWA applies its skills in information technology to fields that include networking, information operations/information warfare, infrastructure protection, information assurance, intelligence, knowledge discovery, EW, communications, special operations, test-and-evaluation (T&E) support, program management, computer-emergency-response teams (CERTs), process control, environmental management, the Internet, and digital signal processing (DSP). Within these specialty areas, services are provided in systems engineering, systems integration, configuration management, software development, computer applications, database development and management, software reuse, intelligence-architecture development and analysis, rapid prototyping, instrumentation design and development, hyperspectral and ultraspectral imaging, and computer-based training. EWA has facilities in Herndon, VA (corporate office); Crystal City, VA; Denver, CO, Huntsville, AL; Ridgecrest, CA; Winter Park, FL; Marlton, NJ; Fairmont, WV; San Antonio, TX; Fort Hood, TX; Fort Huachuca. AZ; Ottawa, Canada; and Canberra, Australia. EWA serves the needs of US military services and the DOD, US intelligence agencies, NASA, FAA, the Canadian DND, and large-scale international service and product-development companies.


3190 Fairview Park Drive

Falls Church, Virginia 22042

Phone: +703.876.3000

Fax: +703.876.3125

Chairman and CEO: Nicholas D. Chabraja

AOC Contact: Rob Doolittle,

Business Focus: General Dynamics, headquartered in Falls Church, VA, has leading market positions in business aviation, information systems, shipbuilding and marine systems, and land and amphibious combat systems. The company is also a leading supplier of sophisticated defense systems and services and space-based communications to the US government and its allies.

General Dynamics Information Systems & Technology group provides defense and government customers with the infrastructure and systems integration skills they need to process, communicate, protect, and manage information, it has established a global presence in specialized data acquisition and processing in advanced electronics and in wireless and wireline battlespace information networks and management systems that are key to military superiority in the 21st century. In addition, the group is a world leader in RF communications, situational awareness, simulation, integrated space-based communication, and telecommunications solutions.

Specialization: Advanced electronics; [C.sup.4]ISR integration; data acquisition and processing; engineer, furnish, and install (EF&I) of telecommunications/network infrastructure; information assurance; integrated space-based communications; software design, development, and integration; open, scalable architectures for systems and subsystems; RF communications; secure satellite communications; software-defined radios; systems design and integration; tactical communications; and undersea cabling.

Products/Services: RF air-traffic-control systems; acoustics-processing systems airborne-situation-display consoles; battle-space information systems; biochemical agent-detection systems; combat identification; communications test equipment data-management systems; data recorders emergency-response communications systems; encryption and key management fire-control systems; flat-panel displays guidance systems; information assurance and operations; landmine-detection systems; life-cycle support; mass storage; mission computers; modeling and simulation; network integration; network management; optical networks and network components; radio systems; secure satellite communications; signals intelligence; software-defined radios; space communications; tactical communications systems; tactical telecommunications switches; towed-array sonar systems; training; undersea optical systems; wireless and wireline telecommunication-network engineering and installation.

Clients: US Defense Department, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps; and various defense agencies; the United States Coast Guard; civilian agencies; and international governments.


1025 West NASA Boulevard

Melbourne, Florida 32919

Phone: +321.727.9100

Chairman, President, and CEO: Phillip W. Farmer

Harris Corporation is an international communications-equipment company focused on providing product, system, and service solutions for commercial and government customers. With more than 10,000 employees, including 4,000 engineers and scientists, Harris is a technology powerhouse. The company's five operating divisions serve markets for microwave, broadcast, network support, secure tactical radio, and government communications systems.


Government Communications Systems Division (GCSD)

PO Box 37, Melbourne, FL 32902

Phone: +321.727.6514

Fax: +321.727.4500

Chief executive: Robert K. (Bob) Henry

AOC contact: Joyce Roberts

Harris GCSD, with annual sales of approximately $900 million, is a leading producer and integrator of highly reliable communications and information systems for the DOD, other US Government agencies, and prime contractors. Harris GCSD's EW capabilities include intelligence, location and tracking, information operations. network security, and threat-simulation systems. The AN/MST-l (V) Miniature Multiple Threat Emitter System (Mini-MUTES), the standard system used by the USAF for aircrew EW training, exemplifies threat-simulation systems. The system features low-cost, autonomous, remote units that accurately simulate the enemy order of battle in typical integrated air-defense threat scenarios.


RF Communications Division (RFCD)

1680 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14610

Phone: +585.244.5830

Fax: +585.242.4755

Chief executive: Chester A. Massari

AOC contact: Joyce Roberts

Harris RFCD is a leading supplier of secure voice- and data-communications products, systems, and networks to military, government, and commercial organizations worldwide, Its Falcon II digital, software-defined radio products are becoming the standard for NATO and Partnership for Peace countries.


Avionics Division

100 Kingsland Road, Clifton, NJ 07014

Phone: +973.284.0123

Fax: +973.284.4122

President and GM: Steven F. Gaffney

AOC contact: John Chehansky, VP & director of business development

ITT Industries, Avionics Division, is a leading supplier of EW technologies, systems, and services. The company designs, develops, manufactures and supports advanced threat-warning, situational-awareness, and electronic-protection suites, and provides system installation, integration, testing, training, and customer-support services.

ITT provides EW system solutions for rotary-wing, strategic, and tactical aircraft. Among its family of EW products are combat-proven systems such as the ALO-172, ALO-165 ASPJ, and ALO-136.

ITT has completed development of the next-generation ALO-2 II SIRFC and ALO-214 IDECM RFCM. The ALO-211 SIRFC will provide stand-alone radar warning or comprehensive threat-warning, situational-awareness. and countermeasures capabilities to the MH-60K, MH-47E, CV-22 Osprey, RAH-66 Comanche, and AH-64D Apache Longbow. System variants are adaptable to fixed-wing aircraft and unmanned-aerial-vehicle (UAV) applications.

The IDECM RFCM will protect the F/A-18E/F and B-1B and is comprised of an onboard techniques generator developed by ITT, integrated with an off-board fiber-optic towed decoy by BAE Systems.


1840 Century Park East

Los Angeles, CA 90067-2199

Phone: +310.553.6262

Fax: +310.556.2076

Web site:

Chairman and CEO: Kent Kresa

President and COO: Dr. Ronald D. Sugar

AOC contact: Frank Moore, corporate news and information director

Northrop Grumman Corporation is an $18-billion, global defense company with its worldwide headquarters in Los Angeles. Northrop Grumman provides technologically advanced, innovative products, services, and solutions in defense and commercial electronics, systems integration, information technology, and nuclear and non-nuclear shipbuilding and systems. With nearly 100,000 employees and operations in 44 states and 25 countries, Northrop Grumman serves US and international military, government, and commercial customers.

Northrop Grumman has six operating sectors:


Northrop Grumman Corp.

P.O. Box 17319, MS A170

Baltimore, MD 21203-7319

Phone: +410.993.2463

Fax: +410.993.6698

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of defense-electronics systems including airborne radar systems, navigation systems, EW systems, precision weapons, airspace-management systems, air-defense systems, communications systems, space systems, marine systems, oceanic and naval systems, logistics systems, and automation and information systems.


Northrop Grumman Corp.

2411 Dulles Corner Park, Suite 800

Herndon, VA 20171-3430

Phone: +703.713.4000

Fax: +703.713.4127

Information Technology, a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Corporation, is a premier provider of advanced information-technology solutions, engineering, and business services for government and commercial clients. Headquartered in Herndon, Information Technology's expertise spans such areas as information-systems integration; command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance ([C.sup.4]ISR); enterprise hardware and software solutions; training and simulation; base and range support; signals intelligence; space systems; health informatics; and specialized scientific, engineering, and technical services.


Northrop Grumman Corp.

225 East John W. Carpenter Freeway, Suite 1500

Irving, TX 75062

Phone: +469.420.8000

Fax: +469.420.8081

Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is a premier aerospace-systems-integration enterprise. Integrated Systems has the capabilities to design, develop, integrate, produce, and support complete systems, as well as airframe subsystems, for airborne surveillance and battle management, early warning, airborne EW, and combat aircraft. It is also integrating these capabilities for emerging network-centric warfare concepts.


Northrop Grumman Corp.

PO Box 149

Pascagoula, MS 39568-0149

Phone: +228.935.1122

Fax: +228.935.1126

Northrop Grumman's Ship Systems includes Ingalls Operations and the Ship Systems Full Service Center, both located in Pascagoula, as well as Avondale Operations, located in New Orleans, LA. Ship Systems, which currently employs more than 17,000 shipbuilding professionals, primarily in Mississippi and Louisiana, is one of the nations leading full-service systems companies for the design, engineering, construction, and life-cycle support of major surface ships for the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and international navies, and for commercial vessels of all types.


Northrop Grumman Corp.

4101 Washington Avenue

Newport News, VA 23607

Phone: +757.380.2000

Northrop Grumman Newport News (NGNN), headquartered in Newport News, VA, is the nation's sole designer, builder, and refueler of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and one of only two companies capable of designing and building nuclear-powered submarines. NGNN also provides after-market services for a wide array of naval and commercial vessels, and has the capability to design, build, and maintain every class of ship in the US Navy fleet. The Newport News sector employs about 17,800 people.


Northrop Grumman Corp.

120 Wood Avenue, Suite 408

Iselin, NJ 08830

Phone: +732.452.0070

Fax: +732.452.0159

Northrop Grumman's Component Technologies sector, headquartered in Iselin, NJ, is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of high-performance electronic and optical components and materials to the telecommunications, networking, industrial, medical, and military markets. Component Technologies includes Interconnect Technologies, Kester, Life Support. Poly-Scientific, Precision Products International. VEAM, and Winchester Electronics.


1100 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 2000

Arlington, VA 22209

Phone: +703.525.1550

Fax: +703.524.1968

Chairman and CEO: Daniel P. Bumham.

AOC contact: Tom Rosner, +703.284.4470

Raytheon Co. is a world leader in defense electronics, including EW systems, missiles; radar; electro-optics, reconnaissance, surveillance, and intelligence; [C.sup.4]l; training; simulation and services; and naval- and air-traffic-control systems. Raytheon Co's Defense/Government Electronics business, with more than $13 billion in annual sales, is organized around four units:

* Electronics Systems: Net sales in 2000 were approximately $7.5 billion. William H. Swanson, a Raytheon executive vice president, is president of Electronic Systems.

