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AOC corporate member profiles.

AEL DEFENSE CORP., 305 Richardson Rd., Lansdale, PA 19446, Phone: (215) 822-2929, Fax: (215) 822-9165

Chief Executive: Mark Ronald, president AOC Contact: A. Richard Michael, Jr., director, systems marketing

AEL Defense Corp. has research, design and manufacturing capabilities in communications countermeasures systems, radar warning systems, simulation systems, electronic and avionic systems installation, integration and modernization and state-of-the-art antenna and microwave components.

Communications Countermeasures: AEL is developing new communications countermeasures technology for the US Army under the TACJAM-A program, a powerful and modular system for use on a broad variety of ground and airborne platforms.

AEL has provided over 200 Piranha [C.sup.3]CM systems for the US Army. The next-generation Piranha 11 system significantly increases performance including operation on the move.

Radar Warning and Countermeasures: The US Marine Corps and US Army tactical helicopters and special electronic mission aircraft are equipped with radar warning systems and subsystems supplied by AEL including the AN/APR-44, AN/APR-39A(V)1 and AN/APR-39A(V)2. AEL is a co-developer and producer of the Navy's AN/ALR-67(V)3 system.

AEL's ALQ-99 Band 1 and 2 jamming transmitters are on the US Navy's EA-6B and the US Air Force's EF-111A tactical countermeasures aircraft. AEL is developing the Band 9/10 jammer which will counter threats into the next century.

Range Simulation Systems: AEL is installing the AN/FSQ-T22 Electronic Combat Training System to provide a major upgrade in training capability for EA-6B and EF-111 air crews.

The AN/MLQ-T4 Ground Jammer provides Strategic Air Command air crews with the knowledge necessary to counter highly sophisticated ECM environments.

Environment Simulation Systems: AEL's Cross Systems Division designs systems which generate complex dynamic simulations for radar systems and computer-based avionics systems.

Aero: AEL Aero Division provides avionics suite definition, complete cockpit upgrades and modernization with advanced flight avionics equipment and the installation and integration of complete mission systems for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.

Antenna and Microwave Components: These are developed and manufactured by AEL's Microwave/Antenna Division for missiles and airborne EC systems.

Headquartered near Philadelphia, PA, AEL currently maintains engineering, manufacturing and service organizations at eight principal operating centers in seven states, employing over 1,400 individuals.

ANDREW CORP., 10500 West 153rd St., Orland Park, IL 60462, Phone: (708) 349-3300, Fax: (708) 349-5943

Chief Executive: Floyd L. English, president and CEO AOC Contact: Doug Foster, (703) 353-0600

Andrew Corp. is a multinational high-technology company encompassing a highly diverse product line that supports the requirements of the telecommunications market and the military and government agencies throughout the world. Andrew has over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, and its products, customer service and research have earned a global reputation for excellence.

Andrew offers a complete line of terrestrial microwave antennas, earth station antennas, Granger[R] high-frequency (HF) antennas, television broadcast antennas, HELIAX[R] transmission line and elliptical waveguide, Grasis[R] towers and equipment shelters and VSAT systems. In addition, Andrew Corp.'s Government Electronics Group (GEG) is a recognized world leader in the design and production of electronic warfare and surveillance systems. The four businesses that comprise the GEG are world class companies with expertise and unique capabilities particularly well suited to meet the needs of both the military and the intelligence communities.

Andrew SciComm Products designs and manufactures SIGINT mission equipment and subsystems used on land, sea or air for acquisition, collection, analysis and identification of the full spectrum of emitters from 10 kHz to 40 GHz. Andrew SciComm Systems provides integrated COMINT and ELINT DF systems to the intelligence community in the HF through microwave frequency ranges, and specializes in single station location (SSL) HFDF systems and HF adaptive array receiving systems. Andrew Kintec has broad experience in ground, shipboard or airborne pedestal technology for acquisition, tracking and pointing systems. Products include integrated gimbals, pedestals, rotators and controls for a variety of applications including communications, EW, fire control and border surveillance. Andrew Canada is a world renowned designer and manufacturer of antennas from 2 MHz to 50 GHz. Applications include SIGINT, ELINT, HF communications, ATC, military SATCOM, telemetry, navaids and weather radar.

Andrew design and manufacturing operations are truly global in focus, with over 3,000 employees and plants and offices located in 14 nations. Gross sales for the last four quarters (ending September 30, 1992): $442 million.

CINCINNATI ELECTRONICS CORP., 7500 Innovation Way, Mason, OH 45040-9699, Phone: (513) 573-6100, Fax: (513) 573-6566

Chief Executive: Dr. James E. Soos, president and CEO AOC Contact: E.J. Halbeisen, director of corporate communication

Cincinnati Electronics (CE) is a leader in the design, development, production and field support of high-technology electronic equipment -- from individual components to large, highly complex systems -- for both military and commercial applications. CE is also known for its strong, aggressive R&D program, with excellent engineering and production support. The company has modern and efficient electronics manufacturing facilities and methods to provide optimum quality, quantity, capability and reaction time.

Our strategic business units include: Communications Systems (tactical manpack, vehicular and fixed stations in UHF and 500-kW HF transmitters); Infrared Systems (missile warning systems, such as the AN/AAR-44, and environmental testing, nondestruct testing of electronic components, software creation and evaluation); Space Electronics (receivers, decoders, command control, telemetry systems for missiles and satellites); and Detector Microcircuit Device Laboratories (infrared detectors, microcircuits, IR cameras and standard products). The products and services offered by the strategic business units are marketed both internationally and domestically.

Cincinnati Electronics Corp.'s greatest capability rests with its over 500 skilled employees, including engineers, scientists, technicians and production personnel.

CE is firmly committed to customer satisfaction and has an aggressive Total Quality Management program to ensure its fulfillment.

In 1973, the business was purchased from Avco Corp. by a group of key employees and became Cincinnati Electronics Corp. Marconi Electronics Inc., USA, a subsidiary of the General Electric Co. Ltd. (GEC) of England, purchased all outstanding stock of the company on March 31, 1981. On September 9, 1988, ownership was transferred to the Canadian Marconi Co., itself a subsidiary of GEC. The result is that Cincinnati Electronics has:

* the financial strength of a multibillion-dollar parent corporation

* strong international ties.

CONCURRENT COMPUTER CORP., 106 Apple St., Tinton Falls, NJ 07724, Phone: (908) 758-7000, Fax: (908) 758-7052

Chief Executive: Denis R. Brown, chairman, president and CEO AOC Contact: Guy Albanese, manager, new program development

Concurrent Computer Corp. has more than a quarter of a century of experience in the computer industry and is the largest computer company dedicated to high-performance, value-added, real-time computing systems. The company has approximately 2,000 employees worldwide and annual sales of approximately $255 million.

The company offers a full range of highly complementary computing products from board-level to super-minicomputers, efficient channels of distribution and an installed base of more than 30,000 systems worldwide, supporting a large, stable service business. Concurrent produces both proprietary and standards-based real-time computing systems, and is positioned to take advantage of the growing industry trend toward standards-based systems in the competitive realtime market.

Concurrent's OS/32 proprietary real-time operating systems feature a parallel processing architecture and standard development software which can be easily interconnected and customized throughout Concurrent's entire product line. Its standards-based computer systems were the first to integrate the acquisition, analysis and display of dynamic information in real time, These systems feature a multiprocessor architecture and RTU[TM], the first real-time implementation of the Unix operating system. Concurrent has integrated real-time applications with mainstream, network-wide computing by developing fully integrated computer systems that provide the compatibility and portability of an open architecture.

Concurrent's products are marketed through its commercial, federal and real-time technical business units. The commercial business unit targets companies in the financial, communications and public sector markets. The federal business unit sells to the simulation, [C.sup.4]I and aerospace markets. The real-time technical systems business unit provides real-time systems to the signal acquisition and analysis, mechanical test and analysis and measurement and control markets.

ELECTRONIC WARFARE ASSOCIATES, INC., 2071 Chain Bridge Rd., Vienna, VA 22182, Phone: (703) 893-4820, Fax: (703) 356-5761

Chief Executive: Carl N. Guerreri, president and CEO AOC Contact: Edward T. Connolly, senior VP

Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc. (EWA), headquartered in Vienna, VA, specializes in electronic warfare, radar, intelligence and special operations/low intensity conflict (SO/LIC). Within these specialty areas, EWA provides comprehensive analysis, engineering and management services. These include systems: software and hardware design, development and integration; configuration management; instrumentation; training; and test and evaluation. EWA capabilities range from development of covert hand-held communications equipment to systems engineering support for complete air defense and [C.sup.3]I systems.

EWA has facilities in Huntsville, AL; Orlando, FL:. Hampton, VA; Ridgecrest, CA; Fairmont, WV; and Marlton, NJ. On-site support is provided at Ft. Hood and San Antonio, TX. EWA has a wholly owned subsidiary, EWA-Canada, Ltd., in Ottawa. EWA also provides contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies using thruhole and surface-mount technology at its Beckley, WV, plant.

EWA has experience with all aspects of ECM/ECCM, with the capability to assess complex interfaces and provide analyses to the circuit level. Radar expertise includes the design of phased-array and VME-based signal and data processing. EWA has the ability to analyze all radar emissions for ECM augmentation and enhancement techniques. EWA also has extensive experience with electro-optical and infrared systems in missile seeker design/modification, instrumentation, tracking techniques and signature analysis. This radar and EO/IR expertise allows EWA to produce threat simulator systems, subsystems and associated instrumentation.

EWA has developed threat system, EW and test resource data bases which are now widely used by the DOD and all services. EWA is in the forefront of embedded computer training systems for EW operators.

EWA's laboratory capabilities have provided its customers with various custom electronic systems on a quick reaction basis. These laboratories also support EWA'S innovative internal research and development (IR&D). This IR&D program has provided such systems as Syncro Fire[TM], Identi-Voice 2000[TM] and a commercial electronic fuel metering system.

E-SYSTEMS, PO Box 660248, Dallas, TX 75266-0248, Phone: (214) 661-1000, Fax: (214) 661-8508

Chief Executive: E. Gene Keiffer, chairman of the board and CEO AOC Contact: D.G. Holman, corporate manager, advertising and sales promotion

E-Systems is a major worldwide developer and producer of high-technology electronic systems and products. The company's principal products and services are generally in the areas of intelligence and surveillance systems, command and control, electronic warfare, specialized aircraft maintenance and modification, guidance, navigation and control, communications and data systems.

The E-Systems team includes over 18 000 scientists, engineers, technicians and other specialists located at the company's nine operating divisions, subsidiaries and other strategic sites worldwide.

Operating facilities include the ECI Division, St. Petersburg, FL; Garland Division, Garland, TX; Greenville Division, Greenville, TX; Melpar Division, Falls Church, VA; and Montek Division, Salt Lake City, UT. Subsidiaries include Engineering Research Associates, Vienna, VA; HRB Systems, State College, PA; Serv-Air, Inc., Greenville, TX; and E-Systems Medical Electronics, Inc., Garland, TX. Gross sales for the last four quarters ending June 30, 1992 were $2 billion.

GTE GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS CORP., Electronic Defense Sector, 100 Ferguson Dr., Mountain View, CA 94039, Phone: (415) 966-2000, Fax: (415) 966-2303

Chief Executive: Clark G. Fiester, group VP and general manager AOC Contact: Tom Buntin, marketing services manager

The Electronic Defense Sector of GTE Government Systems Corp. is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. It has proven capabilities in all aspects of signals intelligence, intelligence processing, imagery resource management and electronic warfare.

With almost 40 years of systems engineering and integration experience, the organization provides total systems solutions. It is thoroughly involved in systems life-cycle including threat analysis, concepts, research and development, operational test and evaluation, production, staging and field support.

The organization employs nearly 2,500 people, including some 1,400 engineers and scientists, many of whom hold advanced degrees. The sector has four major business organizations, an engineering organization and manufacturing facilities.

The Strategic Collection and Processing Organization is responsible for both fixed and relocatable strategic communications collection systems. This includes antenna systems, RF host systems, HF and line-of-sight RF collection systems, special collection systems and communication processing systems above the voice-grade-channel level. It also produces high-reliability systems and mission/battle management systems.

The Processing and Analysis Systems Organization -- located in Rockville, MD -- has responsibility for intelligence information processing systems at national agencies in the Washington, DC, area, and voice-grade-channel collection and signal processing systems for strategic SIGINT. It also develops special signal processing and tactical voice systems, information handling systems and headquarters systems engineering.

The Technical Signal Processing Organization produces systems that process telemetry and electronic intelligence (ELINT) and provide Navy electronic support measures capability. It also develops space collection systems, threat system simulators and rapidly deployable mast systems and is responsible for tactical fusion.

The Imagery and intelligence Center Organization -- headquartered in Westlake, CA, with operations in Colorado Springs, CO -- is responsible for intelligence data handling systems for national agencies, counter-narcotics and drug enforcement, imagery systems for intelligence and counter-narcotics and weather systems in support of worldwide military operations.