* [C.sup.3]l; Net sales of approximately $3.4 billion in 2000. Francis S. Marchilena serves as executive vice president of the company and president of [C.sup.3]l;

* Aircraft Integration Systems (AIS): Net sales of approximately $1.2 billion in 2000. Robert W. Drewes is president of AIS.

* Raytheon Technical Services Company: Net sales of approximately $1.8 billion in 2000. Brian Even is president.


Government Systems

350 Collins Road NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52498

Phone: 800.321.2223 or +319.295.5100

Fax: +319.295.4777

Executive VP and CEO: Robert M. Chiusano

AOC contact: R Scott Martin

Rockwell Collins Government Systems is a world-class supplier of defense-electronics products and systems, including communications, navigation, and integrated systems for airborne, ground, and shipboard applications. Customers include the US Department of Defense, foreign militaries, government agencies, and manufacturers of military aircraft and helicopter The company is a leader in providing open systems architecture and commercial-off-the-shelf technology solutions offering the growth and flexibility needed to address emerging GATM requirements. Communication and navigation solutions meeting these mandates include Collins Flight2 products and systems, GPS receivers, data links, flight management systems, communications systems, and aviation electronics systems. Additionally, Rockwell Collins acquired K Systems, Inc., parent company of Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics, strengthening Rockwell Collins' offerings to military-display customers. This diverse product portfolio and the company's integration exper ience makes Rockwell Collin best qualified to deliver high-quality, low-risk defense electronics.


Centre Charles Nungesser

2 avenue Gay-Lussac

78851 Elancourt Cedex


Phone: +

Fax. +

Chief Executive: Jose Massol

AOC contact: Pierre Fossier, strategy director of the EW business unit

Thales Airborne Systems provides high-tech defense solutions that are of primary importance in the success of military missions. Through a multi-domestic strategy, the EW expertise of Thales Airborne Systems is shared between Thales Systemes Aeroportes in France and Thale Sensors in the UK; the new Thales Airborn Systems Canada specializes in maritime surveillance systems, which also involve EW systems and equipments. With 6,900 employees (75% engineers and technicians). Thales Airborne Systems has a yearly turnover of over I billion Euros (55% on the export market).

Thales Airborne Systems supplies the forces of more than 50 countries. World leader in EW, the group ranks first in Europe for EW systems, airborne radars, missiles electronics, and on-board real-time electronic software. Thales Airborne Systems is the prime contractor of major EW programs in France, in the UK and internationally. It has demonstrated its know-how on the retrofit of combat and maritime-surveillance aircraft, the conversion of transport aircraft into special aircraft, and has developed the core system of many airborne and land-based platforms. All EW sectors are covered: EW self-protection for fighter aircraft (Mirage 2000-5, 2000-9, Rafale, F-16), transport aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs; offensive airborne jammers, towed decoys, and ESM/ELINT systems for fighter aircraft (ASTAC pod); SIGINT/maritime-surveillance aircraft (Sarigue, Nimrod, Atlantic), naval EW systems; land-based EW systems; and missile-warning systems.

This includes EW centers, digital and hybrid simulation, and training centers (MESA) -- all developed in house. The ability to anticipate future requirements in the field of EW enables Thales to stay ahead by investing in the design of advanced components in the fields of electronics and data processing.

Strong links with different units of Thales (Thales Optronics now including Vinten and Thales Communications Systems) result in comprehensive offers in the field of EW.

Group Members


PO Box 126

Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Phone: +410.628.3184

Fax: 410.667.7196

President and CEO: Richard R. Erkeneff

AOC Contact: Stephanie McCleman

AAI Corp. is a customer-driven organization that is a leader in the development and production of innovative high-technology electronic and mechanical products and services for military, government, and commercial customers in US and international marketplaces. Founded in 1950, AAI applies its expertise to systems analysis, design, development, integration, manufacture, and logistics support. Specialized areas include training and simulation systems, unmanned air vehicles, electronic and hydraulic test equipment, software systems, and transportation systems. Manufacturing, logistics, and material operations support each area. Headquartered in Hunt Valley, MD, near Baltimore, AAI is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Industrial Corp. (UIC) of New York and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (Symbol: UIC).

Simulation and Training: A recognized leader in the design and production of training simulators and stimulators for military programs, AAI's systems have trained virtually all US Navy and Air Force EW-systems officers. AAI leads the industry in the development of embedded training systems. AAI training and simulation systems include rotary-wing simulators, air-defense trainers, maintenance trainers and electronic-combat trainers. Best known among this category of AAI products are the Multiple Threat Simulator (MTS II), the joint STARS Prime Mission Equipment, the Fire Support Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (FSCATT), and the On Board Training (OBT) systems now being delivered to the US Navy and to the Australian Navy. EW is a segment of the test and training systems. AAI is the country's leading producer of modular, automatic test-equipment systems, developed for the US Air Force program to standardize automatic test equipment for greater efficiency. SECT (Simulator for Electronic Combat Training), a joint se rvice trainer installed at Pensacola, FL, supports the Air Education and Training Command's EWO Training Course.

Test Systems: AAI has a considerable heritage of developing innovative flight-line and depot-level test equipment. The portable joint Service Electronic Combat Systems tester (JSECST) used on airbase flight lines and aircraft-carrier decks to ensure the mission readiness of electronic-combat gear. At the depot level, AAI's AN/GSM-352 Advanced Standard Threat Generator (ASTG) provides a high-fidelity, dense RF-threat environment used to evaluate and validate EC system changes and upgrades. On the flight line, the AN/GSM-352 Antenna System Test Set provides state-of-the-art singe-ended transmission-line testing for the B-2 bomber's cutting-edge EC technology. Long-standing EC-test systems include AAI's AN/APM-427, fielded in large quantities worldwide and combat proven in Desert Storm.

Software Technology: AAI's software development expertise includes real-time software modeling, simulation and control; embedded and multiprocessor applications; real-time signal processing; and visual- and sensor-database development.

The Engineering Support, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, provides logistic support to military and commercial organizations worldwide for AAI products and those of other companies. The company's focus is on relocation, modification, maintenance, and training, including firefighter training at its Pacific Rim Institute of Safety Management (PRISM), located in Kenai, AK. PRISM trains petroleum-pipeline workers among others in firefighting techniques.

Unmanned Air Vehicles: AAI is the only US company producing a significant number of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). The company's family of UAVs includes the Shadow 200, recently purchased by the US Army; the Shadow 400; and the Shadow 600. These systems provide state-of-the-art UAV technology and training to US and allied customers.


150 Aviation Way, Hangar 17N

Fort Worth, TX 76020

Phone: +817.624.6300

Fax: +817.624.6311

AOC contact: Steve Parker


1914 Trade Zone Blvd.

San Jose, CA 95131

Phone: +408.432.8039

Fax: +408.432.1089

Akon, Inc., was founded in October 1980 and has served market requirements in the US, Europe, and Asia, utilizing a system of regional manufacturer's representatives and an in-house sales force. For 20 years, Akon has successfully supplied leading-edge technology products in high-volume, production-run quantities for airborne, ground station, shipboard, missile, commercial communications applications, and space applications. Akon, housed in a 17,000-square-foot facility in the heart of Silicon Valley produces highly sophisticated hardware for major programs with production runs as long as nine years. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to total quality management, Akon is the world leader in broad-based microwave components and integrated assemblies. Pragmatic use of MMIC, MIC, discrete microwave, and thick and thin hybrid technology for analog/digital circuits in creating cost-effective, functional integrated microwave assemblies in multiple cavities on a single aluminum plate is our specialty.

We have recently added a product line of DIFM Receivers (Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement) covering 2- to 18-GHz frequency range with up to 14 bits of resolution. The receivers are widely used in ESM and ECM systems.

Our in-house capability starts at design conceptualization and continues through computer-aided design, hybrid lab, assembly, computer-controlled testing, environmental lab, and shipping to our customers. Akon is well placed in the domestic and international marketplace, supplying state-of-the-art products. Through numerous US Army, Navy, and Air Force space programs, we have gained as a team considerable program-management experience, along with the special skills necessary to meet very vigorous customer requirements from engineering concept through large manufacturing ship rates. Considerable effort and time is expended to ensure customer satisfaction is given coupled with a quality product.


13133 34th St. North

Clearwater, FL 33762

Phone: +727.572.2516

Fax: +727.572.2169

AOC contact: Terry Thames, business development,

The Alliant Integrated Defense Company (AIDC) facility is a high-technology, low-cost system design and manufacturer established in 1957. AIDC occupies a modern facility near the St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport and is a leading developer and producer of missile-warning systems, EW systems, electronic-support equipment, and millimeter-wave and laser radar sensors for smart weapons. Our state-of-the-art resources include a fully equipped manufacturing and assembly floor, systems development and test facilities, and computer-aided design engineering and manufacturing equipment.


6635 Kirkville Road,

Syracuse, NY 13057

Phone: +315.432.8909

Fax: +315.432.9121

President and CEO: Lawrence A. Sala

AOC contact: Lawrence A. Sala

In addition to being found in complex commercial telecommunications applications, such as satellite-communications systems, wireless-communications base stations, and microcells, Anaren products are also critical elements in electronic defense systems that detect, identify, elude, and counter radar signals, and as such, they are used throughout the world in land-based, shipborne, and airborne applications. Specifically, Anaren is a leading supplier of passive antenna-beamforming and switching networks for communications-satellite and radar applications. Additionally, the company is a leading supplier of defense subsystem products including digital frequency discriminators (DFDs), digital radio-frequency memories (DRFMs), and other custom-designed microwave subsystems. DFD products rapidly measure the frequency of a radar signal for identification and classification, while DRFM products digitally store and regenerate radar signals with excellent fidelity to deceive radar systems.


The FPGA Performance Company

190 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 130

Annapolis, Maryland 221401

President: Jane (Jenny) Donaldson

Phone: +410.841.2514

Fax: +410.841.2518

Annapolis Micro Systems. Inc. (The FPGA Performance Company), is the world leader in COTS FPGA-based high-performance processing products for radar, sonar, SIGINT, ELINT, digital signal processing, FFTs, communications, software radio, encryption, image processing, prototyping, text processing, and other processing-intensive applications. We have COTS hardware and software solutions for VME, PCI, CompactPCI, PMC, and CardBus, with a large, growing list of I/O options, including 1.5 GHz A/D, 105 MHz A/D, Fiber Optic G-Link, FiberChannel, Ethernet, WSDP, and FPDP, all using the latest Xilinx Virtex II and/or Virtex E FPGAs. Our revolutionary CoreFire Design Suite enables very fast and easy application development, reducing risk, cutting cost, and improving time to market. Our international customer base includes all the major defense contractors, many government labs, universities, and large and small commercial entities. Incorporated in 1982, this woman-owned small business is a powerful addition to any defens e contractor's team.


2551 Riva Road

Annapolis, MD 21401

Phone: +410.266.4180

Fax: +410.266.2329

AOC contact: E.L. (Lee) Mackey

ARINC provides a wide range of engineering services to the EW, IW, and IO communities, including threat and technology analysis, concept exploration, systems development and integration, test and evaluation, and operational support of joint exercises. Our EW/IW/IO customer include the Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, and commercial industry. The technical diversity of our work ranges from creating synthetic battle space environments in the Navy's Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility (ACETEF) to sending analysts to the field in support of the Air Force's Big Safari program to providing assessments of interference threats to the Global Positioning System.

ARINC has developed a set of electromagnetic visualization tools for use in performing numerical prediction of current distributions and antenna performance for aircraft carrying high-power transmitters, such as Commando Solo, Compass Call, and the EA-6B Prowler. Other ARINC tool allow three-dimensional antenna-patterning analysis, two-dimensional propagation and coverage analysis, electronic-attack-effectiveness simulations, and mission-planning capabilities.

ARINC provides Instrumentation and Electromagnetic Effects design engineering, along with EW T&E services to Northrop Grumman on the EA-6B ICAP II Engineering and Manufacturing Development program.

ARINC supplies a team of operationally experienced EW professionals who utilize their fleet and T&E backgrounds t assist the Naval Air Warfare Center (Patuxent River, MD) in the evaluation of EW systems on the EA-6B Prowler, the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, various rotary-wing platforms, and the Airborne Electronic Attack Analysis Of Alternatives (AEA AOA).



CH-5506 Magenwil


CEO: Urs Ramseier

Phone: +41.62.889.5900

Fax: +41.62.889.5990

AOC contact: Bruno Fuhrer

Phone: +41.31.999.2467

Fax: +41 31999 1682


Ascom Systec Ltd. is the Ascom Group center of expertise for the planning and implementation of integrated communications solutions. We combine innovative and sophisticated communications networks, radio systems, [C.sup.4]I systems, information systems, and data-security applications to produce comprehensive solutions which are systematically geared to meet all the requirements of defence and security services. Backed by our wealth of experience in the field of defence communications, we offer all the advantages of an independent problem-solver and a commitment to quality that guarantees total customer satisfaction.


Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mah

16. Cadde No: 16 Macunkoy

Ankara, Turkey

Phone: +90.312.385.1900

Fax: +90.312.354.5205

CEO: Necip Kemal Berkman

AOC contact: R.Suha Olgay, project manager

Aselsan is the leading electronics company of Turkey in design, development, and production of military equipment and systems. Since its establishment in 1975, Aselsan has steadily grown to become a company with an annual revenue of $240 million in 2001. Today. Aselsan has 2700 employees, more than 950 of which are qualified engineers. Due to its broad product range, Aselsan is organized in three divisions, operating in two modern facilities located in Ankara. Main activities of the Microwave and System Technologies (MST) Division, in charge of the EW programs, is to conduct studies on intensive engineering and programs of system design, development, and integration, employing modern technologies from various disciplines. The main fields of activities of the MST Division are radar systems, EW systems, artillery fire-control systems, command and control systems, and low-level air-defense systems, as well as other integration efforts. Studies are also being carried out to form a "Technology Center" for microwav e applications.


8 rue del'Arcade

75008 Paris, France

Phone: +

Fax: +

Chief executive: Philippe Missud

AOC contact Laurence Lamy, marketing & communication manager,

ATDI provides software products and services in all areas of radio-propagation simulation, radio-network Planning, spectrum management, digital cartography, command and control systems, and spectrum monitoring. HTZ Warfare, ATDI's EW software, is a complete system providing a wide set of technical solutions for the deployment of tactical and infrastructure communications networks. It enables the design and optimization of communication networks thanks to specific tools tailored to simulate any type of network in the V/U/SHF bands. Used in particular to plan communications infrastructures for armies and administrations, HTZ Warfare is also used for enhancement studies to improve radio-based air-navigation systems throughout the world.


409 Bartow Municipal Airport

Bartow, FL 33830

Phone: 800.797.1337 or +863.519.0905

Fax: +863.519.0763

AOC contact: Fred A. Thames, Jr.,

Established in the early 1980s in the bustling market town of Shepton Mallet in the West County of Somerset, England, Avalon has gained a global reputation as a leader in the development of S-VHS-based analog data recorders, currently offering a variety of single- and multi-channel recorders with bandwidths up to 18 MHz. In response to the need for improved performance, Avalon pioneered the JABOD concept of using computer hard disks as a storage media in a very-high-speed digital-recording engine, coupled with an interchangeable interface, so that one recorder could record digital signals in excess of 1 GigaBit per second and analog signals up to 50 MHz, with a dynamic range in excess of 40 dB.


Innovation House, Technology Park

Mawson Lakes, SA 5095, Australia

Phone: +61.8.8260.8112

Fax: +61.8.8260.8113

CEO: Nigel Johnson,

AOC contact: Chris Mandalovic

Avalon Systems is an Adelaide-based company of professional engineers specializing in the design, modification, test, and documentation of ESM and RWR systems and subsystems. The company's main areas of business are: the provision of engineering consultancy services to the Australian Defence Forces (ADF), the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), and the Australian Defence Industry; and the design and manufacture of signal-processing subsystems for use by the ADF and EW systems houses. Avalon Systems is owned by its employees, 100% Australian, and independent.


1335 Regents Park Drive, Suite 130

Houston, TX 77058

Phone: +281.286.5751

Fax: +281.286.5752

CEO: Gerri Johnson-Hurley,

President & COO: Joseph D. Di Iorio

AOC contact: Joseph D. Di Iorio,

Blackhawk is an 8(a). Native American Indian, woman-owned corporation with a work force of 250 employees. Blackhawk services include acquisition management; integrated logistics support; systems and sustainment engineering; training development; and information-technology services. Customers include NASA; the Army's Communications Electronics Command, PEO-Intelligence Electronic Warfare; Corps of Engineers; Tank-Automotive Armaments Command; Air Force Phillips Laboratory and Special Operations Command; and FAA. Balckhawk's continued growth is attributable to teamwork, sound management, proven processes, and a commitment to customer satisfaction by delivering cost-effective services exceeding customer expectations. Blackhawk has offices in Albuquerque, NM; Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Fort Monmouth, NJ; Detroit, MI; Pasadena CA; San Antonio, TX; and Washington, DC.


Gotenstrasse 18

D-20097 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +

Fax: +

Managing Director: Nico Scharfe

AOC contact: Christina Meier-Ewert

C. Plath, Hamburg, is specialized in developing COMINT systems including radio-reconnaissance, monitoring, and signal-analysis equipment within the frequency range of 10 kHz to 3 GHz. C.

Plath radio-reconnaissance systems and equipment are in operation in more than 60 countries all over the world. C. Plath systems are designed according to the customer's special needs and configured accordingly. The latest development is an automatic, broadband, radio-reconnaissance system for detection, location, and analysis of all transmission types (frequency hoppers, spread spectrum, chirp and burst signals, et al.). Another novelty is an integrated mobile COMINT system for rapid-deployment forces that is also able to detect and locate all transmission types.


Applied Engineering Division Group

CACI Technologies, Inc.

749 Hope Road, Eatontown, NJ 07724

Phone: +732.578.5200

Fax: +732.578.5201

Lou Lifrieri, Senior VP,

AOC contact: Seymour Hersh,

Phone: 732-578-5208

Fax: 732-578-5201

CACI International, Inc., is a worldwide leader in information-technology and communications solutions. Founded on simulation technology in 1962, the company has evolved a diverse solutions portfolio for today's net economy. CACI integrates the networks, systems, and software for telecommunications, information assurance, intelligence services, and all forms of information management. CAC centers of excellence are unique in the industry, offering "try-before-buy" solutions so clients save time and resources. With approximately 5,700 employees and more than 90 offices in the US and Europe, CACI meets complex client challenges with comprehensive, reliable solutions.


18705 Madrone Parkway

Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Phone: +408.201.8000

Fax: +408.201.8010

President & CEO: Kent Hutchinson

AOC contact: Janice Yoshihara, marketing communications

Condor Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of SIGINT and EW systems and products. Condor Systems has focused primarily on the reconnaissance and ESM segments of the EW market. Condor Systems provides a full range of signal-collection, direction-finding, range-monitoring, and signal-processing equipment and systems to the military and intelligence communities of the United States and its allies for use on land-based, airborne, and ground-mobile platforms. Our products span the following business areas: Airborne SIGINT, Maritime Patrol ESM, Tactical ELINT/ESM, Ocean Systems Special Collection Systems Range Monitoring, COMINT, Naval ESM and ECM, and Radar Warning Receivers. The headquarters, manufacturing, marketing, engineering, and the main administrative offices are located in Morgan Hill, CA. This site is complemented by the Southern California facility, Condor Electronic Systems Division, that expands Condor's product line to electronic-protection systems, command/control, and voice enc ryption. Our commitment to quality in our products and service is evidenced by our years of ISO-9001 certification.


Sandviksveien 26

P0 Box 489, N-1323

Hovik, Norway

Phone: +

Fax: +

CEO: Svend Heier

AOC contact: Ivar A. M. Sehm

Data Respons AS is a strong growing and leading Norwegian ICT-company in the Nordic region, specializing within the areas of embedded solutions. M2M, and real-time systems (advanced data solutions) for the defense and telecom markets.

Core defence areas: Advanced real-time and embedded systems engineering and development for military and civilian applications. Includes design, development, testing and integration of customized turn-key solutions in areas such as: EW and radar systems, C2IS-sensor technology, signal- and data-processing SW and HW motion-control platforms, and M2M wireless communication.

Defence programs: Networked ESM sensors, compact and lightweight ESM systems, programmable adaptive null-steering ECCM system, lightweight and portable bistatic radar (with integrated tracker) system, high-performance digital channeled receivers (broadband and continuous), RIO GSM tactical wireless monitoring and control system, naval stabilized (acceleration-free) platforms, airborne digital RWR, and next-generation sensor technology for submarines.

We have a long tradition with implementing successful projects for our customers, and we have extensive experience in transforming innovative ideas into effective system solutions within a given technical and financial framework. We utilize the latest technology and methods in embedded HW and SW development. High competence, technical know-how, and broad industrial experience ensure cost-effective and optimal solutions.