HARRIS CORP., Electronic Systems Sector, PO Box 37, Melbourne, FL 32902, Phone: (407) 727-4000, Fax: (407) 727-5118

Chief Executive: Allen S. Henry, president, AOC Contact: P. Timothy Hartsfield, director, business development programs

The Electronic Systems Sector of Harris Corp. provides a wide variety of products, systems and services to both military and commercial customers. For example, Harris designs, develops, integrates, produces, tests and supports satellite communications terminals, including super high-frequency terminals for the Defense Satellite Communication System; Ground Mobile Forces terminals that provide secure voice, data and teletype satellite communication links; and Jam Resistant Secure Communication terminals. Other communications activities include antennas, HF terrestrial communication systems, [C.sup.3]I and simulation systems and modems.

In avionics, Harris has been a leader in integrated systems, fiber optics, software, multiplexing, processing and digital/analog integrated circuits. This includes developing advanced avionics for the Army's Comanche helicopter and the Air Force's Advanced Tactical Fighter. Harris also produces digital maps, antijam data links and a variety of antenna systems that feature multifunction apertures.

Harris also is involved in space systems, information systems, realtime computing, air traffic control, energy management systems and systems support. In the real-time computing arena, the Night Hawk family of super-microcomputers has been designed to make future enhancements easy and economical in a broad spectrum of applications. Harris Corp. employs more than 28,000 people worldwide.

HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO., PO Box 45066, Los Angeles, CA 90045-0066, Phone: (213) 568-6131, Fax: (213) 568-7565

Chief Executive: D. Michael Armstrong, chairman of board and CEO, AOC Contact: Ronald G. Richardson, staff VP, marketing

Hughes Aircraft Co. has specialized in advanced electronics technology for more than four decades, beginning in the 1950s when the company developed the first air-to-air guided missile, the Falcon.

Today Hughes is one of the world's largest defense electronics contractors.

The company is involved in a wide variety of technical areas, including guided missiles, avionics, communications satellites, electro-optics, airborne radars, air defense and command and control systems, industrial electronics and simulations and training. Known originally for the development of electronic systems for worldwide defense applications, Hughes has applied its many technological breakthroughs to civilian and industrial requirements, and has become a major developer of space systems, communications services, simulators and other advanced electronic products and systems for commercial and industrial use.

Hughes has more than 63,000 employees, a third of whom are scientific and technical staff personnel. The company's offices, laboratories and manufacturing plants are located at various sites. primarily in Southern California. In addition, the company has a major missile production facility in Tucson, AZ, and has operations in more than a dozen other states. Hughes maintains liaison offices throughout the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. Two major subsidiaries, Rediffusion Simulation Ltd. and Hughes Microelectronics Europa Ltd., are located in the United Kingdom.

Hughes's domestic organizations include five major operating sectors: Aerospace and Defense, Commercial/Industrial, Missile Systems, Telecommunications and Space, and Systems., In addition, the company's technology centers -- Hughes Research Laboratories and Santa Barbara Research Center -- provide research and development innovations and the unique products and technologies required by the sectors. In 1985, after months of study and competitive bidding by such companies as Ford and Boeing, Hughes was acquired by General Motors. GM determined that Hughes should continue to operate as a separate, independent, wholly owned subsidiary with the same name, organization and staff management. Hughes Aircraft Co. retains its original name for historical purposes in honor of Howard Hughes's achievements in aviation. It has not, however, made aircraft of any type, including helicopters, since its separation from Hughes Tool Co. in 1953. Hughes Aircraft lists among its many technological breakthroughs the world's first synchronous orbit communications satellite (SYNCOM), the demonstration of the first working laser, the pioneering development of three-dimensional radar and many others. Today, company activities span more than 1,700 programs and projects and include over 12,000 separate products, services and functions -- ranging from basic research and engineering to quality manufacturing and field support.

ITT DEFENSE, ITT Avionics, ITT Electron Technology Division, 1000 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22209, Phone: (703) 276-8300, Fax: (703) 276-9704

Chief Executive: Louis J. Giuliano, president and CEO AOC Contact: Jack J. Snee, VP and director, business development, ITT Avionics

ITT Defense and Electronics, Inc. is a leading supplier of high-technology commercial and defense electronic systems, semiconductors, standard and customized connectors, operations and management services and electronic components distribution with automotive avionics, data communications, instrumentation, medical and military/space customers and operations in North America, Europe and Asia. With 20,000 employees worldwide, ITT Defense & Electronics has annual sales of approximately $2.3 billion.

Two operating units of ITT Defense & Electronics -- ITT Avionics and ITT Electron Technology -- are engaged directly in the field of EC.

ITT Avionics is a recognized leader in the design, production and support of advanced ECM and navigation/communications systems.

ITT's family of proven airborne electronic countermeasures systems -- including the AN/ALQ-172, AN/ALQ-165 ASPJ and AN/ALQ-136 -- are engineered to provide highly reliable and effective electronic protection for strategic, tactical and special operations aircraft. Technological advancements in next-generation integrated countermeasures have also been achieved by ITT on the Advanced Threat Radar Jammer (ATRJ) program. ITT's design concept for ATRJ incorporates many key technologies including the extensive use of monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) and advanced Standard Electronics Module (SEM-E) packaging techniques.

ITT is also developing the integrated communications, navigation and identification (ICNI) system for the US Air Force's F-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter as a member of a major industry team. Supporting the DOD's multiservice commonality goals, the same team is developing the CNI avionics for the US Navy's AX Advanced Strike Fighter.

A leading manufacturer of electronic combat subsystems, ITT Electron Technology produces TWT and mini-TWT products serving in single- and multitube phased-array ECM and radar applications, expendable decoys and missile ECM and guidance systems. To complement the TWT product line, ITT offers power supplies designed for severe military environments.

LITTON APPLIED TECHNOLOGY DIVISION, 4747 Hellyer Ave., PO Box 7012, San Jose, CA 95159-7012, Phone: (408) 365-4747, Fax: (408) 365-4040

Chief Executive: Clayton A. Williams, president AOC Contact: Harry Pursel, VP, business development

Lifton's Applied Technology division is a unit of Litton Industries' EW Systems group. Litton Industries is a technology-based company providing resource exploration services, industrial automation systems and advanced electronic and defense systems to US and world markets. Litton Industries sales for FY '92 were $5.7 billion. The company employs approximately 50,000 personnel, including 14,000 engineers and scientists.

Litton Applied Technology is the world's leading supplier of threat warning systems. More than 31,000 systems have been installed on fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft and naval vessels in 30 nations on five continents.

Headquartered in California's Silicon Valley, Litton Applied Technology maintains a 400,000-sq-ft administration, engineering and manufacturing complex in San Jose. Worldwide, approximately 1,200 personnel are employed in the research, design, manufacture and support of defense electronic warfare products.

Over more than 30-years time, Litton Applied Technology has earned a high degree of customer satisfaction through creative and state-of-the-art design, high-quality production and reliable products.

Litton Applied Technology has additional manufacturing facilities in Grants Pass, OR. Field offices are located in Dayton, OH: Hicksville, NY; Arlington, VA; Bonn Germany; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Taipei, Taiwan; Bangkok, Thailand; Athens, Greece; and Seoul, Korea.

Major Products and Services: threat warning systems. electronic support measures systems; targeting and survivability suites; advanced self-protection integrated suites; electronic intelligence collection systems; RF decoys; frequency measurement receivers; military and space computers; electro-optical systems; avionics test equipment; and installation and integration services.

LOCKHEED SANDERS, INC., 65 Spit Brook Rd., PO Box 0868, Nashua, NH 03061-0868, Phone: (603) 885-4321, Fax: (603) 885-3522

Chief Executive: Dr. John R. Kreick, president AOC Contact: Marvin Braman, director, public affairs

Incorporated in 1951, as Sanders Associates, Lockheed Sanders, Inc. is a highly diversified defense electronics firm with approximately 5,000 employees at five major facilities located in Southern New Hampshire. The company was acquired by the Lockheed Corp. in 1986.

Lockheed Sanders, with headquarters in Nashua, NH, is engaged in development, manufacture and sale of advanced electronic systems and products in a broad range of defense electronics markets. The company is a leading producer of electronic and infrared countermeasures for aircraft self-protection. Other major product areas include radars, digital avionics, signal processing, ocean surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, air defense, training and simulation, automatic test systems, command and control, airspace management and high-technology components.

Business areas include: Countermeasures Division: Radio frequency, infrared and electro-optical self-protection countermeasures systems; missile warning systems; integrated electronics; electronic support measures; and modular avionics.

Information Systems Division: Mission planning, message handling, electronic combat training, air defense training, on-board training and interactive team training systems.

Defense Systems Division: Automated test systems, short-range battlefield tactical radars, mobile ground support signal intelligence systems, weapons fire control systems and phased arrays.

Surveillance Systems Division: Signal acquisition, analysis, location and jamming; electronic support measures; signal exploitation/automatic threat recognition; and surveillance systems equipment.

Avionics Division: Electronic flight instrumentation systems, embedded processor, integrated avionics, nonintrusive antenna arrays, MilSpec data storage and retrieval equipment and interactive graphic displays.

Antisubmarine Warfare Directorate: Advanced low-frequency active sonar, nonacoustic systems, advanced signal processing, airborne acoustic signal processing and submarine self-defense subsystems.

Advanced Engineering and Technology Division: Microwave Technology Center, radio frequency integrated modules, gallium arsenide Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC), microwave integrated modules, compact antennas/arrays and hybrid circuit modules. LORAL CORP., 600 Third Ave., New York, NY 10016, Phone: (212) 697-1105, Fax: (212) 949-9879

Chief Executive: Bernard L. Schwartz, chairman of the board and CEO AOC Contact: Martin J. McDonald, VP, Washington, (703) 685-5500

Loral Corp., a $2.8 billion Fortune 200 company, is a high-technology corporation with technologies concentrated in six defense electronics businesses: electronic combat, reconnaissance and surveillance, simulation and training, tactical weapons and guidance and space systems. Loral resources and proprietary technologies are being applied to proven platforms and weapons systems deployed by all three US military services and many international customers. In space, the company serves the US Defense Department, NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the international telecommunications industry. In electronic combat, Loral's flagship is the ALR-56 family of systems, the most sophisticated radar warning receivers currently fielded. Loral produces the ALR-56C for US and FMS F-15 aircraft, and its ALR-56M is in production for the US F-16 and widebody aircraft.

Internationally, Loral's ALQ-178 integrated electronic countermeasures suite protects the F-16s flown by foreign countries. An export approval allowing sale of the ALR-56M to certain overseas countries helps ensure that the system, alone or in concert with the ALQ-178, will find its way onto many of the F-16s flying with foreign forces. Loral also produces the ALQ-157 Challenger IRCM system for the US Navy, as well as versions for foreign customers. In the area of missile warning, Loral has two systems, the ALQ-199 third-generation pulse Doppler radar system and the AAR-47 passive IR system, which is currently in production for the US Navy. Loral also provides electro-optical targeting and tracking, such as its Nite Hawk and Nite Eagle forward-looking infrared systems, for US Navy tactical fighters and helicopters, and it is the Navy's primary source of off-board radar and IR countermeasures for capital ships.

MAGNAVOX ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS CO., 1313 Production Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46808, Phone: (219) 429-6000, Fax: (219) 429-4899

Chief Executive: Gene R. McAllister, president and CEO

AOC Contact: J.M. Bishop, director, business development

Magnavox Electronic Systems Co. is a broad-based organization dedicated to the development and manufacture of nonconsumer electronic systems and equipment. Magnavox enjoys a position of unique technological leadership within the defense and industrial markets it serves.

Proud to bear the Magnavox name, the company traces its heritage to 1911 - the early days of electronics. Eighty years of experience and technological advancement stand behind its reputation for high-quality, highly reliable products. In 1982, Magnavox was the first defense contractor to receive the US Department of Defense's "Quality Excellence Award." Then, as now, employee commitment to quality improvement was a key factor in our success.

From its headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN, Magnavox operates engineering centers, test facilities, laboratories and manufacturing plants at several locations in Indiana, New Jersey and California. In addition, Magnavox is represented throughout the free world.

Magnavox is a major supplier to the US Department of Defense and to selected segments of the industrial electronics marketplace. For the past 25 years, Magnavox has been a quality provider of electronic warfare systems and electronic countermeasures products and services. The engineering process applied by Magnavox to develop, manufacture and support these products begins with analyses of the hostile systems involved. It is based on a thorough understanding of what is termed the "Weapon System Process." This not only provides insight into functional capabilities and corresponding weaknesses of the enemy system, but also into the critical vulnerabilities of associated command and control processes. The results of these analyses -- along with Magnavox's advanced electronics, signal processing and computer/software technologies -- directly support definition, specification and design of the most effective countermeasures solutions to challenge modern threat weapon systems and their associated [C.sup.3] networks.

NORTHROP ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS DIVISION, 600 Hicks Rd., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-1098, Phone: (708) 259-9600, Fax: (708) 870-5713

Chief Executive: James L. Owsley, VP and general manager AOC Contact: Robert Meehan, senior director of business development

Northrop's Electronics Systems Division-Rolling Meadows (IL) Site is one of the leading suppliers of airborne radar and infrared electronic countermeasures (ECM) systems. These systems protect airborne platforms by disrupting the operations of enemy radar and radar-guided weapon systems. The company supplies the widest variety of RF and IR countermeasures systems of any US contractor, including systems on the F-15, F-16, and F-18 fighters and the B-1B and B-52 bombers, as well as various helicopters.

The AN/ALQ-135 Internal Countermeasures Set (ICS) protects the USAF's F-15 front-line tactical fighter. A highly integrated defensive system for tactical aircraft, the AN/ALQ-135 makes extensive use of state-of-the-art technologies such as hybrid circuits, microwave integrated circuits, gate arrays and multi-octive traveling wave tubes. The ICS jams enemy radar signals automatically, and because it is installed internally aerodynamic performance and maneuverability are not affected. The system software is reprogrammable, allowing the system to be continually updated and adapted to meet changing threats.

The company has manufactured more than 1,300 AN/ALQ-135 internal countermeasures sets for the USAF's and international F-15 fighter and currently produces an upgraded version with enhanced capability and reliability to protect the F-1 5 well beyond the year 2000.

The AN/ALQ-162 is a technologically advanced continuous wave jamming system that is used by a larger variety of aircraft than any other jamming system being produced. More than 540 systems have been delivered to the US Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Army and the air forces of Canada, Denmark and Spain. Additionally, Kuwait is equipping its air forces with the AN/ALQ-162. Packaged in a 40-lb box that occupies less than 0.5 cu ft, the ALQ-162 is designed for internal or wing pylon installation on virtually every type of fixed-wing and rotary-wing tactical aircraft.

The AN/ALO-162 jammer operates independently with its own receiver/processor or in conjunction with a variety of in-service radar warning receivers. The system is fully software reprogrammable to meet new and evolving threats and includes extensive built-in test capability to improve maintainability.

Northrop has produced more than 10,000 AN/ALO-155 jamming transmitters in support of the USAF B-52 Strategic Fleet. For the past 25 years, Northrop has been conducting design, development, test and evaluation programs to develop hardware and software necessary to improve the AN/ALQ-155 system to meet the latest mission requirements.

Additionally, Northrop has been a major supplier of ECM equipment for the B-1B Defensive System under contract to the system integrator, AIL. It is Northrop's intent to be a viable source for ECM equipment to the USAF and participate in recommending product improvements by maintaining active programs in the areas of threat intelligence, threat measurement and countermeasures techniques development.

The division also produces the jamming transmitter and associated equipment for Zeus, an advanced, fully integrated ECM system built by Marconi Defence Systems for the United Kingdom's Harrier GR-5 vertical/short take-off and landing aircraft.

Northrop is a pioneer among US companies in IRCM. The Rolling Meadows Site's modular infrared transmitting set (MIRTS) is a follow-on to Northrop's family of IRCM systems, the AN/AAQ-4 internal and AN/AAQ-8 pod-mounted IRCM sets. MIRTS, a low-cost, enhanced technology unit, protects helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft from heat-seeking missiles. The AN/AAQ-8 is in full-scale production for the Air Force. MIRTS is currently in production for foreign customers. Various IRCM upgrades are in process for multiple US Special Operations aircraft.

THOMSON-CSF, Cedex 67,92045 Paris La Defense, France, Phone: +(33.1), Fax: +(33.1)

Chief Executive: Alain Gomez, CM and CEO AOC Contact: Patrick Henin, director, EW coordination (

WATKINS-JOHNSON CO., 3333 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, Phone: (415) 493-4141, Fax: (415) 813-2402

Chief Executive: W. Keith Kennedy, Jr., CEO AOC Contact: Stephen B. Witmer, manager, communications

Watkins-Johnson Co. (NYSE/WJ), now in its fourth decade of growth, is a diversified corporation specializing in defense electronics manufacturing, commercial equipment production and environmental consulting services, with annual sales of approximately $277 million.

W-J's Defense Group manufactures complete turnkey systems for a variety of defense electronics missions. The company's vertically integrated product line -- ranging from modular receivers and signal-processing units to integrated microwave assemblies, single-function components and microwave semiconductors -- provides the principal building blocks of those major systems.

W-J is a key supplier of devices and subsystems for guidance and signal processing functions aboard guided missiles and other modern weapon systems. Other products find application in tactical and strategic surveillance, reconnaissance, analysis and test systems for the US Department of Defense and the military forces of the free world.

The company also produces commercial equipment for semiconductor manufacturing, flat-panel-display production and automatic testing of electronic assemblies.

W-J's environmental services operation offers technical expertise in hydrogeology and related resource sciences. Professional services range from the exploration, development and use of groundwater resources to the detection and remediation of aquifer contamination.

Today, approximately 2,500 people are employed by the company, with corporate headquarters located in Palo Alto, CA. Additional manufacturing facilities are maintained in San Jose and Scotts Valley, CA; Gaithersburg and Savage, MD; and Windsor, England. Environmental services offices are located in Santa Ana and Palo Alto, CA; and Denver, CO.

WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS GROUP, PO Box 746, Baltimore, MD, 21203, Phone: (410) 765-2225/4900, Fax: (410) 765-4597

Chief Executive: Sal Cuomo, general manager AOC Contact: W. Steve Howse, marketing manager, EW Division.

Westinghouse is a world leader in electronic warfare products, with over 4,000 systems deployed around the globe. The Electronic Warfare Division of Westinghouse has excelled in the development and production of a broad base of technologically advanced, current and future threat-responsive EW systems for over.25 years, commencing with the defensive EW suite for the B-70 bomber, through the ALQ-101/119 ECM Systems in the '70s, the ALQ-131 Tactical ECM Pod in the '80s and the ALQ-165 ECM System for the '90s, all carried by current and future tactical aircraft. Rounding out this EW product base is the ALQ-153 Missile Warning System flown on B-52 bombers and successfully tested on the B-1 and tactical aircraft as well. In the Desert Storm campaign, Westinghouse EW systems successfully accomplished the self-protection function for 75% of USAF aircraft involved in combat operations, as well as numerous allied aircraft. Westinghouse designs EW systems with advanced reprogrammability to be responsive to any new threat contingency.

Westinghouse is one of only a handful of global companies which have the broad engineering skills, experience and production facilities to undertake both state-of-the-art EW systems as well as highly advanced airborne fire control radars, next-generation processors and computers and multidimensional surface search radars. This synergistic dual-hatted EW and radar engineering design capability under one roof is unique in the industry and establishes Westinghouse as the technical leader for ECM and ECCM.

The Electronic Warfare Division is part of the Electronic Systems Group located at the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport site in Baltimore, MD. This division, headed by Mr. Sal Cuomo, general manager, is the focal point for all EW EMD and production programs. It is supported by its sister Development and Engineering Division for exploratory and advanced development programs, and by the Electro Optical Department within the Aerospace Division for passive missile warning programs. A full range of post delivery logistics and support -- automatic test equipment, test programs sets and a complete Logistics Repair Center -- round out the full range of Westinghouse "cradle to grave" services.

The Advanced Technology Laboratory collocated with the EW Division at BWI develops the new technology required for Westinghouse EW and radar systems, and includes Gallium Arsenide, Very High Speed Integrated Circuits (VHSIC); Monolithic Microwave (MMIC) Assemblies; Wafer Scale integration; Low Temperature Co Fired Ceramics (LTCC) -- all representative of the technology base applied for the design, production and updates of Westinghouse-produced EW systems. At the other end of the spectrum, special simulation and test equipment are available to realistically test new systems.

The BWI site includes a certified Aircraft Modification Facility -- two modern hangars -- necessary to install systems into test aircraft for flight evaluation. It is connected to the BWI airport by a taxi way for ready access by aircraft.

Current internal development programs include ECM, ESM, passive and active missile warning systems, high-speed compact signal and data processors, as well as integrated EW systems which combine these individual functions into affordable advanced performance systems capable of meeting today's and tomorrow's new threat needs.


AAI CORP., PO Box 126, Hunt Valley, MD 21030, Phone: (301) 628-3115, Fax: (301) 628-3215

Chief Executive: Thomas Murphy, president AOC Contact: John Aprahamian

Today, with over 2,000 employees around the world and as one of the nation's top-ranking defense contractors, AAI designs and manufactures a wide range of highly sophisticated products in six business areas: test systems, training systems and services. mechanical systems, unmanned systems, weather systems and transportation systems.

AAI's test systems include three highly differentiated threat generation systems. The Advanced Standard Threat Generator (AN/ALM-234), the Frequency Agile Multiple Emitter Simulator (FAMES) and the Improved Radar Simulator (AN/APM-427) provide distinctive capabilities and a broad spectrum of applications in laboratories. anechoic chambers, training facilities and on the flight line. AAI capabilities also include technology upgrades of electronic warfare test and training ranges. AAI is also the country's leading producer of Modular Automatic Test Equipment Systems, a US Air Force program designed to standardize test equipment for greater efficiency.

AAI's training systems and services are geared to ensuring military readiness through systems that save both lives and money. One such product, the Pierside Combat System Team Trainer which was developed for the US Navy's use, provides a realistic, economical alternative to at-sea exercises. Another, the Simulator for Electronic Combat Training (SECT), will be used to support the Air Training Command's EWO Training Course. The SECT will consist of four single-place student stations, each capable of independent operation, and one dual-place instructor console capable of monitoring and controlling all student stations.

Mechanical systems products include the munitions handling trailer, which provides precise control of loading cruise missiles into air craft. The trailer uses an easily controlled hydraulic system that is both accurate and efficient, reducing load time. AAI is also the sole supplier of shipboard cargo-handling systems for the US Navy. Its orders for the product continue into the next century.

Our unmanned systems capabilities include air vehicles, flight electronics, data links, a variety of sensor payloads, mission planning control stations and other support equipment. In addition, we have demonstrated capabilities in lightweight and high-precision gimbals and heavy fuel rotary engines.

ADVANCED COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS, INC., 7845-N Airpark Rd., Gaithersburg, MD 20879, Phone: (301) 670-9111, Fax: (301) 670-9072

Chief Executive: Robert A. Caton, AOC Contact: Michaeline M. Kolbicka

ADVANCED RESEARCH CORP., 11260 Roger Bacon Dr., Suite 400, Reston, VA 22090, Phone: (703) 742-6600, Fax: (703) 742-6605

Chief Executive: Robert E. Todd, president AOC Contact: Robert S. Hentz, VP

The Advanced Research Corp. was founded in November 1980 in the belief that responsive system engineering was needed in the growing information age. The first three years focused on the development and refinement of the corporate technology base. The following years witnessed Advanced Research's engineering and development of sophisticated communications and automated data processing (ADP) capabilities for national security programs. Among the company's most significant achievements has been the establishment of a solid reputation in the areas of command, control, communications, and intelligence; information security; office automation; local area networking; and specialized communications. The company's performance and innovative solutions within this environment will ensure a place for Advanced Research in future high-technology programs. Advanced Research operating principles stress excellence, cost-effectiveness and responsive performance in all endeavors. Gross sales for the last four quarters (ending June 30, 1991) were $1.3 million.

AGEMA INFRARED SYSTEMS, 550 County Ave., Secaucus, NJ 07094, Phone: (201) 867-5390, Fax: (201) 867-2191

Chief Executive: Philip H. Smith, president AOC Contact: Maria Capela

AGEMA Infrared Imaging Systems manufactures infrared imaging radiometers and data acquisition systems for use in advanced IR signature and countermeasures research as well as hand-held and air- and vehicle-borne forward-looking infrared (FLIR) surveillance systems.

Military and defense-related research applications for AGEMA's Thermovision[R] series 900 systems include target and background signature development, ordnance or rocket motor testing, missile exhaust plume flow visualization, the analysis of materials and composites under thermal and mechanical stress and the investigation of the thermal behavior of electronic components and systems.

The Thermovision 900 series systems utilize 12-bit digital image processing and advanced microcomputer design and data storage to capture and facilitate the analysis, in the field or at a desktop laboratory workstation, of the full dynamic range of static or dynamic thermal events.

Other specially designed, highly portable Thermovision imagers are used in a variety of surveillance applications, including border and perimeter monitoring and air and seaborne search and rescue and tracking operations.

The Thermovision 210-B, a self-contained, hand-held surveillance camera, weighs just over 3 lbs and produces TV-quality images in real time.

The Thermovision 1000 is a forward-looking infrared scanner designed for a wide range of airborne and terrestrial surveillance, search and rescue missions which combines 12-bit digital technology; a new, high-efficiency scanning module; and a reliable, integral closed cycle cooler to produce a fully integrated, high-definition, TV-rate thermal image from long range and at night or under hazy, daytime conditions.

All components, including its dual field of view lens, are housed in a single, 12-lb unit, which can be operated from a separate, remote control pad. When necessary, the system's setup and its self-diagnostic parameters can be quickly reviewed using a simple, hand-held or notebook computer, and either SVGA or RS170 output can be used for monitoring or videotape recording.