Data Respons have so far delivered up 1/2-million R&D hours for customers in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, and have over 60 developers engaged in creating the real-time solutions of tomorrow.


12450 Fair Lakes Circle, Suite 500

Fairfax, VA 22033

Phone: +703.263.2800

Fax: +703.263.2801

CEO: Richard W. Carroll,

President: Bernard Gauf

AOC contact: Joe Lucas

Digital System Resources (DSR), a small business incorporated in 1984, specializes in providing engineering services in system engineering, performance analysis/assessment, concept development, modeling and simulation, prototyping, algorithm development, signal processing, system-architecture design, software engineering, and system/software integration and training. Using our software product, Middleware, DSR is a leader in portable software solutions. DSR's primary objective is to provide solutions to complex, advanced signal-processing, information-processing, and display-processing applications, using COTS-based hardware and software. DSR's customers include a number of government agencies and major contractors who are contributing to programs within the Department of Defense, the federal government, and commercial sector.

Currently DSR employs approximately 450 engineering and business professionals and is affiliated with approximately thirty professional associates, experts in their respective fields, including ASW, EW, signal-processing design and architectures, and software development and test. In the past twelve years, DSR has been highly successful in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, performing on projects ranging from advanced waveform design; adaptive processing techniques; software migration and advanced COTS architectures; passive emitter-detection systems; multi-sensor correlator displays; enhanced platform tracking; passive automation; adaptive broadband matched filtering; flight control for UAVs; and applied research in the areas of intelligent tutoring, expert system training, and embedded-training concepts.

Under government contract to the Navy's Theater Air Defense Program Office, DSR is supporting open-system-architecture design and developing the control and processing portion of the AN/SLY-2 system. This includes the man-machine-interface controls and displays, the combat-system interface, classification, emitter and track management, engagement management, and the Mk-53 DLS interface.

DSR also maintains offices in Crystal City, VA; Ballston, VA; Virginia Beach, VA; Winter Park, FL; San Diego, CA; Anaheim Hills, CA; Kauai, HI; and Honolulu, HI.


1220 E. Campbell Rd.

Richardson, TX 75081

Phone: +972.671.1972

Fax: +972.671.1281

General Manager: Dr. Win Smith

AOC Contact: Tern Evans, marketing communications manager, +469.330.4906

DNA Computing Solutions delivers a variety of leading edge, high performance VME board-level products based on the Motorola/IBM PowerPC processor families. DNA's products are designed for the most demanding requirements of high-performance applications in the defense-electronics, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our product offerings of VME PowerPC boards include single-, dual-, and quad-PowerPC processor products with a broad selection of I/O options and validated PMC modules offering a common architecture to provide application compatibility between product groups. DNA's completely open standards implementation and G4-optimized VSIPL Library speeds development and eases new technology insertion.


1000 Explorer Boulevard

P.O. Box 5500

Huntsville, AL 35814

Phone: +256.964.4280

Fax: +256.922.9255

CEO: Dr. Marc J. Bendickson

AOC contact: J.M. Stanfield, VP

For more than 25 years, Dynetics has been a leader in advanced engineering, research and development. We provide research, development and Engineering support to Government agencies and commercial firms in weapon-systems R&D; intelligence; test, evaluation, & experimentation; system analysis; acquisition, logistics, & system engineering; hardware & software product solutions; industrial automation; information technology; and rapid prototyping and tooling.

Dynetics is a key developer and user of high-fidelity simulations suitable for ECM/ECCM analysis and a major threat analysis contractor for DIA's Missile & Space Intelligence Center (MSIC). Since 1990, Dynetics has been developing EC-capable models of foreign threat systems for JMASS and related prototype architectures that are among the most realistic models ever developed for EC analysis. Specific areas of expertise include modeling and simulation; sensor systems (radar, EO/IR seekers, and RF/MMW seekers) reverse engineering (RF systems, missiles, [C.sup.4]I, IFF, EO/IR/acoustic, and launchers); Intelligence (radar, missile, and [C.sup.4]I S&TI); missile systems (SAM, AAM, ATM, ASCM, TBM, ARM, NMD, and TMD); system analysis & engineering (system integration, requirements definition, logistics, interoperability, program management, and manufacturing engineering); information technology (data mining, network architectures and security, and web-enabled data management); data fusion; automotive electronics (mod ule testing); and product design, development, and integration (bridge tooling, and precision machining).

Dynetics has the educated and experienced professional staff to perform a broad range of work. With over 700 employees and annual revenues of over $90 million, Dynetics is headquartered in Huntsville, AL, and has offices in Arlington, VA; Dayton, OH; Detroit, MI; Fort Walton Beach, FL; San Antonio, TX; and Colorado Springs, CO.


EADS Systems & Defence Electronics


Woerthstrasse 85

D-89077 Ulm, Germany

Phone: +49.731.392.3298

Fax: +49.731.392.5350

AOC contact: Manfred Kilz

EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company) is Europe's premier aerospace and defence company. Its Systems & Defence Electronics business unit (2000 revenues: 1 billion Euros) concentrates on future tasks of the armed forces, such as surveillance and reconnaissance, command and control, avionics, and air defence.

EADS develops and manufactures EW equipment (ESM/ECM and ELINT) for airborne, ship, and ground-based platforms, particularly electronic self-protection systems. Main References: Eurofighter self-protection system (EuroDASS), the EW suite of the Tiger helicopter ESM/ECM and systems of the German ard French Navy ships.

Last December, the EADS subsidiary Ewation GmbH (Ulm, Germany), together with the South African Grintek Group formed the joint venture Grintek Ewation (Pty) Ltd. (Pretoria, South Africa).

EDO Corp.

Electronic Systems Group

455 Commack Road

Deer Park, NY 11729-4591

Phone: +631.595.3310

Fax: +631.595.5366

Group Vice President: George Fox

AOC contact: Carol Darling

EDO supplies highly engineered, mission-critical products and systems for defense, aerospace and industrial applications. These products and systems are standard equipment on a wide range of our customers' platforms. Our Defense Segment supplies military forces and governments worldwide with systems for electronic warfare, aircraft stores suspension and release, mine countermeasures, [C.sup.4]ISR, and sonar applications. Our Space and Communications Segment supplies antenna and space-communications products for commercial and military applications. Our Engineered Materials Segment supplies electro-ceramic and advanced fiber composite products for commercial and military markets.


821 Grier Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 702.263.0598

AOC contact: John Wikheim


39 Plymouth St.

Fairfield, NJ 07004

Phone: 973.808.9033

Fax: 973.808.9557


AOC contact: Mario M. Casabona

Since 1982 Electra-Radiation, Inc. (ERI), has specialized in providing adaptive radio-frequency-interference (RFI) mitigation (anti-jamming or ECCM) and jamming (ECM) equipment and services. The company provides hardware- and software-design, product-development, manufacturing and system-engineering services to the defense, navigation, and communications industries. ERI has provided EW products and systems-engineering services to the defense industry, which includes electronic-intelligence equipment, radar warning receivers, electronic-support-measures equipment, on-board and off-board radar - ECM equipment, radar-target modeling and simulation, and sensor-fusion technology. Using its core EW competencies as a base, ERI has successfully developed electronic-interference-mitigation products for the Global Positioning System (GPS) User Equipment (UE) segment and the downlink segment of the satellite-communications industry.


Via Tiburtina Valeria Km 13.7

00131 Rome, Italy

Phone: +39.064154.1

Fax: +39.064154924

CEO, President and Managing Director: Dr. Ing. Enzo Benigni

AOC contact: Gianni Carlini, public-relations manger

Elettronica SpA., which in the 2001 reached 50 years of activity since its founding on May 2, 1951, is one the world's leading manufactures of EW equipment and one of the very few companies almost exclusively dedicated to this particular filed of activity. The extensive experience and technical excellence achieved by Elettronica enables the company to guarantee a reliable, effective and consistent response to the ever-changing requirements of modern defense. Elettronica collaborates internationally with other electronics, aerospace, and shipbuilding companies.

Elettronica presently employs a work force of 860 people at its main plant in Rome and 45 people at its subsidiary in Germany.


48 Mivtza Kadesh St.

Bene Beraq, 51203, Israel

Phone: +972.3.6175522

Fax: +972.3.6175850

AOC contact: Jacob Limor, development manager, Defence System Division

Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd.. a member of the Elisra Group, is a global EW leader, with integrated solutions tailored to customer requirements and platforms.

The company specializes in the development, manufacture, supply, and integration of increasingly advanced RWR, LWS, MWS, ECM, ESM, and ELINT systems. Elisra's proven performance as a systems integrator is supported by in-house capabilities ranging from microwave components to full EW suites. Elisra is the prime contractor for Israel Air Force and Navy EW systems. As the major supplier of EW systems to all branches of the Israel Defense Forces and providing customized solutions to its worldwide customers. Elisra's EW systems are installed on more than 30 types of aircraft and helicopters.

Within its new-millennium strategy, Elisra has expanded its family of EW systems to offer fully integrated solutions for the latest generation of fighters and helicopters. Elisra's complete EW self-protection suite for helicopters includes passive subsystems -- RWR, LWS, and PAWS (Passive Approach Warning System -- active ECM subsystem, and is integrated with a chaff and flare dispenser. Different configurations are in service with the Israel Air Force as well as the air forces of other nations. It is installed on Apache, Cobra, and Black Hawk helicopters. Elisra's strategic alliances and cooperation agreements with global defense leaders include several important contracts awarded lately.


PO Box 330

Ashdod 77102, Israel

Phone: +972.8.857.2312

Fax: +972.8.856.1872

CEO and Managing Director: Israel Livnat

AOC contact: Dr. Nissan Maskil

Innovative solutions for modem defense systems: Israel's defense requirements, in peacetime and war, are complex, demanding, and challenging. Elta's major contribution to the nation's defense systems have made it the IDF's system house of choice for radar and intelligence. The company's comprehensive responses and proven track record have been demonstrated time and again, making Elta a preferred supplier to the IDF and the armed forces of more than 43 countries worldwide.

Affordable excellence in a full range of defense electronics: Elta's leadership in radar intelligence is unquestioned. The company's expertise is applied in radars many of which are among the most advanced in the world; EW; airbome early warning and control; communications; information systems; and other advanced electronic systems for the defense market. The cutting-edge technologies incorporated in Elta's systems are also used in paramilitary systems and in commercial spin-offs.

Translating combat feedback into technological advances: Elta's strength draws on a rare ability to translate continuous operational feedback and evolving technologies into affordable, high-performance systems designed for the severe challenges and constraints of field operation. Elta's systems play a vital role in Israel's defense and supports the objectives of armed forces in highly varied operation theaters. Elta's flexibility and capabilities enable swift response to changing environments and demands. Ensuring that customers always have a solution optimized for the challenge at hand.