AIL SYSTEMS, INC., Commack Road, Deer Park, NY 11729, Phone: (516) 595-3095, Fax: (516) 595-6639

Chief Executive: James M. Smith, president and CEO AOC Contact: Carol Darling, exhibits manager

In September 1945, Airborne Instruments Laboratory (now AIL) was established in Mineola, NY, by a group of scientists from the wartime research organizations at Columbia, MIT and Harvard universities. This group of some 100 individuals had participated in the accelerated development of electronic wartare equipment during World War 11. Their success in building a high-technology engineering company with a reputation for creativity and innovation flourished in the following decades.

Today, AIL is an industry leader in the design and development of high-technology electronic countermeasures equipment for the US government. Our most recent major EW products are the ALQ-99 electronic countermeasures system aboard Navy EA-6B and Air Force EF-111 aircraft, the electronic intelligence system for the SR-71 Blackbird aircraft and the ALQ-161 defense avionics system for the Air Force's B-1B bomber.

Recent major awards include the EF-111A Systems improvement Program (SIP) award in which we are teamed with lead SIP contractor Grumman Aerospace. AIL will complete full-scale development of a new Encoder Computer Interface, and will modify two AN/ALQ-99 receivers for the EF-111A SIP. In addition, we successfully demonstrated advanced exciter technologies for incorporation into the upgraded jamming system which were used as the basis for including a Digital-Based Exciter (DBE) development as part of the SIP FSED activity.

A recent US Navy award is for the new Universal Exciter Upgrade (UEU) program which will incorporate the DDS technology we successfully demonstrated in 1991 to provide the EA-6B with enhanced jamming capabilities.

Advanced technology programs provide the opportunity to continue our leadership in defense electronics. Several recent awards in this key area include the development of a High-accuracy Laser Warning Receiver, the design and development of a SAW Compressive Channelizer interferometer (SCCI) ESM Receiver, the development of a new modular radar program for the US Army which resulted in the TPS-74 mast mountable pulse compression/pulse Doppler radar and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) AN/APS-144 pulse compression/pulse Doppler radar that weighs less than 100 lbs.

AIL is a subsidiary of Eaton Corp. with its own board of directors headed by Neil A. Armstrong as chairman. We employ 1,600 people and forecast a sales base in the $200 to $300 million range for 1992 and the following few years, with increasing sales in the longer term.

In response to a changing marketplace, we have restructured the company to increase AIL's competitiveness within traditional markets. and have created new strategic business units to expand our business in space systems, transportation and navigation and partnerships with foreign corporations.

AMHERST SYSTEMS INC., 30 Wilson Rd., Buffalo, NY 14221, Phone: (716) 631-0610, Fax: (716) 631-0629

Chief Executive: Charles Dowdell, president AOC Contact: Robert L. Cockrell, director, business development

Amherst Systems Inc. is a Buffalo, NY, based employee-owned small business company with over 17 years in the evaluation and testing of EW systems. Amherst Systems produces state-of-the-art RF, IR/EO and software simulation and measurement products associated with EW/EC systems test, evaluation, validation and training. Some of the major products include:

* CEESIM (Combat Electromagnetic Environment Simulator) is the most advanced RF EW threat simulator available, designed to generate realistic simulations of all known radar signals for testing electronic warfare receivers and processor systems in a laboratory, anechoic chamber or fielded environment. CEESIM provides state-of-the-art signal fidelity, emitter and platform density, platform motion resolution and a new, modern operator interface designed with multi-windows capability. CEESIMs employ this unique graphics window-oriented operator interface and provide maximum operator usability even at the first use. RISS (Real-time infrared Scene Simulator) is an infrared simulator that generates realtime complex IR scenes for testing IR receiver systems in a laboratory environment. The RISS generates targets and false targets in the presence of background, glint, countermeasures and atmospheric effects for every pixel in the field of view. IR sensor systems under test are driven by a Receiver Interface Unit which can inject the electrical signal directly into the IR EW processing electronics, IR signals directly into the system, optical front-end or can also drive an infrared projection system directly.

* REPS (Radar Echo Pulse Simulator) generates radar return signals, for testing radar systems and radar processor systems. REPS generates the return signals which would normally by received by the radar antenna system, and couples these signals directly into the receiver channel(s) with correct amplitude, phase and RF values, including correct echo pulse signal modulations and ECM combinations.

* The SMS (Signal Measurements Systems) (1) measures the ECM response of EW systems, (2) verifies the correctness of RF threat simulator-generated signals and (3) supports calibration and fault isolation of unmanned fielded threat simulators in which the SMS is installed.

* TEEVAL (Tactics and Equipment Evaluator) provides the ability to couple a man in the loop with EW systems or EW systems models with manned or unmanned integrated avionics equipment in a laboratory environment. It produces threat scenarios which are reactive and interactive with the RF or IR system under test.

ANAREN MICROWAVE, INC., 6635 Kirkville Rd., PO Box 178, E. Syracuse, NY 13057, Phone: (315) 432-8909, Fax: (315) 432-9121

Chief Executive: Hugh Hair, president AOC Contact: Larry Sala, PM and business development

Founded in 1967 to service the defense electronics industry, Anaren's capabilities, methods and facilities match or exceed those of major divisions of large defense prime contractors; and we are more competitive. Whether the requirement is development or volume production, we are equipped to handle most contractual requirements. For special requirements, we are networked to provide complementary team members, usually other small businesses or university-related specialists.

Anaren Designs Systems: Anaren has depth -- a sophisticated supporting technical base. Originally known for microwave components, we are now vertically integrated; we produce components through complete systems. Our expertise traditionally is in microwave to digital receiver systems, generally for EW requirements. Recent developments have involved us increasingly in high-speed data processing as well as platform-related installation requirements on avionics and shipboard installations. Anaren is currently involved in flight tests as well as sea trials of advanced equipment for significant upgrades of US systems.

Anaren Serves the Export Defense Market: Anaren, as well as supporting the US defense effort, maintains an international presence. in the past, our exports have made up over 40% of our total sales and our products are well known throughout the world. We maintain a wholly owned 35,000-sq-ft facility in Frimley, England, that both supports our exports by providing repair and maintenance, and produces EW-related simulation equipment for the international and US markets. Sales of many of our products are handled through a representative system, giving us more than 60 sales offices worldwide.

In summary, Anaren is a complete and unique small business serving the defense market. Our components, subsystems and systems capabilities lend themselves to airborne, shipborne and ground based application. Although our evolution and experience has primarily been in the EW-related defense area, we are eager to expand our base to related markets where our strengths can make a difference.

APCOM, INC., B-4 Metropolitan Ct., Gaithersburg, MD 20878, Phone: (301) 948-5900, Fax: (301) 948-1631

Chief Executive: Gary W. Gallupe, president AOC Contact: Steven M. Neubauer, sales manager

APCOM, Inc. designs and manufactures a variety of signal processing peripherals, specializing in Tempest designs for use by the surveillance and telemetry markets. APCOM offers a wide range of standard products and also designs equipment to satisfy specific customer requirements. The standard product line includes analog, IF, RF and digital distribution amplifiers; VHF/UHF modular receiving systems; frequency converters (tunable and fixed frequency for analog and digital recorders); spectrum display units; multiplexers and demultiplexers; and switch matrices.

Many of the APCOM products are available in both standard rackmount versions and in miniaturized units designed for easy transport and use in confined spaces. Please contact APCOM's sales office for specific information.

C. PLATH GMBH, Nautisch-Elektronische Technik, Gotenstrasse 18, D-2000 Hamburg 1, Germany, Phone: +(040) 23734-0, Fax: +(040) 23734173

Chief Executive: Jurgen Wachtler, managing director AOC Contact: Peter Moritz

History and Program: C. Plath GmbH, Nautisch-Elektronische Technik, Hamburg, was founded in 1954. It is majority owned by Atlas Bremen; the other shareholders are Litton Systems and Jurgen Wachtler, who acts as managing director. The company is well known all over the world as a DF manufacturer. Since the first visual radio direction finders were approved for marine navigation, 130 Plath experts have often given fresh impetus to progress in EW as well. Several coasts have been fitted with Plath marine emergency direction finder networks to protect human lives.

NATO countries are equipped with automated radio reconnaissance systems. Deliveries to post and security organizations have led to international recognition by DF users.

Watson-Watt Principle: As to EW requirements, Plath has decided to adhere to the multichannel Watson-Watt principle for both mobile and fixed operation. This principle has given excellent proof of its value for short-time direction finding and locating weak signals. The three-channel compact direction finder SFP 5200 matches today's general requirement for automatic operation and single-site location. For the purpose of monitoring frequency hoppers, DF receivers based on the Fast Fourier principle are provided.

Real-Time Broadband DF Receiver: The DFP 5300, as the latest generation of DF receivers. not only provides reliable detection of transmitters which use modern radio techniques -- including burst mode, frequency hopping and spread spectrum -- but also expands into a new dimension with a higher quality level for the display and evaluation of conventional transmissions.

Non-Military Activities: According to company policy adopted by C. Plath GmbH, conscious efforts are being made all the time to safeguard the civil "leg" of the company by producing equipment for merchant vessels. These efforts have produced highly useful effects in the quest for economic solutions in the military development field.

CARTWRIGHT ELECTRONICS INC., 655 West Valencia Dr., Fullerton, CA 92632-2104, Phone: (714) 525-2300, Fax: (714) 525-9461

Chief Executive: B.L. Leathers, president and CEO AOC Contact: Robert A. Bradley, VP, business development

Cartwright Electronics was founded in 1968, expressly to serve the defense community. The company is recognized as a leading supplier of sophisticated Doppler radar systems for the Department of Defense.

The company has been involved with a host of programs that satisfy a widevariety of special electronic mission goals. Among the highlights are:

* advanced radar technology missile warning equipment and electronic warfare subsystems employing similar advanced radar technologies

* high-resolution radar for airborne and ground-based scoring systems

* coherent radar imaging of approaching missiles for both scalar and vector scoring

* sophisticated, very high speed signal processing for real-time radar imaging applications

* Miss Distance Indicator System (MDIS) sensor with antennas, and post-mission data processing services and equipment for exoatmospheric strategic missile defense experiments.

* multisensor integrated acoustic/RF equipment with particular application to area weapons scoring systems for attack helicopters and close air support aircraft crew training

* maintenance and flight line microwave test equipment.

CERAMIC DEVICES, INC., 8145 Ronson Rd., San Diego, CA 92111, Phone: (619) 560-7575, Fax: (619) 560-4906

Chief Executive: Mr. Ivan Sarda, president and CEO AOC Contact: Linda Parrish

Ceramic Devices, Inc. (CDI) was founded in San Diego in 1982 to provide filtering solutions to electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems which plague manufacturers of high-performance, high-reliability electronic systems.

EMI is an intermittent or continuous noise which is radiated or conducted into or out of electronic equipment, disrupting the normal operation of electronic systems. Sources of EMI include broadcast transmitters, motors, power supplies and microwave devices. High-frequency EMI is often catastrophically disruptive to sensitive electronic circuits, and the characteristics of this noise seldom can be predicted for the system's operating environment.

Elimination of these undesirable signals is usually accomplished during field testing of the system, and hence, solutions require creativity under extreme time constraints. Designing EMI-free circuit housings, including access and egress for "pure" signal and power lines in military and aerospace electronic systems, is usually accomplished using combinations of discoidal multilayer ceramic capacitors and ferrite inductors in a filter assembly.

CDI, led by Ivan G. Sarda (who is recognized as an authority of EMI filtering after 25 years of experience in the industry), is adept at designing EMI filters for electronic circuits operating in hostile EMI environments. The company is a small, military-qualified business whose growth has been accomplished by quickly providing innovative solutions to EMI problems encountered by military and aerospace users. A fully integrated filter manufacturer, CDI fabricates the highest quality discoidal multilayer capacitors. High-volume manufacturing of complex multicomponent filters to meet specifications, and subjecting these assemblies to testing and burn-in requirements are routine at CDI.

CHRYSLER TECHNOLOGIES AIRBORNE SYSTEMS, INC., 7500 Maehr Rd., Waco, TX 76705, Phone: (817) 799-5533, Fax: (817) 867-4230

Chief Executive: Russ Pacey, president AOC Contact: Jerry Hare, director of marketing

Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems (CTAS) is headquartered in Waco, TX, just 95 miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. CTAS is located on the TSTC Airport which has an FAA tower, VOR and ILS approaches to its 8,600 x 150 ft runway and specializes in widebody aircraft and VIP interiors.

CTAS is an FAA-certified Class 4 Repair Station and has a Mil-Q-9858, FAR-2, -43 and -145, approved quality program in place. Specific business areas include structural design and modification, installation and integration of electronic systems, VIP interior modification, electronic warfare application, special mission equipment and sales of the C-27A transport aircraft. CTAS has performed major electronic systems integration to entire fleets of aircraft on 707, 747, C-1 35, P-3, A-3 and DC-8 type aircraft. These modifications also include self-protection systems. Aircraft modified by CTAS include B747 (all series) DC-10, KC-10, 707, EC-135, KC-135, E-6, E-3, P-3, A-3, DC-8, C-5, C-141, C-130, E-4B, C-27A, G-IV, King Air E-90, Cheyenne Ill, OH-58 and EH-60 (Blackhawk).

CTAS's commercial aircraft programs include major structural modifications, such as passenger-to-cargo conversions, Section 41, as well as VIP interior modifications on 747-400 aircraft.

CTAS has all modern facilities which include the following:

* Hangars: 329,000 sq ft

* Ramps: 3,240,000 sq ft

* Fabrication: 138,000 sq ft

* Backshops: 107,000 sq ft

* Warehouse: 296,000 sq ft

* Offices: 237,000 sq ft; CTAS hangars can house up to five widebody (B747) aircraft with additional narrow-body aircraft simultaneously in an environmentally controlled atmosphere.

CONDOR SYSTEMS, INC., 2133 Samaritan Dr., San Jose, CA 95124, Phone: (408) 371-9580 Fax: (408) 371-9589

Chief Executive: Thomas R. Mulcahy, CEO AOC Contact: Traci Telles, sales coordinator

Condor Systems, Inc. is an independent, privately held defense contractor headquartered in San Jose, CA. Condor is a recognized leader in the development and production of technologically advanced SIGINT equipment and systems used for signals collection and analysis. The company has a distinguished record of working with its customers to determine their requirements, developing costeffective solutions which incorporate the latest technology and providing extraordinary support services.

The company has reinvested a significant portion of its profits into research and development which stresses long-term growth over short-term profits and product excellence over lowest possible cost. Condor has earned a reputation as the maker of the highest quality SIGINT receivers and collection systems equipment in the US -- allowing it to continue to grow and expand its share of the reconnaissance and ESM niches of the electronic warfare defense budget despite a general decline in defense spending.

Condor is the largest supplier of SIGINT microwave receiver/DF systems to the US Navy and Air Force and has recently been selected by the US Army as its Common Sensor ELINT/ESM supplier. The company's product line includes:

* Antennas, Downconverters and Receivers (20 MHz to 110 Ghz) -- Condor manufacturers a wide variety of high-performance antennas, millimeter-wave downconverters and receivers which can be used on airborne, shipborne and mobile, portable and fixed land-based platforms.

* Signal Processors and Digitizers -- Condor's newest product area includes wideband (500-MHz bandwidth) ELINT/ESM signal processors and high-speed (up to 2 Gsamples/sec) digitizers.

* Systems -- The company manufactures a full range of sophisticated general search, signal collection, direction finding, range monitoring and signal processing and analysis systems.

DATATAPE, INC., 360 Sierra Madre Vilia, Pasadena, CA 91109, Phone: (818) 796-9381, Fax: (818) 351-0276

CEO: Gordon A. Smith, president and CEO AOC Contact: Vincent Jones, director, marketing and product management

For 35 years, Datatape has offered the finest selection of high-performance magnetic tape recorder/reproducer systems available for use in space, in the air, on and under the sea and on land for use in hostile, semi-hostile, industrial and laboratory environments. We are committed to our customers' complete satisfaction and have an aggressive TQM program in place that emphasizes employee training to ensure that we fully satisfy our customers' needs and expectations.

Datatape provides products and services primarily to the industrial test-instrumentation and mass-data-storage markets, which include universities and commercial firms that design and manufacture consumer products, and scientific organizations that collect and store experimental data. Our mass-storage data recorders exchange high-speed data through parallel buses, thus enabling users' supercomputers to operate at full capacity. Datatape's new generation of rotary-head digital tape recorders are designed to economically solve our customers' data-storage problems.

DEACONS, INC., 13423 Pocono Ct., Herndon, VA 22070, Phone: (703) 418-3715, Fax: (703) 418-3649

Chief Executive and AOC Contact: Marcus D. Scharf, president

Founded in 1979, DEACONS, Inc., a Washington, DC, based electronic defense consulting firm, actively provides consulting services to various defense- and aerospace-oriented corporations. Our staff, with extensive DOD development, acquisition, test and evaluation and operational experience, offers the aggressive marketing assistance, technical advice and related services that are needed to win and retain acquisition programs. A strong background in international business development, licensing requirements, foreign military financing and security assistance enhances business opportunities for clients involved in or wishing to expand into international defense business.

DEACONS is ideally situated to provide expertise to corporations experiencing reorganization or restructuring resulting from reduced US defense requirements. We also can be particularly helpful in supporting companies that do not have a Washington, DC, area office.

DEFENSE ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE, 6300 S. Syracuse Way, #650, Englewood, CO 80111, Phone: (303) 220-0600, Fax: (303) 773-9716

Chief Executive and AOC Contact: Kathryn Walsh, publisher

DYNETICS, INC., PO Drawer B, Huntsville, AL 35814-5050, PHONE: (205) 922-9230, FAX: (205) 922-9255

Chief Executive: Dr. M.J. Bendickson, president AOC Contact: Mr. E.K. Jackson

Dynetics, a small business incorporated in Alabama in 1974, brings together outstanding engineering, scientific, and other professionals in an integrated, highly motivated team capable of applying modern analysis and management techniques and advanced technology concepts to solve complex problems of national interest.

Since the company was founded, it has earned a reputation for providing excellent and innovative research, development, and engineering support to a diverse group of government agencies and commercial firms in:

* weapons systems engineering

* sensor design

* radars

* software engineering

* program management

* simulation

* systems assessment

* systems analysis

* analysis, fabrication

* analysis of US and foreign weapon systems

* testing.

In April 1989, the employees of Dynetics joined together to purchase the company from its founders. This bold act increased the already high level of employee loyalty and commitment. Dynetics has been able to increase staffing and attract and retain high-quality technical and support people. Dynetics has over 300 employees and annual revenues of over $30 million.

Dynetics has an educated and experienced professional technical staff to perform the broad range of work needed by our customers. In addition to the Headquarters, Dynetics maintains offices in Fort Walton Beach, FL; Dayton, OH; and Rockland, MA. A staff of experts in security, contracts, publications, management, accounting and human resources assists them in providing that support to customers. Superior facilities and equipment round out Dynetics' capabilities.

Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, Dynetics was named the 1990 Small Business of the Year by the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce. Dynetics is one of a select group of firms that has been awarded the James Cogswell Award for Outstanding industrial Security -- three times: 1981, 1989 and 1991.

EG&G DEFENSE SYSTEMS GROUP, PO Box 93747, Las Vegas, NV 89193-3747, Phone: (702) 369-3666, Fax: (702) 369-3241

Chief Executive. William T. Barrett, president AOC Contact: Eric M. Osgood, manager, (702) 733-7927

EG&G Defense Systems Group (DSG) is a major product sector of EG&G, Inc., a Fortune 200 company with more than 35,000 employees, 1991 sales of $2.6 billion and offices in 30 states and 21 foreign countries.

EG&G Defense Systems has seven operating divisions which provide high-quality engineering services and military-grade components and systems to the defense sectors of the US and foreign governments.

EG&G Frequency Products manufactures frequency control devices, including crystals, filters and oscillators.

Rubidium clocks, electronic and electro-explosive high-energy switching devices are designed and manufactured by EG&G Electronic Components.

Mil-Standard low-voltage power supplies, DC/DC converters and related power switching/conversion modules are designed and manufactured by EG&G Power Systems.

Systems engineering, operation and maintenance services, and test range equipment upgrades are provided by Washington Analytical Services and EG&G Special Projects. These two divisions possess extensive background in electronic warfare systems and sensors. EG&G Special Projects, Albuquerque Operations, specializes in design, development, and deployment of EMP simulators and test equipment.

Operations and maintenance services of radar signature facilities and test and evaluation support at White Sands Missile Range are provided by EG&G Management Systems.

EG&G Defense Materials is presently providing design and construction management for the US Army's Chemical/demilitarization Program.

EG&G Defense Systems Group (DSG) operates sensitive, secure facilities throughout its divisions and has a large cache of DOD-cleared personnel. The breadth of company capability spans the technical spectrum from design and qualification of precision parts, through systems engineering and integration activities involving both US and foreign sensor systems. The DSG possesses extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of sophisticated data-collection sensors and data-reduction facilities typical of the environments found on DOD test and evaluation ranges.

ELECTRO-METRICS, INC., A Penril Corp., 100 Church St., Amsterdam, NY 12010-4299, Phone: (518) 843-2600, Fax: (518) 843-6775

Chief Executive: Kenneth W. Bach, president AOC Contact: Val J. Zabo, marketing coordinator

Electro-Metrics was founded in 1963 to design a series of instruments for automation of electromagnetic interference measurement. The success of those early efforts made the company a principal supplier of measurement receivers and systems for these applications. During the succeeding years the company's activities were expanded to include other test equipment and systems as well.

Electro-Metrics, Inc. now designs, develops and manufactures equipment, systems and antennas for a variety of communications applications. Principal applications include preselection, signal processing and demodulation equipment for use with spectrum analyzers, automated measurement systems for electromagnetic interference and high-power test systems for electromagnetic susceptibility. In addition, Electro-Metrics designs and integrates application-specific test systems for other communications applications.

In early 1990, Electro-Metrics undertook an aggressive growth plan to broaden its activities in the various communications product areas. This growth, through acquisition (from other companies) and development of new product lines, is in keeping with the data communications business of Electro-Metrics' parent company, Penril Datacomm Networks, Inc.

Electro-Metrics' headquarters, engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in the Mohawk Valley region of upstate New York.

ELECTRO-RADIATION INC. (ERI), 39 Plymouth St., Fairfield, NJ 07004, Phone: (201) 808-9033, Fax: (201) 808-9557

Chief Executive: Mario M. Casabona, CEO AOC Contact: Ted Schieber, VP business development

Since its founding in 1982, ERI has established itself as a highly respected entity in the extremely competitive EW industry. Our "products" are technical expertise, prototype development and product manufacturing.

ERI is divided into three areas: Government Systems Division, Technical Services Division and ERI Electronics Inc.

The Government Systems Division (GSD) provides specialized system engineering support, design, fabrication, testing, system design, analyses and simulation, along with flight-test planning and analyses. Strength is found in the broad knowledge the GSD engineers have of existing electronic systems and technology. including ECM, ESM, ELINT and communication jamming systems.

ERI's GSD products include digital receivers; sensor fusion processor for US Army helicopters; target augmentation for drones, expendables and UAVs; towed decoys: applications of high-temperature superconductivity; RWR trainer; flight-line expert systems for fault isolation; and applications of fiber optics to EW.

The Technical Services Division (TSD) provides short- and long-term technical support to government and industry in specific engineering/technical areas. TSD engineers have experience in system, software digital, analog, testing, production, QC and R&M and ILS to name a few.

ERI Electronics, Inc. (ERIE) provides engineering support design, development and manufacturing services to foreign customers. ERIE explores the international market for the export and import of high-technology products and services.

ELECTRONIC SUPPORT SYSTEMS, INC., 3342 Gateway Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538-6525, Phone: (510) 651-3042, Fax: (415) 651-8771

Chief Executive: William J. Keane, chairman AOC Contact: Lance Riggin, director of marketing

Electronic Support Systems, Inc. (ESSI) was founded in 1979 as a company focusing on the signal intelligence system user's mission requirements. Over the past 12 years, ESSI has developed an extensive array of equipment, subsystems and complete systems using an integrated design approach guided by our concern for the operator's perspective.

ESSI operates a 38,000-sq-ft facility in Fremont, CA, with additional offices in Arlington, VA, and Barbers Point, HI.

ESSI's reconnaissance and surveillance equipment covers a wide range of disciplines within the overall electronics intelligence arena, ranging from signal processors to turnkey systems. The company's experience extends to multioperator ESM systems such as the AN/USR-3 and AN/USR-4 and to related equipment including VHF/UHF receivers, microwave tuners and signal distribution subsystems,

Equipment and subsystem products include: pulse processors, audio and video switch matrices, radar scan converters and displays, mass storage subsystems, audio distribution units with integral loop recorders, high-speed UHF/VHF acquisition and search receivers, IFM receivers and microwave tuners covering 500 Mhz to 40 Ghz, RF and microwave distribution subsystems and relational data bases for EW applications.

Integration of ESSI's modular subsystem hardware with existing system or subsystem hardware is possible via a variety of standard digital interfaces and local area networks, resulting in high-performance, low-risk solutions tailored to meet specific signal collection requirements.

ESSI is dedicated to meeting the customer's needs by concentrating on the operational aspects of the problem at hand and providing solutions which are not only technically sound, but also well matched to the user and his environment.

ELETTRONICA SPA, Via Tiburtina km 13.7, 00131 ROME - Italy, Phone: (+39.6) 4364.1, Fax: (+39.6) 4192869

Chief Executive: Dr. Ing. Filippo Fratalocchi, president and managing director

AOC Contact: Chris Stegen, public relations manager

Elettronica Spa was founded in 1951 and is one of the very few companies almost exclusively dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of electronic defense equipment and systems providing advanced and effective solutions to the demands of the 1990s and beyond.