Operations-oriented R&D and quality-oriented culture: Consistent, substantial investments in R&D ensure that the lessons of today are reflected in tomorrow's solutions. A quality culture intemalized at every level of operations has made Elta's systems symbols of reliability. Availability and impeccable performance. Elta's quality assurance system complies with International ISO-900 I and ISO-14000 Standards.

A significant supplier to the international market: Over 80% of Elta's sales are to international markets. Elta's strategy calls for cooperation with the local industries, Providing customers with the incountry infrastructure to maintain their Elta systems in the highest readiness. In addition, Elta's Customer Service Center is always available for after-sales support throughout the system's life cycle.

Cooperation is key to growth: Elta's commitment to cooperation is expressed in other avenues as well. Through business development programs, teaming agreements with other electronic systems manufacturers, and joint ventures in Israel and abroad, Elta broadens its business horizons, leveraging its capabilities and resources.


913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Ste. 21A

Gulf Breeze, FL 32561-4732

Phone: +850,916.3201

Fax: +850.916.3204

AOC contact: Rand Enzian

Epoch Software Systems, Inc., is a small minority/woman-owned (8a) business specializing in software and systems engineering in the computer, aerospace and defense industries. Epoch Software Systems was established in March 1984. We have extensive background in the design and development of sophisticated real-time applications in the areas of SIGINT, imagery intelligence (IMINT) and information processing. Epoch Software Systems has built a reputation as a source of highly skilled software and systems engineers. A few of our major clients include: TRW, Lockheed Martin, GTE Government Systems, General Dynamics, Technology for Communications International (TCI), and United Defense LP.


50 Hines Rd.

Kariata, Ontario, Canada, K2K 2M5

Phone: +613.591.6000

Fax: +613.591.6001

AOC contact: Harvey Parisien, director of business development,

Excalibur Systems Ltd. has provided armed forces around the world with high quality cost-effective precision signal simulation since 1988. We are a subsidiary of Sierra Research, an Integrated Defense Technologies (IDT) company. Our products focus on EW simulation and training systems for test and evaluation (T&E). and modeling simulation and training (MS&T) purposes. We are internationally recognized as a leader in this technology.

Our systems are used in a variety of settings including the laboratories, ranges, live platforms, and classrooms of NATO, USA, Canada, and many other countries.


PO Box 141

O'Connor ACT 2602


Phone: +61.2.6230.6833

Fax: +61.2.6230.5833

AOC contact: Doug Newman


685 Canton Street

Norwood, MA 02062

Phone: +781.769.9750

Fax: +781.762.9230

Horizon House Publications is a leading technical publisher of books and magazines.

Artech House Books, a wholly owned subsidiary, publishes professional books for engineers and managers cover mobile communications, intelligent transportation systems, networking, software engineering, and other current technologies. More than 900 books have been published since 1969 with about 430 currently available.

The Microwave Journal, established in 1958, continues to be the leading publication for the microwave, RF, and wireless fields. The Journal currently reaches more than 54.000 professional worldwide.

JED, The Journal of Electronic Defense, is the global publication of The Association of Old Crows. JED focuses on electronic warfare, planning and procurement, avionics, military computing, and other military-electronics fields.

Telecommunications magazine, first published in 1967, is the leader in providing the latest information on wired and wireless networks, public and private networking, and wide-area technologies and products. With its Americas and International editions, Telecommunications reaches more than 85,000 subscribers worldwide, providing them with a global perspective on an ever-changing communications market.


8571 Gander Creek Drive

Miamisburg, OH 45342

Phone: +937.439.2648

Fax: +937.439.9173

CEO, President, and AOC contact: Roy Penwell,

ITCN specializes in embedded system development and real-time monitoring tools. ITCN's C-TAC, Vtrace, and MBM-1553 have found wide acceptance in avionics development, integration, and maintenance facilities worldwide.

C-TAC (Computer Tester, Analyzer, and Controller) is a modular instrumentation system that provides significant capabilities for real-time non-intrusive [RTNI] monitoring for processors, backplanes, and databuses by combining key features of a data-acquisition system, in-circuit emulator, logic analyzer, and bus analyzer.

VTrace can help you debug, optimize, and integrate software applications running in VME bus systems. It lets you visually compare software execution across multiple processors running at full speed with microsecond-level accuracy.

MBM-1553 is an expandable, modular, networked MIL-STD-l 553 multiple-bus-monitoring system. The MBM-1553 provides a flexible tool for monitoring and analysis of complex systems with several MIL-STD- 1553 databuses.


31 Avon Rd.

Binghamton, NY 13905

Phone: +607.771.7528

Fax: +607.771.7528

CEO and AOC contact: Julian S. Lake

Highlights: Active participant in EW programs since the late 1950s. Helped start Project Shoe Horn and other V.N. QRCs. Fought for the 4 place EA-65B vice more 2 place EA-6A5, ditto EP-3s. Managed or commanded large programs, e.g. PM-7, EW Joint Test, Project High Speed, AIMVAL/ACEVAL CV-67 and NAVELEX. Directed Bilateral EW Exchange Programs with 12 allied countries. After retirement consulted for numerous EW firms, traveled widely in North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Besides staying current in EW, am conversant with 1W and [C.sup.4]ISR. Since Spetember 11, now convinced that the DOD integration of IW must now be elevated to a national level to combat terrorism effectively.


11958 Monarch St.

Garden Grove, CA 92841

Phone: +714.898.8200

Fax: +714.895.7526

Chief executive: Kevin Camino

AOC contact: Richard Damon, director of marketing,

Kor Electronics designs, develops, and manufactures major EW subsystems. Kor's primary products are DRFMs and the most advanced DRFM-basecl radar-ECM generators/target simulators. Kor Electronics has been delivering powerful Generic Radar Target Simulators (GRTS) to US and overseas customers utilizing synthesized waveforms using direct digital synthesis (DDS) and DSP/digital technologies. Kor Electronics products have been qualified to full military specifications as well as laboratory and industrial environments.

Kor DRFMs act as coherent jammers and techniques generators for ECM systems. They receive, capture, store, delay, alter, regenerate, synthesize, and retransmit coherent RF waveforms. Kor Electronics' DRFMs are currently used in system applications by the US, NATO, other foreign armed services, and a large number of domestic/foreign prime contractors in ground, ship, and airborne applications. DRFMs can enhance existing ECM system performance by replacing bulk delay lines, set-on VCOs, and frequency memory loops. We build DRFMs that cover from baseband to 100 GHz, with 1-14 bits of quantization, digital clock rates of up to 1.5 GHz, and Doppler resolution of less than 1 Hz.

Kor Electronics' DRFM-based radar-target generators and ECM simulators provide the most realistic simulation of modern complex radar and ECM systems. Our unique DRFM-based modular simulators are available in varying complexity, from simple flightline test sets to ultra-wideband multirack systems that produce targets acceptable to the world's most sophisticated radars. Kor Electronics' 30,000-sq.-ft. building houses all the tools and test and manufacturing equipment required for high-technology engineering, product development, and manufacturing.


PO Box 748

Fort Worth, TX 76101

Phone: +817.777.2000

Fax: +817.777.2115

CEO and President: Dain M. Hancock

AOC contact: Charles L. Ward, Jr.,


In addition to developing F-16, F-22, JSF, F-2, C-1301, P-3, and T-50 aircraft, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company (LM Aero) headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, operates a large complement of defense-electronics laboratories, which support every aspect of aircraft design and development from airframe to avionics systems. These includethe following: 1) design and development/integration labs; 2) system-integration labs; 3) the AFEWES, a government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO) EW test laboratory; 4) a 120x85x40-foot anechoic chamber; 5) an extensive flight-simulation laboratory; and 6) an MSCS system-support facility.

The Air Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator (AFEWES), is an internationally-recognized EW T&E laboratory, owned and managed by 412TW, Edwards AFB, CA, which evaluates and refines the effectiveness of electronic combat devices that protect DOD and allied aircraft in combat. The AFEWES hardware-in-the-loop laboratory affords many unique capabilities not available elsewhere and supports threat exploitation to enhance the DODs understanding of foreign military systems. As the sole source contractor, responsible for AFEWES' development, operation, upgrade, and maintenance over the past 43 years, LM Aero has also developed the Modular Adaptable Radar Simulator (MARS) product line, as well as a Virtual Battlespace Center to support our primary aircraft products.

The LM Aero customer base in the defense-electronics area includes all DOD services. special-access (SAR) customers, and a variety of Allied nations.


10713 Gilroy Road

Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Phone: +410.329.7915

Chief executive: Vit Hazners, general manager

AOC contact: Deam Given, director, marketing and sales

M/A-COM SIGINT Products is the world's largest designer and manufacturer of RF microwave receivers. It is also the leading producer of IF-to-tape converters and offers a wide range of communications equipment ranging from receiver-interface units to multicouplers. There are three new receiver systems available in 2000. New for 2000 is the Spectre Transportable Microwave Receiving System for coverage from 0.5 to 20 GHz. extendable to 40 GHz. This low-cost system can be configured according to mission requirements and features an advanced, easy-to-operate graphical user interface (GUI). The system is normally configured with an SMR-3822 scanning/hand-off receiver. SMR-5550 or 55501 collection receivers, SMR-3520 Frequency Extender (to 40 GHz) and Model 388 IF-to-Tape/Baseband Converters. Full system, including antenna, signal-processing equipment, digital/analog recorders, interconnections and installation is also available. Spectre offers AM, FM, LOG, and baseband outputs. PC control is via Windows NT. Also ne w for 2000 is the improved SMR-5550 low-cost microwave receiver. Known as the SMR-55501, this collection & analysis receiver has all the necessary features for high-data-rate PCM/TDM reception, while maintaining high pulse fidelity for radar interception. It comes with selectable 70/140/160 MHz wideband IF outputs, AM, FM, and LOG video (and stretched audio) outputs and features Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422, and front-panel control with a tuning knob.

SIGINT Products also has available the new SMR-3822 Wideband Microwave Receiver which covers 0.5 to 18 GHz (20 GHz optional). It features a I-GHz IF output with 500-MHz bandwidth, and a built-in spectrum-display processor for RF sweep and IF pan. The receiver is field configurable for any combination of receivers in a system via a software GUI on the laptop. Key parameters include low noise figure, high intercept point, and wice dynamic range. Complete details can be obtained by contacting the marketing department at SIGINT Products or any of SIGINT Products domestic and international sales representatives.


4021 Executive Drive

Dayton, OH 45430-1062

Phone: +937.426.3421

Fax: +937.426.5364

AOC contact: Charles W. Schwegman

Founded in 1979, Macauley-Brown Inc. (MacB), has been a leader in providing engineering, management, and technical services on DOD programs involving a broad range of electronic- and information warfare (EW/IW) systems. MacB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SYTEX Group, Inc., located in Doylestown, PA.

We have extensive background in airborne radar and missile (SAM, AAM) systems, RF and EO/IR countermeasures, threat warning receivers, [C.sup.4]ISR intelligence, high-fidelity RF/EO simulations, advanced chaff/flare expendables, ELINT receivers/processing systems, and computer-network-security technology. Our areas of core competency include modeling and simulation (engagement, mission, and campaign); test and evaluation (DT&E and OT&E): analysis of alternatives and Cost Benefit Studies; reverse engineering and foreign-equipment exploitation (FME); intelligence analysis and assessments; hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation development and support; Computer-network assurance and information operations; and systems and software engineering.

MacB's headquarters is in Dayton, OH, and we have over 350 employees in offices and operating locations in Fort Walton Beach, FL; Albuquerque, NM; San Antonio, TX; Huntsville, AL; Colorado Springs, CO; Warner Robins, GA; and Hampton Roads, VA.


President: Kurt J. Snapper

6400 Goldsboro Rd. #200

Bethesda, MD 20817-5842

Phone: +301.320.8933

Fax: +301.320.8950

AOC contact: Stew Godwin

ManTech Security Technologies Corporation (MST) is a subsidiary of ManTech International of Fair Oaks, VA. The MST mission is to provide the information-assurance and information-security arm of ManTech International. MST provides network monitoring, intrusion detection, and network-security analysis and monitoring services to the US Department of State and other state and local government agencies. In addition, MST provides facility-security-support solutions and services for clients throughout the United States and around the world. Our products include information-assurance-architecture-development services, vulnerability analysis for physical and network infrastructures, and remediation and integration of commercial and proprietary products to deliver tailored, applied security solutions to our customers.


199 Rivemeck Road

Chelmsford, MA 01824

Phone: +978.256.1300

Fax: +978.256.3599

President & CEO: Jay Bertelli,

AOC contact: Larry Nork, +856.988.5556

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc., is the leading producer of high-performance embedded, real-time digital signal- and image-processing computer systems that transform sensor data to information for analysis and interpretation in a wide range of applications. On military reconnaissance and surveillance platforms, the company's systems process radar, sonar, and signals-intelligence data. Mercury systems are also used in several modalities in diagnostic medical imaging, as well as in commercial OEM solutions and digital wireless applications. Based in Chelmsford, MA, Mercury serves customers in North America, Europe. and Asia through its direct sales force and subsidiaries.


An Integrated Defense Technologies Company

645 Anchors Street

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548-3888

Phone: +850.302.3000

Fax: +850.302.3371

AOC contact: Stan Wilusz

Metric Systems is a diversified, multi-faceted company specializing in the design, manufacture, and test of complex electronic and mechanical components and systems for commercial- and defense-related products. Metric provides a unique solution to the operationally integrated range, by producing airborne instrumentation and EW threats. Our full-spectrum, highly effective, integrated training systems produce the realistic EW-threat environment required to successfully test airborne systems and tactics. Metric is uniquely qualified to perform research and development work, full-scale engineering-development projects, and production programs, having functioned in both prime and subcontractor roles since 1957.


735 State Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93102

Phone: +805.963.8761

Fax: +805.962.8530

AOC contact: Dr. Robert Puskar, +937.429.9261

Founded in 1970, Mission Research Corp. is a small business with its roots firmly established in high technology. Our technical staff includes industry leaders in EW, low observables, advanced composite materials, antennas and radomes, directed-energy systems, and state-of-the art sensors. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, MRC now has active research facilities in more than sixteen locations across the country. Mission Research Corp. has a proud reputation for technical excellence and has maintained this focus by creating an environment where technical excellence is our top priority.


100 Davids Drive

Hauppauge, NY 11788

Phone: +631.436.7400

Fax: +631.436.7430

President: Arthur Faverio

AOC contact: David Krautheimer

Miteq designs and manufactures a complete line of high-performance components and subsystems for both the commercial and military communities. The Microwave Component Divisions offer amplifiers, mixers, frequency multipliers, microwave control products, RF and IF signal processing components, oscillators, frequency synthesizers, and integrated multifunction assemblies.

The Satellite Communication and Earth Station Equipment Groups manufacture up/downconverters, test translators, IF/video equalizers, redundancy-switchover units, video modulators, and modems. Markets include satellite and ground-based communications systems; missile guidance; electronic countermeasures; radar warning and surveillance systems; land, sea, and airborne radar; spaceborne applications; air-traffic-control radar; radio astronomy; and R&D efforts.


2015 Cattlemen Road

Sarasota, FL34232

Phone: +941.377.6775

Fax: +941.371.1999

President: Robert Taylor

AOC contact: Cliff Moody,

ManTech Real-Time Systems Laboratory (MRSL) is a division of ManTech Advanced Systems International, Inc. MRSL's core expertise is in developing and integrating advanced, real-time signal processing systems and services over a diverse technology base. MRSL has led the way in pioneering a new approach to systems development -- productization. Our highly skilled engineers take a protc)type application and turn it into a fully documented and maintainable product in a short amount of time at reduced cost. The MRSL staff expertise includes engineers, mathematicians, analysts, and scientists. The areas of staff expertise include algorithm development, digital signal processing, system engineering and development, and hardware and software development. MRSL developed the Vivid Pointer Pulse Doppler processing system that can be integrated with existing FLINT, RWR. ESM, and weapons systems. The Vivid Pointer algorithms identify threat and friendly pulse Doppler systems and provide identification of emitter modes to r eveal threat intentions (e.g. search, acquisition, track, and illuminate). Vivid Pointer capabilities have been successfully demonstrated in the laboratory and onboard a USAF C-130.


Via Porta Pinciana 34,

00187 Roma, Italy

Phone: +39.06.483.505./474.7000

Fax: +39.06.481.9815

CEO and AOC contact: Giuseppe Moneti

Multiconsult was established in November 1979 and today employs a total of five people, in addition to the three partners, all active in the company. Multiconsult and a limited number of its personnel have NATO clearances. Their work has brought them in close contact with the Ministries of Defense, Industry, and Research, as well as with all major Italian defense and aerospace industry and state-owned and private holdings. In particular, they have excellent relationships with Alenia, Agusta, Aermacchi, Microtecnica, Finmeccanica, Italtel, Italcantieri, Marconi, and Elettronica. They also maintain close relations with Alitalia Group and all other domestic-airline operators.


3310 Carlins Park Drive

Baltimore, MD 21215

Phone: +410.542.1700

Fax: +410.542.9184

AOC contact: Randy Engle, director of engineering

Nurad Technologies, Inc., is the single source for antennas, composite radomes, antenna/radome assemblies, and composite reflectors. Nurad's products are used for communications, information transfer, simulation, research and surveillance, ECM, and tracking. Nurad now offers antennas for the wireless LMDS, commercial arena. Nurad's engineering team consists of electrical, mechanical, and composite engineers. Nurad has six anechoic chambers, two outdoor farfield ranges to support all testing requirements, a complete machine shop for ORC prototypes. and a complete composite-manufacturing department.


Birchstrasse 155

CH-8050 Zurich


Phone: +411.316.4100

Fax: +411.316.4102

AOC contact: Peter Blumer,

The Oerlikon Contraves Group with its divisions Systems. Ammunition and ADATS, and Mauser represents an internationally renowned center of competence in air-defense. Group headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland, with additional companies in Germany, Italy. Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore. Oerlikon Contraves is engaged in development, in production and sales, in training and support of complex AA-weapon systems for terrestrial and naval applications with guns and/or integrated guided missiles, as well as in medium-caliber ammunition.

In the area of gun-based air-defense the group is market leader and the only total-systems supplier including fire control, weapon, and ammunition. Investments by customers made in our systems deployed in over 35 countries are secured through performance improvements over a long period of time. Additional ranges of activity are vehicle and aircraft armament (guns and ammunition), simulators, and training systems.


5775 Morehouse Drive

San Diego, CA 92121-1714

Phone: +858.587.1121

Fax: +858.658.2100

AOC contact: Sarrina Doll


812W. Southern Ave.

Orange, CA 92865-3224

Phone: +714.283.4800 or 800.203.4800

Fax: +714.283.1169

AOC contact: Amos Deacon,

Phoenix International is an ISO-9000 certified manufacturer of COTS computer storage systems that are OS transparent for any application. These systems range in size from multi-terabyte RAID and Mass Storage Arrays to "plug-in" VME/CPCI storage modules.


100 Garden City Plaza, Suite 202

Garden City, NY 11530-3336

Phone: +478.953.5333

Fax: +478.953.3433

AOC contact: A. Scott Brantley

PCA is a small business, headquartered in Garden City, NY. PCA offers a full spectrum of quality engineering services and products throughout the DOD, providing the Army, Navy, and Air Force with engineering, integration and testing, and logistics support for avionics and EW systems at all levels of maintenance. PCA specializes in ATE, EW, test-program-set development, expert systems, testing technologies, technical publications, and integrated logistics support. Whether designing a complete weapons system or providing logistics support, PCA is committed to quality. PCA continues to excel in innovation, determination, and success in all aspects of the defense-electronics Industry.


Systems Division

PO Box 2250/80

Haifa 31021, Israel

Phone: +972.4.8792002

Fax: +972.4.8794093


AOC Contact: Ezra Senderovits, director of marketing & business development

Rafael's Systems Division was established with the aim of combining technology and management skills to provide comprehensive solutions for its customers. Building on earlier success in areas such as naval combat, communications and EW, tukey system solutions are being offered right across the battlefield spectrum. Primary areas tackled include battlefield management reliable and secure communications for guided ammunition, situational awareness, platform defense, border/coastal control and low intensity conflict. New initiatives include space systems solutions and optronic defense. Main areas of activity include battle management; EW research & simulation; communications; sensing & active protection; AFV protection and upgrade; and space.