The company's product line covers all aspects of electronic warfare for airborne, ground and naval applications. Also it can avail itself of a unique in-house capability in the design and development of software, training aids, automatic test benches and logistic support programs, as well as the manufacture of special and key electronic components and subassemblies.

Airborne EW systems produced by Elettronica include self-protection suites (RWR plus advanced jammer) for high-performance combat aircraft, as well as jammers contained in pods qualified for supersonic flight. Airborne ESM/ELINT for installation in fixed-wing aircraft (such as early warning and maritime patrol) and helicopters are also important items in the company's platform-dedicated products.

Systems for naval applications range from powerful integrated systems, including ELINT/COMINT capabilities, for major warships to compact, lightweight systems for small craft and submarines.

Ground equipment includes mobile radar interceptor systems and electronic data collection systems (ELINT/COMINT) that may be associated to an electronic warfare analysis center.

Besides its major involvement in the defense business, Elettronica is also rapidly expanding its activities in the civilian market, especially in the field of space telecommunications, TV broadcasting and environmental control systems.

Elettronica presently employs a workforce of 1,350 at its main plant in Rome, with a floor space of more than 42,000 sq m. Subsidiaries have been established in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Greece.

EXCALIBUR SYSTEMS LTD., 215 Terence Matthews Crescent, Kanata,, Ontario, Canada, K2M 1X5, Phone: (613) 591-6000, Fax: (613) 591-6001

Chief Executive and AOC Contact: Maurice Herbert, president

Year of Incorporation: 1988. Growth since incorporation: Turnover doubled in each successive year. In the four years since incorporation, Excalibur has established a healthy customer base and a flourishing network of both potential and actual customers and contacts within both North America and Europe.

As a small company, Excalibur has made solid, continuous growth since incorporation, both in a time of recession and extreme caution on the part of financial institutions. The continuing growth of contract awards to Excalibur is attributable to several important factors:

* Excalibur's products have been shown to be equal or superior to those of its competitors

* Excalibur's prices are highly competitive

* Excalibur is strongly committed to quality control and formally designed and documented software development.


EW Simulation Systems: Excalibur has developed and continues to evolve the TS line of EW Simulation systems. This product family embodies state-of-the-art technology in the areas of system architecture, user interface software, high speed digital hardware. microwave circuits, broadband high-speed digital busses and real-time processing and control.

EW Personnel Training Systems: Variants of the TS product line are specially configured to provide comprehensive operator training capabilities for general and receiver specific applications.

EW Test and Verification Systems: Variants of the TS product line are specifically configured for test and verification applications.

Software Engineering: All of Excalibur's business interests require that the corporation produce high-quality engineering software. Our engineering software conforms to DOD-Std-2167A development requirements.

Spacecraft Simulation and Test: Development of a suite of software, consisting of 100,000 lines of code, for the formal test and verification of the RADARSAT space-borne synthetic aperture radar system. This software provides post-system test data processing and models portions of the radar.

Excalibur's EW simulation systems have been chosen by the following users:

* Royal Norwegian Navy

* US Navy (four systems)

* Royal Canadian Air Force

* Condor Systems Inc.

FORECAST INTERNATIONAL, 22 Commerce Rd., Newtown, CT 06470, Phone: (203) 426-0800, Fax: (203) 426-1964

Chief Executive: Edward M. Nebinger, president AOC Contact: Inez H. Johnson, executive VP

Forecast International (FI) is a privately owned research and publishing firm, founded in 1973. Its research covers all areas of the aerospace/defense and power systems regimes and is expanding to encompass other high-tech industries. In late 1989 Forecast International acquired its principal competitor. DMS. As part of this purchase, FI acquired the exclusive rights to three on-line data-base files with DIALOG, and is now the world's largest provider of marketing forecasts for the industries it serves. The current product line encompasses 26 marketing services, three analytical market intelligence letters and a large variety of specialized one-time reports and electronically produced products.

Forecast International/DMS specializes in long-range forecasts, designed to help strategic planners. It was the first to introduce regular 10-year forecasts in all of the areas it covers and now produces many specialized forecasts of 20 years or longer. It has developed a series of highly sophisticated data bases which company officials believe are the most complete and accurate of their type worldwide. Information is available on-line, on disks and through a licensing program for mainframe and personal computers.

Company philosophy stresses realistic forecasts based upon hard data and rational assumptions, and the firm prides itself on the quality and integrity of its work. Fl is independent of private or governmental interests and maintains an unbiased approach to the subject areas studied. Its conclusions are entirely its own, based upon an analysis of available information and tempered by the judgement of its analysts,

Forecast International/DMS also performs specialized proprietary research for companies and governments on a contract basis. To further broaden this effort, the Forecast Consulting Group draws upon the experience of a group of affiliated research consultants, specially selected from industry and government because of their diverse qualifications and experience.

WILLIAM H. GARDNER, INC., 1035 East Camino Diestro, Tucson, AZ 85737, Phone: (602) 575-9292

Chief Executive and AOC Contact: William H. Gardner, president

William H. Gardner, Inc. provides technical consulting services primarily in (but not limited to) the fields of US Army intelligence and electronic warfare and aviation. The corporation is currently in its 11th one-year contract with Grumman Aircraft Systems, Bethpage, NY.

IBM FEDERAL SYSTEMS COMPANY., Route 17C, Owego, NY 13827, Phone: (607) 751-5872, Fax: (607) 751-3259

Chief Executive: Gerald W. Ebker, IBM VP and Federal Sector Co. president AOC Contact: John Therriault

IBM's Federal Systems Company (FSC) facility in Owego, NY, provides its diverse customers with a wide array of value-added solutions in advanced research, systems integration management, hardware/software development, manufacturing and logistics support for a variety of federal, commercial and international customers.

FSC Owego has more than 35 years of experience and its business encompasses some 60 different programs. These programs provide solutions for the US Department of Defense (DOD), the UK Ministry of Defence, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and numerous aerospace companies and federal agencies. Specific systems/solutions, which operate in ground-based, ship, air and space-borne applications, include: the Light Airborne Multipurpose System (LAMPS) MK III ship/air system, the Merlin anti-submarine warfare system, Combat Talon II system, Army Special Operations Aircraft avionics and processors for the F-15 and E-3A aircraft; electronic support systems such as Wild Weasel F-4G, S-3B; and systems integration and information systems for the US Postal Service, Department of Energy, US Army, US Air Force Material Command and the Defense Logistics Agency.

IIT RESEARCH INSTITUTE, 10 West 35th St., Chicago, IL 60616, Phone: (312) 567-4001, Fax: (312) 567-4087

Chief Executive: John B. Scott, executive VP and CEO AOC Contact: Edward R. Jackson, senior VP, (410) 573-7001

IIT Research Institute (IITRI) is a nonprofit organization performing contract research and development for industry and government. IITRI's headquarters is in Chicago, IL, and it has R&D operations in Chicago; Annapolis, MD; Rome, NY; Dayton, OH; Huntsville, AL; Mount Arlington, NJ; White Sands, NM; San Diego, CA; and Washington, DC. IITRI provides engineering support services to the Defense Department's Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center. In Annapolis, IITRI employs 700 people involved in frequency management, communications electronics, compatibility analysis, systems analysis and computer applications. Based in Chicago, IITRI's microwave and electro-optics staff operate the Guidance and Control information Analysis Center and develop and test electronic warfare systems and components.

INTERNATIONAL IMAGING SYSTEMS, 1500 Buckeye Dr., Milpitas, CA 95035, Phone: (408) 432-3400, Fax: (408) 433-0965

Chief Executive: Richard T. Ashcroft, CEO AOC Contact: Jerry B. Caseman, federal account manager, (703) 734-0774

International Imaging Systems ([I.sup.2]S) has led the development and application of digital image processing technology since the mid-1960s. From the early stages as a major supplier of precision analytical instrumentation for remote sensing film products, [I.sup.2]S has emerged as the company whose name is synonymous with digital image processing solutions. Products range from high-performance image/graphics display processors to complete turnkey systems for remote sensing and mapping, in both commercial and military applications. Current products include:

* PR[I.sup.2]SM: A family of workstations that integrate existing photogrammetric methods with digital image processing technology to create the first line of truly production-oriented digital image-based mapping workstations with unmatched throughput and accuracy.

* AirPhoto/PR[I.sup.2]SM: A production workstation for producing orthorectified digital imagery as well as the generation, editing and densification of digital elevation models from aerial photography.

* SPOT/PR[I.sup.2]SM: A geo-processing workstation for producing terrain-corrected imagery and digital elevation models from SPOT level 1 imagery. In addition, SPOT level 1B, 2A, 2B and S data can also be generated from the level 1A imagery. It is a true precision correction platform for the production environment.

* Compilation/PR[I.sup.2]SM: PC 386/486 or Sun SPARC-based X-Windows visualization platform for performing soft-copy updating and evaluation of GIS or map data.

* Alpha 2000: A low-cost, first-order analytic stereoplotter. Software options include compilation, aerial triangulation data collection. DTM data collection and various interfaces and data translators for popular GIS and mapping systems. Superimposition is available as an option.

* BITE: A user-programmable, high-speed computational image-processing engine offering full floating-point precision operations.

* System 600: Integrated spatial data analysis software with modular packages for image processing, classification, map-based registration, filtering, data-base management, digital mapping and networking. In addition, data exchange link software is available for many spatial analysis packages, including a true vector/raster integrated ARC/INFO link. A full range of peripheral support software allows integration of camera input systems, scanners, plotters and film recorders within the System 600 environment.

With over 1,000 systems installed worldwide, 12S is the recognized leading supplier of turnkey image-processing/digital mapping systems. Further information on I'S products can be obtained from headquarters in Milpitas, CA.

KOR ELECTRONICS, INC., 11958 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA 92641, Phone: (714) 898-8200, Fax: (714) 895-7526

Chief Executive: Louis A. Greenbaum, president and CEO AOC Contact: Kevin Carnino, VP marketing

KOR Electronics designs, develops and manufactures major electronic warfare (EW) subsystems. KOR's primary products are digital RF memories (DRFMs) and the world's only DRFM-based radar target generators and electronic countermeasure (ECM) simulators. KOR Electronics has now delivered several powerful Generic Radar Target Simulators (GRTS) to overseas customers utilizing synthetic waveforms. KOR Electronics' products have been qualified to full military specifications and are also available for laboratory and industrial environments.

KOR DRFMs receive, capture, store, delay, alter, regenerate, synthesize and retransmit coherent RF pulses. KOR Electronics' DRFMs are currently used in system applications by all three branches of the US armed services and a number of major domestic and foreign prime contractors in both ground and airborne applications. KOR DRFMs can substantially enhance existing ECM system performance by replacing bulk delay lines, set-on VCOs, barrage noise generators, serrodyne modulators and frequency memory loops.

KOR Electronics' products employ thin film hybrids, MMIC and gallium arsenide gate arrays. We build DRFMs that cover the entire RF spectrum up to 100 GHz, with 1 to 10 bits of quantization, digital clock rates of up to 1 GHz and Doppler resolution of less than 1 Hz.

KOR Electronics' DRFM-based radar target generators and ECM simulators provide the most realistic simulation of modern complex radar and ECM systems. Our unique DRFM-based modular simulators are available in varying complexity - from simple flight line test sets to multirack installations which operate over the entire electromagnetic environment and produce targets that will be accepted and processed by the world's most sophisticated radars.

All of KOR Electronics' engineering design activity is performed on computer workstations, which include electrical mechanical design and an in-house ASIC design facility. KOR'S 30,000-sq-ft building houses all the tools, test and manufacturing equipment required for high-technology engineering, product development and manufacturing.

JULIAN LAKE ENTERPRISES, 31 Avon Rd., Binghamton, NY 13905, Phone: (607) 771-7528, Fax: (607) 771-7528

Chief Executive and AOC Contact: Julian S. Lake

LOCKHEED CANADA, INC., 1 Iber Rd., Ottawa, Canada K2S 4E6, Phone: (613) 738-4500, Fax: (613) 738-4510

Chief Executive: Larry A. Ashley, president AOC Contact: George Hendry, director, business development

Lockheed Canada designs, develops, manufactures and supports electronic warfare and related equipment for naval, land and airborne applications. The company is developing lines of business in electronic countermeasures, electronic support measures, electronic warfare training and simulation, airborne communications equipment and acoustics processing.

Lockheed Canada is now delivering the AN/SLQ-501 (CANEWS) ESM and the AN/SLQ-503 (RAMSES) ECM to the Canadian Navy DELEX, TRUMP and CPF programs. The company also provides its services to customers in the Netherlands, Peru, Argentina, Malaysia and Colombia.

Lockheed Canada has developed an ESM system for installation on off-shore patrol and landing craft, fast attack craft and mine countermeasures vessels. This easy-to-install, high-performance system weighs far less and is less costly than comparable equipment in service on larger ships today.

To easily expand the surveillance capabilities of all ESM systems for land, naval and airborne installations, Lockheed Canada has developed a millimeter-wave ESM subsystem. Modern design and the experienced application of fiber-optics, millimeter-wave and digital technologies increase the system's functionality while reducing its size, weight and cost.

Lockheed Canada, in cooperation with Canada's Department of National Defence, has defined an electronic support and training (EST) system which when combined with existing methods of EW training creates a cost-effective, real-time training environment for radar, communications, electronic countermeasures and electronic support measures operators.

LOCUS, INC., 2560 Huntington Ave., Alexandria, VA 22303, Phone: (703) 960-1000, Fax: (703) 960-7047

Chief Executive: Michael B. Geronimo, president AOC Contact: Robert P. Thompson, Jr.

Locus, Inc. provides systems engineering and technical assistance for specialized systems. Locus supports the Department of Defense (DOD) communities of SIGINT, electronic warfare, information technology and software development. Locus also manufactures high-quality microwave and RF components and products which address the needs of customers requirinq satellite and terrestrial communications and radar system components. In addition, Locus designs and develops products which are closely aligned with digital and RF simulator technologies. These products include radar signal and electronic environment simulation systems.

Our business strategy is based on commitments of quality for our customers, equal opportunity for our employees and our continued growth. These commitments are formed and strengthened by a business environment of impeccable integrity. Our investment in research and development is directed toward improving products and services to our customers, challenging our employees and strengthening our company s capabilities. The mutually high expectations of the company and its employees foster a quest for quality and ensuring profitability and growth.

Locus. Inc. was founded in 1968 to provide a variety of specialized scientific and engineering services and products for the defense industry. Since our founding, we have evolved into a diversified technology-based company with a customer base in both government and commercial markets. On October 1, 1986, we became a wholly owned subsidiary of Kaman Corp.

Located in Bloomfield, CT, Kaman, with more than $800 million in revenues is a highly diversified Fortune 500 company with business activities in defense, industrial and commercial markets,

MACAULAY-BROWN INC., 3915 Germany Ln., Dayton, OH 45431, Phone: (513) 426-3421, Fax: (513) 426-5362

Chief Executive: John D. MacAulay, president AOC Contact: Robert L. Staloch, manager, corporate development

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB) is a small business, growing steadily since 1979 to a company today with just under 100 people. MacB provides quality engineering and management services to the government and industry in all phases of electronic combat (EC). Our personnel have several hundred person-years of experience in the analysis, simulation, design, testing and operation of EC systems. Our experience and capabilities are summarized as follows:

* We perform complete simulation and analysis of system concept development and trade-off studies for system updates. For example, we have conducted component-level work with our Monopulse Technique Simulation (MTS) model, and one-on-one level scenario analysis with the TRAP model to many-on-many with SUPPRESSOR. We have generated many system development road maps for RF/IR warning systems, RF/IR countermeasures systems and reconnaissance systems.

* We have developed special ECM techniques and have analyzed and evaluated all types of monopulse countermeasures (Have Exit initiatives), including counters to pulse Doppler radars and missile seekers.

* We have developed computer models such as the MTS that allow one to evaluate specific ECM techniques against a threat and, in turn, develop performance measurements and performance sensitivities to parametric changes. We use. often with modifications, standard models such as ESAMS, TRAP. IMARS, SCARE and SUPPRESSOR to analyze and evaluate EC problems.

* We have had the lead role in exploiting many items of foreign equipment including airborne radars, missile seekers (IR and RF) and missile fuzes. We are threat systems experts working at all source security levels.

* We have worked many programs involving special platforms with special EC and/or reconnaissance equipment and have worked unconventional ECM or intelligence collection activities as part of such special projects. The world of strategic and tactical ELINT, COMINT and IMINT is one of our primary interests.

* We have supported over 85 EC test and evaluation projects involving tactical, strategic and special operations aircraft. Systems evaluated include active systems -- the ALQ-172, ALQ-131. ALQ-184 and Airborne Self-Protection Jammer (ASPJ); passive systems -- the ALR-56M, ALR-56C and ALR-621; and countermeasures dispensers -- the ALE-47. We have tested and analyzed EO/IR products including the Directional IRCM System, IR pointing and tracking systems and IRCM techniques data bases. Test support involved test planning, test data collection and processing, on-site test monitoring, data analysis and technical reporting.

At MacB, we do EC and much more. We can respond rapidly and efficiently to provide you with quality solutions. Communicate with us about your requirements. you will be glad you did.

MATRIX SYSTEMS CORP., 5177 North Douglas Fir Rd., Calabasas, CA 91302, Phone: (818) 222-2301, Fax: (818) 222-2304

Chief Executive and AOC Contact: Jack Singleton, president Matrix Systems is a California corporation founded in 1969 to answer the need for reliable and modular switching products to serve the communications, automatic test equipment and television industries. Matrix's first product was a unique compact coaxial switch module which is still in production today. The success of that first product pointed the way to the entire line of modular matrices and computer controlled switching devices.

A cornerstone of the Matrix philosophy has been the company's dedication to its products, and as a result, a large part of the operating revenues are continuously reinvested in development of new products and in product improvement.

Initially, all sales were made directly from the factory, but with the growing popularity of the Matrix product family, a network of sales representatives was appointed to better serve local markets. Today there are sales reps or offices in 43 of the United States and in 15 other countries around the world.

In any successful company, it's the contribution of each individual employee which makes the success possible. Nowhere is that principle more true than at Matrix. The staff of more than 45 encompasses the professional and skilled disciplines necessary to produce consistently high-quality products. Yet the relatively small size of the Matrix organization allows close working relationships between departments and effective interoffice communications, all of which helps ensure a continued high caliber of customer service and support.

The modern Matrix facilities are located approximately 45 minutes northwest of Los Angeles International Airport in the rapidly developing community of Calabasas, CA. Planned to serve present and future needs, the 14,000-sq-ft concrete tilt-up building is company-owned.

Precision and semi-automatic equipment is used for in-house manufacture of critical components and subassemblies, resulting in a high level of product quality control and in dependable delivery quotations.

The engineering laboratories and manufacturing areas are in close proximity so that custom designs and special requirements can be implemented efficiently. Circular flow of product through the manufacturing area maximizes throughput while permitting centralized production control. At Matrix, we've tried to design our facilities with the same care we use in designing our products.

The Matrix product range covers applications from audio switching systems to complex computer controlled arrays for switching ultra high frequency signals. Switchpoint controllers have capacities to manage up to 3,200 switchpoints, and systems can be constructed to handle nearly any conceivable switching requirement.

In addition to the broad line of standard off-the-shelf switching systems, Matrix specializes in custom configurations for OEM applications. Matrix insists on a high standard of quality for all its products, and each product is designed to operate comfortably in the most severe industrial environments. The design goal of modularity and expandability is evident in all Matrix systems, and easy maintenance access is also part of the package.

The applications for Matrix products are as varied as the list of Matrix customers, which includes many well known aerospace companies, defense contractors, broadcast and telephone companies, and other high technology and communications firms.

We hope that you too will call on Matrix' capabilities for your switching equipment requirements. We'll give your requirements the same attention and care that have helped us earn thousands of satisfied customers over the years.

METRIC SYSTEMS CORP., 645 Anchors St., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32648-9990, Phone: (904) 244-9600, Fax: (904) 244-8585

Chief Executive: Coy J. Scribner, president AOC Contact: Harry V. Fowler, senior VP

Metric Systems Corp. has provided sophisticated equipment to the government and private industry since its inception in 1957. Metric is a subsidiary of Tech-Sym Corp. of Houston, TX. Specialized products include threat radar simulator systems, airborne instrumentation, training systems and RF data link communications systems. Design, development and manufacturing takes place in three modern plants. A recent focus has been on the design and manufacture of high-reliability, environmentally qualified equipment for airborne and shipboard applications, particularly the US Navy's Vertical Launching System, MK41 launcher electronic enclosures, ACMI Pod P4B and threat emitters for the USAF, as well as the Sparrow Captive Training Missile (CATM-7F). Metric is also a leading designer and developer of ground handling systems and equipment, missile containers, designer and developer of ground handling systems and equipment, missile containers. munitions trailers and mobilizer pallets. Engineering capabilities include electronic, RF, radar, mechanical, digital, analog, design and development. Stress and finite element analysis using HP CADAD Series 900/700 work stations are an integral part of this design capability.

Metric is an important link in the FAA's interim support plan (ISP), building solid state memory expansion modules. These memories, once installed, will significantly enhance the airport's ability to track increased air traffic.

Manufacturing capabilities include metal fabrication, machining operations, mechanical and electrical assembly, printed circuit board design and assembly, plus systems integration, all fully qualified to Mil-Q-9858A.

Metric's TQM philosophy has enabled us to provide high-quality manufacturing support to numerous large DOD prime contractors throughout the United States, winning many performance awards for quality and accelerated deliveries.

MYSTECH ASSOCIATES, INC., 205 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1200, Falls Church, VA 22041, Phone: (703) 671-8680, Fax: (703) 691-7832

President and CEO: Seibert S. Feldman AOC Contact: Jodi L. Johnson, Program Development

Mystech Associates was incorporated in Mystic, CT, in May 1971 as a small business that specializes in developing systems solutions using emerging technologies. Mystech provides 20 years of experience in the specification, design and implementation of information handling real-time systems for command and control, decision-aiding and training applications. Mystech also provides a full range of technical and management services in the areas of training systems analysis, simulation, architecture assessment, conceptual design, systems analysis, modeling and operations research. Mystech specializes in requirements analysis, proof-of-concepts via rapid prototyping, knowledge-based systems, user interface design, decision support and total systems development. Mystech has developed systems that run on a variety of computer platforms integrated with standard and application specific environments. Mystech's projects involve distributed processing for real-time command and CII, application of knowledge-based systems to decision support and training applications and integration of multiple distributed heterogeneous data bases. Mystech's efforts in Unix/C are the Collateral Enclave/G2TOC, Hawkeye, Warrior and TACSIM/TALON. Except for TACSIM, these projects are being developed under a prototyping methodology, directed at early fielding of capabilities. The support of these efforts has included continuous interaction with users during exercises in Germany and support (in theater) of Desert Shield/Storm. Mystech's Force Integration Master Planner (FIM) system is a powerful strategic planning system that allows an analyst to assess the impact of changing organizations, cost and budget data upon battlefield operational capabilities. Mystech has the engineering, training, technical and support staff, data processing equipment and the applicable experience to translate software and training support requirements into accessible measurements of effectiveness. Mystech has offices in Mystic, CT; Newport, RI; Falls Church, VA: Oklahoma City, OK; Palm Bay, FL; English Creek, NJ; Ft. Hood, TX; Ft. Huachuca, AZ; Atlanta, GA; and Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany.

NOVEL TECHNOLOGIES & CONCEPTS, INC., 2636 Duet Dr., Sacramento, CA 95691, Phone: (916) 371-5580, Fax: (916) 372-6042

Chief Executive: Steve Davis, owner AOC Contact: Sandra Madrid

NURAD, INC., 2165 Druid Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21211, Phone: (410) 462-1700, Fax: (410) 462-1742

Chief Executive: George H. Davidson, President AOC Contact: Terry Murphy, VP Sales

Nurad Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of microwave antennas and radomes serving the defense industry with airborne self-protection systems and electronic countermeasure programs.

The engineering staff consists of an integrated mix of mechanical, electrical and composite engineers specializing in RF analysis, design and development of high power antennas and radomes for advanced weapon systems.

Once a product is developed using the CAD/CAM system, production specifications can be input as data to Nurad's computer-controlled lathes and milling machines to ensure the production run is identical to the prototypes.

Before any materials have been fabricated, Nurad's Drafting Department uses 3-D solid modeling to simulate complete assemblies. The Drafting Department is capable of generating complex mechanical electromechanical drawings, technical illustrations, graphic art designs and 2D/3D computer-aided design and development drawings.

Testing capabilities of Nurad's antennas consist of an indoor area and an outdoor antenna range. The indoor test area has six chambers capable of simultaneous operation. Pattern and VSWR measurements are accurately documented using Vector network analyzers as well as two Wiltron Scaler Network Analyzers. The outdoor antenna range can test dish antennas up to 10 ft in diameter with weights up to 5,000 lbs. Range lengths are 250 ft and 350 ft.

Complex and close tolerances are required for the effective electrical operation of Nurad's products. The Machine Shop has a proven ability to meet these requirements using CNC lathes and mills in both an automated machining area and a fully equipped manual Machine Shop, which is used for secondary operations and fixturing for the CNCs.

Composite materials used in radome manufacturing has been instrumental in supporting the design parameters of the microwave communications industry, both military and commercial. Through in-house research and development, intricate custom-designed aerospace antenna/radome systems challenge composite manufacturing to new capabilities.

Nurad employee integrity, participation, expertise and capabilities have led to long-standing teamwork efforts with customers that include Lockheed Aerospace, General Dynamics and Northrop Corp. Final assembly and strict quality control measures accomplished by dedicated long-term personnel ensure customers they are getting the finest product available.