5510 Cherokee Ave., Suite 120

Alexandria, VA 23112

Phone: +703.642.3535

Fax +703.642.1088

President, CEO, and AOC contact: Richa D. Mugg

Raven is a $4-million-per-year small business headquartered in Alexandria, VA. Two divisions -- Research and Engineering and Professional Services -- provide technical support to the government for IW-systems development and acquisition. Raven provides advanced R&D support to the Naval Research Laboratory for the development of IR-countermeasures systems. Raven develops hardware drawing packages and real-time software for these systems; conducts infrared measurements, provides data for algorithm databases; and provides analytical reports on targets and background signatures. In addition, Raven is the prime contractor providing contractor-services support (CSS) to the Navy's EW program office in Patuxent River, MD, PMA-272.


6780 Northern Blvd., Suite 100

E. Syracuse, NY 13057

Phone: +315.463.2266, ext 227

Fax: +315.463.8261

Web site:

VP: Mack McKinney, of business development,

RAS performs SIGINT studies, designs extremely sensitive ELINT and ESM system components, and provides technical training in these areas. Today, RAS engineers are developing new specific-emitter-identification (SEI) concepts, LPI-radar countermeasures, and pulse-discrimination techniques for dense signal environments. For the USAF, RAS actively supports the Rivet Joint and Combat Sent platforms and is modeling the digitizer and feature extraction hardware for a real-time collection system (and assisting with algorithm development). RAS is also leading the system-engineering effort for a multi-contractor development team analyzing and evaluating ELINT processing and signal characterization. For the US Army, RAS is building a SIGINT-systems assessment tool and is leading a Redstone Arsenal Phase II SBIR project to detect and track land-attack cruise missiles. RAS also operates a division, Rway Communications, that builds complex, database-driven Web sites and provides the full spectrum of data assurance (netwo rk-security audits, Internet-security monitoring, and intrusion detection and prevention).


Stauffacherstrasse 65

3000 Bern 22


Phone: +41.31.324.74.55

Fax: +41.31.324.71.43

Ruag Simulation & Training has recently merged with Sintro Electronics, a specialist in the development, production, and support of training simulators designed for land-based weapon systems. With this merger, Ruag S&T enhances its ability to provide excellent solutions tailored to its customers' training requirements. Products range from multilingual CBT program to networked full-mission simulators, including a howitzer-crew trainer and a tactical-unit simulator (TUS) for armoured fighting vehicles. In addition Ruag S&T has underlined its core competence in combat-training centers (CTC) with the recent delivery of a complete CODARTS-based CTC to the Swiss Army.


1 Horn Point Ct.

Annapolis, MD 21403

Phone: +410.990.9091

Fax: +410.990.9091

Chief executive and AOC contact: John "Rusty" Porter


Nettovagen 6

SE-175 88 Jarfalla, Sweden

Phone: +46.8.5808.4000

Fax: +46.8.5803.2244

AOC contact: Mr. Jan G Linder, +46.8.5853.2603 or

Saab Avionics AB is a company in the Saab Group, one of the world's leading high-technology companies, with its main operations focusing on defence, aviation, and space. Saab Avionics is the result of merging the EW activities of SaabTech Electronics with Ericsson Saab Avionics. We are a leading supplier of advanced avionics and EW systems on the international market and a leading supplier to the Gripen, the world's first fourth-generation fighter to enter service. The company covers the full spectrum of EW products, including chaff/flare dispensers and RWR/ESM systems and Jammers. The 49% ownership in Avitronics of South Africa adds LWR and MAW systems to the portfolio.


1020 Campus Point Dr.

San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: +619.546.6000

Fax: +619.535.7007

President and CEO: Dr. Robert Beyster

AOC contact: J.J. Romano, +210.674.5667

In 1969, a small group of research scientists founded a business in La Jolla. Today, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a Fortune 500 company, is one of the world's leading providers of IT services and the nation's largest employee-owned research and engineering company. SAIC has over 41,000 employees located in approximately 400 locations worldwide and realizes annual revenue in excess of S5.9 billion.

SAIC has contributed significantly to a host of DOD programs, with emphasis on programs with IW and EW requirements. From advanced signal processing to sophisticated network protection, SAIC is on the front line, supporting our nation's defense.


8419 Terminal Road

PO Box 1430

Newington, VA


Phone: +703.550.7000

Fax: +703.550.0883

AOC contact: Betty Wells, public relations,

SenSyTech, Inc., is a technology leader in system design and software development for SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT; EW, ESM, and ECM; EW threat simulation; and imagery applications. For over three decades, SenSyTech has been a leading supplier of satellite communications equipment, radar-threat warning systems, electronic-attack systems, multispectral IR scanners, and digital imaging equipment to worldwide markets. SenSyTech, a public company, was formed as a result of the merger of ST. Research Corporation and Daedalus Enterprises, Inc., in June 1998. The company recently acquired the Electronic Defense Systems Division of FEL Corp. located in Camarillo, CA, specializing in electronic attack, ECM, and radar-threat-simulation systems.

Currently, SenSyTech employs approximately 130 engineering, computer analysts, and business professionals. The 80,000+ square feet of state-of-the-art facilities are ISO-9001 certified. Through its size, solid financial standing, and extensive research and development ideologies, the company provides cost-effective solutions for a broad range of system requirements.

SenSyTech is committed to creating value for its customers, employees, and stockholders. We understand that teamwork is the cornerstone for meeting our mission, goals and commitments.


P.O. Box 7009

Huntsville, AL 35807

Phone: 256.876.4204

Fax: 256.955.7376

Chief executive: Dr. Dwight McPherson

AOC contact: Dr. Annie Saylor

Simulation Technologies, Inc. (SimTech), is responsible for real-time scene generation and systems engineering at the Army's hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation facilities for missile systems including Apache Longbow, Patriot PAC-3, and ATACMS [P.sup.3]I BAT. SimTech has unique capability for high-resolution RF target modeling from turntable measurements or RCS prediction (XPATCH) data. SimTech is also responsible for design and development of hardware prototypes to generate and measure RF and IR signatures. SimTech products include PC-based realtime data collection and display software, used successfully in several Army HIL labs, and applications for handheld computers. SimTech also supports installation, maintenance and repair of flight-motion simulators. SimTech -- Excellence in Simulation and Test Since 1983.


SomerNet Business Centre

Rowdens Road, Wells

Somerset BA5 ITU England

Phone: +44.0.1749.671481

Fax: +44.0.1749.671482

AOC Contact: Edwin Kayes, sales & marketing director

SomerData produces real-time data-capture and -recording products for digital communications signals. Typical applications include surveillance, interception, evidence, protocol capture, archiving, fault diagnosis, and testing. PC-disk recorders support E1 / PRI (2 Mbits/s HDB3), LVDS (up to 60 Mbits/s), and RS-422A (up to 15 Mbits/s). Endless-loop versions provide continuous recording for long-term logging, monitoring, archiving, and store-and-forward applications. Data-capture cards are available for developer and OEM requirements. For custom applications, Interface Converters cover DS3, E3, E2, E1, RS-422A, ECL, and LVDS signals, plus an E1 Timeslot Extractor, 8x8 way E1 Programmable Router, and an E1/HDB3 Pattern Generator.


5545 John Givens Rd.

Crestview, FL, 32539

Phone: +850.682.6811

Fax: +850.759.1507

CEO AOC contact: Robert L. Keller

Sunshine Aero Industries (SAI) is an airport-services facility located at the Bob Sikes Airport in Crestview, FL. SAI provides engineering capabilities, avionics service, and aircraft-maintenance services, as well as aircraft modifications and ECM pods. SAI can provide modification of civil aircraft for flight-test support. SAI is owned and operated by its CEO. Robert L. Keller.


2720 Queensview Drive, Suite 1175

Ottawa, Ontario K2B 1A5

Phone: +613.820.40.66

Fax: +613.820.41.07

Chief executive: Alain Jegen,

We merge digital and analog frontiers from DC to 60 GHz. For EW-signal simulation and stimulation, Synopsis 3S Corp. brings integrated compact, real-time, ultra-wideband, and high-performance DSP and RF solutions. S3S Corp. does study, engineering, design, project management, and integration of end-to-end solutions and/or systems. Our team of engineers is involved with complex, integrated hybrid (digital and microwave) modules, subassemblies and systems, hybrid (digital, optical, and RF) sub-assembly, and subsystems manufacturing. Our firmware, control-software, and software-interface activities are for real-time applications. Our RF- and digital-threat simulators are found in test and evaluation centers and anechoic chambers. Special EW and complex requirement are being addressed by internal access to our in-depth group expertise and skills in electronic-support-measures (ESM) systems, signals- and electronic-intelligence (ELINT/SIGINT) receivers, electronic-countermeasures (ECM) and ECCM systems, radar, son ar, TELECOM systems, signal processing for SAR, optical links, high-power amplification, antenna design, high-speed digital circuit-board design, integrated microwave components, digital manufacturing, and custom design and assembly of test-and-evaluation systems. For stand-alone, integrated, or embedded solutions, prime contractors find advantage in our existing family of digital-signal-processing products and real-time signal generator. In complement we design ultra-wideband RF modules and high-speed, wideband (0.5-40 GHz) full phase-coherent synthesizers. Our capabilities include high-speed A/C & D/C converters, digitizers, and programmable digital delay line. Modern EW equipments process increasingly complex signals delivered or received by multiple sensors. Our solutions allow real-time and closed-loop synthesis of the received signals. By allowing a realistic and customized modeling of the signals delivered or received, our modular architecture open up new and cost-effective solutions to the users or in tegrators.


6225 Running Ridge Road, North

Syracuse, NY 13212

Phone: +315.452.8000

Fax: +315.452.8100

President & CEO: Robert U. Roberts

AOC contact: Michael C. Gasapo, manager,

Syracuse Research Corporation (SRC) is an independent, not-for-profit, multidisciplinary research and development organization. SRC has developed a trusted reputation in technology areas ranging from advanced sensor systems, through information technology development, to environmental risk assessment. SRC is a leader in ELINT- and EW-systems analysis, intelligence-database development, customize software design, information operations (IO), and EWIRDB training. SRC applies innovative analytical techniques to its research and design projects for the DOD, intelligence community, EPA, and commercial clients. Our research efforts examine issues relating to neural networks, data mining. object-oriented databases, an fused content management. SRC specializes in advanced radar and communication system development for [C.sup.4]ISR applications. These systems include surveillance, bistatic, and imaging radars; wideband and electronically steered arrays; signal- and data-processing systems; and data-collection systems. SRC has proven expertise in simulation and modeling, ECM/ECCM techniques, vulnerability analysis, RCS and antenna modeling, SAR-data compression, signature analysis, RF tags, SATCOM, wireless and telecommunications, testbed development, and radar tracking.

Information Technologies Center

Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, SRC also has offices in San Antonio, TX; Chantilly, VA; Arlington, VA; Hanover, MD; Denver, CO; and Dayton, OH.


4723B Eisenhower Ave.

Alexandria, VA 22304

Phone: +703.823.4270

Fax: +703.823.4275

Presidents: T. Bear Larson and John Sciacca

AOC contact: John Sciacca

A company providing engineering services in the areas of technology insertion, requirements definition, cost and operational effectiveness analysis, program initiation, management, and flight-test support, The company serves clients in tasks such as red-teaming proposals; analysis of technology-investment plans; and system-level operational analysis of [C.sup.2]W, IW, EW, and CID applications. Additionally, test issues for all of the above areas can be identified, planned, and executed. The two principals, T. Bear Larson and John Sciacca, have extensive operational, flight test and acquisition experience at all levels in the DOD.


29 Hamerkava St.

PO Box 150

Holon 58101, Israel

Phone: +972.3.557.7441

Fax: +972.3.556.4536

Chief executive: Hal Ben-Israel

AOC contact: Rahamim Sarano, director of sales for EW & intelligence systems

Tel: +972.3.557.7211

Fax: +972.3.556.4536

Mobile: +972.52.464.492


Tadiran Electronic systems Ltd., a member of the Elisra Group, offers a full range of integrated [C.sup.4]I and EW solutions that assure accurate information anytime, anyplace, and under any conditions. The company'S military systems incorporate advanced COTS information-technology products, PC Platforms, Windows NT, IP-communications protocols, and more. Tadiran Electronic Systems is also a major supplier of commercial electromagnetic-spectrum-control and -management systems. Tadiran produces and markets a diversified range of systems, products, and components for military and commercial applications. Tadiran Electronic Systems' mission is to promote battlefield superiority by designing, developing, and manufacturing cutting-edge systems for demanding global markets. It is active in [C.sup.4]I and in COMINT/DF and COMJAM EW systems. These systems are in service with the Israeli Defense Forces and other modern armies worldwide. Tadiran Electronic Systems' COMINT/DF systems are a central, critical factor in c reating a complete picture of the electronic battlefield. The systems overcome the challenges of highly dense electromagnetic environments, effectively coping with sophisticated, advanced communications systems operating in all frequencies. They deliver reliable coverage on land, at sea, and in the air, serving both strategic and tactical objectives. The COMJAM systems from Tadiran add another vital dimension to field-troop support. Their unique mobility enables deployment together with front line forces. These systems manage all transmission types including the latest generation of digital communications devices. Tadiran Electronic Systems is also a major supplier of commercial electromagnetic-spectrum-monitoring and -management systems, Its solutions support national growth by optimizing the use of available electromagnetic resources. Tadiran Electronic Systems has extensive experience in international projects, including cooperation with local industries and the provision of long-term after-sales service. Drawing on its proven track record and a vast reservoir of development and field experience, Tadiran Electronic Systems offers its customers systems and solutions at the vanguard of military and commercial technologies.


I Meadowbrook Dr.

Milford, NH 03055

Phone: +603.673.9000

Fax: +603.673.0582

AOC contact: Doug Jacoby

TRI has dedicated its efforts toward the development and production of flight-line EW-test systems. Our products are used by the US Navy, the USAF, and international military forces.


Hovmarken 4, DK-8520

Lystrup, Denmark

Phone: +45.8743.6000

Fax: +45.8743.6001

President: Johannes Jacobson

AOC contact: Henning Hansen, manager of EW marketing

Terma was founded in 1949 and has since developed into a high-tech company that develops, produces, and markets a wide range of radars, [C.sup.3]I, and EW systems. In the EW field, Terma specializes in these areas: 1) control and integration of EW self-protection systems on fighters, transport aircraft, and helicopters; 2) chaff/flare dispensers; and 3) pods, pylons, and other externally mounted structures for installation of various types of EW systems. The Terma Corp. has four sites in Denmark and a total workforce of approximately 1,000 employees.

The Terma EW Management System (EWMS), the AN/ALQ-213 (V), was developed in close cooperation with the Royal Danish Air Force for the F-16. The system was subsequently made compatible with a wide range of EW subsystems and adapted for use in other aircraft, It is now a generic system that is able to control any combinations of EW subsystems on multiple types of tactical aircraft. The system also provides control for other than EW subsystems. In the Belgian, US, and Danish fleets of F-16s, the EWMS has been selected to control the onboard reconnaissance system. The AN/ALQ-213 (V) is in operational use in twelve different types of fighters, transport aircraft, and helicopters in eight countries, including the US, Australia, and several European countries. Based on incoming threat signals, the EWMS automated threat-response capability er sures that the optimum combination of countermeasures is initiated without action from the pilot. The system also features a semiautomatic and a manual mode of operation. Ongoi ng development includes a new Tactical Threat Display (TTD) -- introduced mainly to accommodate information from missile-warning systems -- and a three-dimensional audio-warning system that will immediately alert the pilot to the direction of the threat.

Terma has also developed the Advanced Countermeasures Dispensing System (ACMDS), which has been adapted to various types of aircraft. The Pylon Integrated Dispensing System (PIDS) is used by several F-16 countries, including the US. The PIDS has been further modified to accommodate missile-warning sensors. The Modular Countermeasures Pod (MCP) is used on transport aircraft, and special scab-on mountings are in use on transport aircraft and helicopters.


A Smiths Industries Plc Co.

PO Box 5039

358 Hall Ave.

Wallingford, CT 06492-5039

Phone: 800.TMS.COAX

Fax: +203.949.8423

Executive VP: P. Page,

AOC contact: Robert Krimsier, VP of sales and marketing

Times Microwave Systems, a division of Smiths Industries Aerospace and Defense Systems, Inc., was founded in 1945. Since its founding, TMS has been an engineering-oriented company specializing in the design and manufacture of coaxial cable, coaxial-cable assemblies and components. Times has been a pioneer in the development of coaxial-cable and microwave-cable assembly technology, evaluating the impedance and attenuation characteristics of coaxial cables as a function of frequency, and developing new materials, processes, and improved coaxial-cable constructions for both military and commercial use. Throughout its history, Times has continually made breakthroughs in the development of coaxial cable and interconnection systems and has more QPLs to the Mil-C-17 coaxial specification than any other company in the world. Products include high-performance flexible, semiflexible and rigid coaxial-cable assemblies, connectors and delay lines for applications requiring phase stability, phase tracking and the lowest possible attenuation at microwave frequencies in the most hostile environments. Coaxial-cable assemblies manufactured by Times are used in numerous military programs, and Times is the only qualified supplier of low-smoke/low-toxicity coaxial cables in accordance with the US Navy and Mil-C-17 requirements. Times is approved as a qualified supplier of transmission-line assemblies in accordance with Mil-T-81490 (Navy), which covers microwave-transmission lines for long life and stable performance in rigorous military environments. Times has performed a key role in working with the government in the generation of RF and microwave specifications.


13135 Lee Jackson Hwy, Suite 300

Fairfax, VA 22033-1907

Phone: +408.748.1200

Fax: +408.748.1140

AOC contact: Jan Arbogast

The Titan Systems Corp., an integral part of the technology incubating Titan Corp., is an industry leader in government information technology. Titan Systems provides information solutions, system support, and products for national defense, including the deployment of leading information systems, mission-critical processes, systems engineering and support, advanced concepts, research and development, and production of state-of-the-art communications, signal, and imaging equipment. In addition. Titan Systems creates information solutions for the business of government. Productivity enhancement. web enabled processes, information assurance, network and computer operations. and eGovernment are the key verticals.


9790-A Patuxent Woods Drive

Columbia, MD 21046

Phone: +410.290.7711

Fax: +410.290.7715

President & CEO: Mr. Bud Binck

AOC Contact: Mr. John Dillon, VP of sales

Tri-Plex Systems Corp. develops, manufactures and markets high performance interface systems, data recorders and custom storage systems for the government and commercial markets. These products are targeted for SIGINT, ELINT, SATCOM, TELECOM. radar, sensor test & characterization, digital radio, and related application areas. Tri-Plex's products provide advanced, state of the art, signal collection, processing and recording capability with seamless communications to 10/100/1000 BaseT networked [C.sup.4]I systems. High-performance data-acquisition systems have been developed for automated Tera-Byte applications with network speeds in the Gigabit-per-second range. Compatible software interfaces are provided for stand-alone or networked Unix, Linux, and Windows environments.


1910 Association Dr.

Second Floor

Reston, VA 20191-1502

Phone: +703.264.1080

Fax: +703.264.1090

Chief executive, Richard Gauthier, president

AOC contact: James Gauthier

TYX develops COTS automatic test equipment (ATE) software with 2,000+ installations worldwide. The Professional ATLAS Work Station (PAWS) contains a Test Requirement Document tool, a Test Development Suite, a Run Time System, and links to testability tools from DSI of Orange, CA. PAWS supports 25 ATLAS subsets including IEEE-716-89, MATE, TETS, CASS, and IFTE. PAWS automates testing for the Eurofighter, Japanese F2, Milstar, LANTIRN. AWACS, ARC-182, AIM-5 missiles, ALQ-161, and SQQ-89. TestBase is a next-generation test executive, with GUI and databases for visual development of complex test strategies. TestBase is web-enabled with links to third party testing environments. databases, report generators, dependency modeling tools, and neural networks. TestBase supports satellite manufactures using virtual instrumentation for high-fidelity testing.


2409 Linden Lane

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: +301.588.8840

Fax: +301.588.8832

AOC contact: Marsh Dougherty,

Wideband Systems designs and manufactures sophisticated recording instruments for the aerospace, communications, and intelligence marketplace. We specialize in custom designed recording systems as well as provide standard, off-the-shelf recording products satisfying a wide range of demanding requirements. Wideband Systems is focused on being the quality supplier of high-performance, real time recording systems. Our versatile disk-based recording systems are designed with analog and digital instrumentation interfaces and flexible control features. Typical real-time recorder applications include telemetry, radar, video, voice and data communications, imagery, COMINT, SIGINT, and ELINT.


1035 East Camino Diestro

Tucson, AZ 85737

Phone: +602.575.9292

Chief executive and AOC contact: William H. Gardner, president

William H. Gardner, Inc., provides technical consulting services primarily in (but not limited to) the fields of US Army intelligence, EW, and aviation. The corporation recently completed its 13th one-year contract with Northrop Grumman, primarily focusing on its interests at the US Army Intelligence Center at Ft. Huachuca, AZ.
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