RUS PORTER ASSOCIATES, INC., 1 Horn Point Ct., Annapolis, MD 21403, Phone: (301) 858-6332, Fax: (301) 263-3157

Chief Executive and AOC Contact: John Rusty Porter, president

PRB ASSOCIATES, INC., 47 Airport View Dr., Hollywood, MD 20636, Phone: (301) 373-2360, Fax: (301) 373-3421

Chief Executive: Lawrence M. Schadegg, president AOC Contact: Rita B. Dent, executive secretary

PRB Associates, Inc. is a leader in the development of specialized mission support systems and command and control systems for the US military and foreign customers. Organized in 1977, PRB Associates provides innovative turnkey systems engineering solutions for electronic warfare (EW), antisubmarine warfare (ASW) and command, control, communications and intelligence ([C.sup.3]I). The company's staff has a broad range of proven experience in the design, development, production, installation and follow-on support of computer-based systems.

Products include the US Navy's AN/TSQ-142 TEAMS, Data Fusion Processor (DFP), EW Analyst Workstation (EWAWS), ASWOC FTAS modernization, P-3 Update IV PID Workstation, Buoyant Undersea Surveillance System (BUSS) and the Air Launched Early Warning System (ALEWS). Other products include the Defensive Battle Planning System (DBPS) for the US Air Force, the S-2 Workstation for US Army Aviation Special Operations Forces and the Maritime Mission Support System for the government of Pakistan.

The AN/TSQ-142 TEAMS, installed on every aircraft carrier, provides US Navy EA-6B squadrons with a totally integrated mission support system which includes: intelligence processing, data-base management, integrated decision aids, mission planning, on-board program load generation and post-flight analysis. PRB Associates is now under contract to develop a Technology Upgrade of TEAMS (TUT). The TUT program transfers the legacy TEAMS software to an open systems architecture (OSA) that meets emerging government standards, including POSIX and GOSIP.

Headquartered in Hollywood, MD, PRB has other offices in Arlington, VA; Camarillo, CA; Oak Harbor, WA; and North Stonington, CT. PRB Associates, Inc. is a certified small business with approximately 178 employees.

PSC, INC., 10560 Arrowhead Dr., Fairfax, VA 22030,

Phone: (703) 934-4000, Fax: (703) 934-4163

Chief Executive: Bruce U. Glass, president

AOC Contact: John C. Walker, senior VP

PSC is a small business that specializes in providing system engineering capabilities to support the solution of scientific, operational and managerial problems. Since its inception in 1981, PSC has applied innovative automation techniques and design methodologies to ensure customer solutions. Headquartered in Fairfax, VA, with satellite offices in Chantilly, VA, Germantown, MD, and Annapolis Junction, MD, PSC offers a wide variety of products in support of customers seeking solutions to complex problems or life-cycle system engineering services. As a specialist company in command, control, communication, computers and intelligence systems ([C.sup.4]I]), PSC provides design, development, manufacture and system integration in leading-edge, turnkey systems for a diverse customer base. PSC provides the specialized resources necessary for the design, integration and life-cycle support for turnkey systems for a wide range of applications. This support also includes site surveys, installation and logistics services. PSC offers both products and services for various system applications. Specifically, PSC:

* supports system designers and developers with structured analysis techniques to ensure that the delivered system meets with functional and performance specifications as prescribed by mission requirements

* applies decision analytic methodology to support decision makers in the evaluation and selection of complex alternatives involving both subjective and objective data

* integrates multiple computer-based aids to solve system integration, system engineering and technical assistance challenges

* augments program/project offices during the accomplishment of life-cycle activities such as trade-off analyses, test and evaluation, validation and verification, configuration management, cost analysis, library functions, records management and administrative support.

PSC provides services in the following technical disciplines: system engineering, application software development, simulation and modeling, test planning and execution, test evaluation, requirements traceability, prototype design and development, hardware/software integration, computer-based training systems and applications, program administrative support, software engineering, security engineering, structured design, MANPRINT domains, verification and validation, threat analysis, reverse engineering/material exploitation. acquisition planning and publication development and production.

RAYTHEON CO., Electromagnetic Systems Division, 6380

Hollister Ave., Goleta, CA 93117, Phone: (805) 967-5511,

Fax: (805) 964-0470

Chief Executive: Jack L. Gressingh, general manager

AOC Contact: C. Barbara Johnson

Major programs include the USAF ALQ-184 self defense jamming pod; the USN SLQ-32 standard shipboard electronic defense system along with "Sidekick" for small ships and the ALE-50 decoy. The "Guardian" Airborne Surveillance System was recently introduced to world markets to meet mission requirements for border patrol, maritime surveillance and drug interdiction. This year ESD teamed with Litton ATD and Tracor to market internationally and produce a family of Advanced Integrated Self-Protection Suites called ASPIS.

As Raytheon's principal electronic warfare (EW) operating unit. ESD has produced EW systems for over three decades and is now expanding its established radar EW business into the electro-optical and infrared areas to defend against newer multimode threats. Current projects include aerial decoys, airborne high power jamming and self-protect systems, helicopter and fixed wing reconnaissance and surveillance systems, and shipboard missile detection and jamming systems.

The division's 1,550 people are employed in Goleta, CA. ESD's design engineering functions are consolidated in a 100,000-sq-ft laboratory facility. The division operates modern production plants, including a new 100,000 manufacturing state-of-the-art facility with a controlled temperature and humidity system, the latest automatic storage and retrieval system and other innovations geared to maximum production efficiencies. ESD emphasizes quality and maintainability from concept definition through production. Continuous improvement, statistical process control and Team Quality programs are examples of the division's commitment. Employee-management teams work together to design, develop and produce the finest EW equipment for their customers.

Raytheon, a diversified, international, technology-based company, is the nation's fifth largest defense contractor and ranks 51st on the Fortune 500. In 1991, sales were $9.3 billion. Electronics, paced by government systems, is the largest business area although the company is enjoying strong growth in other segments of its business.


Stewart Drive, N. Syracuse, NY 13212, Phone: (315) 455-7157,

Fax: (315) 455-8037

Chief Executive and AOC Contact: Robert B. Shields, president

Research Associates of Syracuse, Inc. (RAS) is a small business concern incorporated in the state of New York, organized to perform research and development (R&D) for the Department of Defense and for industrial firms. RAS engages in design, analysis, consulting and prototype system development. The business emphasis is on, but not limited to, intelligence and electronic warfare (I&EW), electronic support measures (ESM), radar systems, remote sensing, data-base design, computer modeling and software, and in providing education and training courses in many of these areas.

RAS has had EW/ESM experience in the areas of signal analysis and interception (including development of receivers) flight testing and reporting. RAS strengths include the application of SIGINT products to EW as well as development of data bases and procedures for applying these data to reprogrammable EW systems. The vulnerabilities of US systems to hostile EW actions have been analyzed with the aid of computer simulations developed by RAS. Experience has been gained by RAS personnel in airborne radar and weapons delivery systems design, analysis, specification writing and flight test evaluation. Shipboard radar and weapons systems are also a part of the experience of RAS personnel.

RAS has many consultants who have a wealth of experience in their chosen fields. This expands the company's capabilities into electro-optics, image processing, missile guidance systems analysis, antenna design, electromagnetic propagation, radar transmitter design and other areas.

RAS personnel have developed continuing education courses in ELINT/EW/radar and have presented these to hundreds of participants at various US and international locations.


10210 Campus Point Dr., San Diego, CA 92121, Phone:

(619) 546-6000, Fax: (619) 535-7007

Chief Executive: J.R. Beyster, chairman of the board and CEO

AOC Contact: John C. Spotts, Indianapolis Hub, (317) 576-5586

SAIC is a diversified, high-technology company that specializes in research and development affecting national security, energy, environmental, health, transportation, and space technologies. SAIC combines scientific methods with hardware and computer software engineering expertise to solve the challenging technical problems of government agencies and private industry. Established in 1969, SAIC has grown to more than 13,600 employees with current annual revenues exceeding $1.3 billion.

Because SAIC is an employee-owned firm, employees have an added incentive to excel in their accomplishments. Employee ownership fosters the professional pride and individual responsibility necessary to produce successful solutions.

SAIC attracts and retains highly skilled individuals who have a history of high scholastic and professional achievement. More than 65 percent of SAIC associates have backgrounds in the sciences and engineering, and nearly one-half of the staff hold advanced degrees. Once an employee is "on board," the company encourages further professional and personal growth through assignments in a dynamic contract environment. Corporate success can be attributed to individual skills and company-fostered goals of teamwork and excellence. The varied staff capabilities provide SAIC with the resources to manage projects across a broad spectrum of technical, management and policy concerns. In addition, SAIC can enlist the aid of subcontractors and consultants who contribute their own unique talents into a fully integrated working unit.

SAIC has contributed significantly to many Department of Defense programs, including several specific EW projects. SAIC engineers and programmers currently support development of software for a variety of applications, including radar and ECM analysis and EC simulation modeling. SAIC products include Marine Corps class B and C tactical computers and components of the A-10 Low Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancement, the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, and the Army Airborne Command and Control Console. SAIC provides engineering support to the Navy's Fleet Tactical Readiness Group and the Joint Integrated Avionics Working Group.


37 Sergeantsville Rd., Flemington, NJ 08822, Phone:

(908) 788-3034, Fax: (908) 788-8341

Chief Executive and AOC Contact: William M. Norr, president

Signal Processing Technology, Inc. is an electronic engineering design and consulting firm specializing in applications of digital signal processing to radar, sonar, digital voice, navigation and guidance/remote control, communications, frequency management systems and radio direction finding systems. Applications include concept development, analysis and simulation.

Quick reaction/response from concept to working prototype is our specialty. Real-time embedded system software is written in C, C+ or target system assembly language. Window 3.* application development with graphic user interface is also supported. Prototype hardware is developed to the client's specifications, with "build-to-print" drawings and annotated source code listings supplied.

All work is done on a contract basis. The type of contract is dictated by the client's particular situation -- i.e., firm fixed price. cost plus fixed fee, hourly rate for consulting services, etc. Contract format and all fees are negotiable. Client work is done at either the client's facility or at our own offices and laboratories.

SIGNAL TECHNOLOGY CORP., Administration Off ices,

955 Benecia Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086, Phone: (408) 730-6300,

Financial Offices: 60 Winter St., Weymouth, MA

02188-3336, Phone: (617) 337-8823, Fax: (617) 337-8826

Chief Executive: Dale L. Peterson, president and CEO

AOC Contact: Philip B. Cox, VP

Signal Technology Corp. and its family of subsidiary companies are dedicated to meeting customer requirements for performance, delivery and quality products that bridge the entire frequency range. These subsidiary companies include ST Microwave Corp. with its California Operations located in Sunnyvale and its Arizona Operations located in Chandler. ST Keltec Corp. is located in Fort Walton Beach, FL. In Massachusetts, Signal has three locations: ST Microsonics Corp. in Weymouth; ST Olektron Corp. in Beverly; and ST Olektron Systems in Webster.

The products produced by ST Microwave Corp. provide frequency coverage from 30 MHz to 27 GHz with voltage-controlled and digitally tuned oscillators, YIG-tuned oscillators and filters, dielectric resonator and phase-locked oscillators, circulators, isolators, filters, multiplexers and microwave switches. A new product line of microwave mixers and polar frequency discriminators is now available. Additional products include solid-state power amplifiers, up- and downconverters, custom frequency sources and stainless steel semirigid cable assemblies.

The Components Division of Olektron and RF Components, Inc. were merged in the spring of 1992 under the name ST Olektron Corp. and they manufacture mixers, power dividers, phase shifters/attenuators, RF switches, digital attenuators, integrated RF packages and complex phase modulators, detectors and IF and RF signal processing components and subsystems which include log amplifiers, constant phase log amplifiers, integrated phase/amplitude detection subsystems, phase detector modules and frequency discriminators. These products operate over the frequency range of 1 0 Mhz to 2 GHz.

ST Microsonics Corp. provides frequency coverage from 1 kHz to 1 GHz with TCXO, OCXO and VCXO oscillators, crystal and lumped element filters, frequency synthesizer products, acoustic memories and delay devices.

The newest acquisition, ST Keltec Corp. manufactures high-voltage, high-current microwave tube power supplies; high-voltage, low-current display power supplies; custom multioutput power supplies for both military and commercial applications; specialized TWT amplifiers; specialized power supply test equipment; and TWT amplifiers for instrumentation and satellite communications designed to operate over the frequency range of 1 GHz to 40 GHz.

Signal will continue to grow by developing products to fill voids and acquisitions. Acquisitions will include product line acquisitions for existing facilities as well as new businesses. For additional information, contact Philip Cox, (408) 730-6316.


AL 35807, Phone: (205) 876-4204, Fax: (205) 955-7376

Chief Executive: Dwight McPherson, president

AOC Contact: Annie Saylor, manager, modeling and simulation

SOLARIS SYSTEMS, 1230 South Lewis St., Anaheim, CA

92805, Phone: (714) 563-4300, Fax: (714) 563-4355

Chief Executive: Phillip C. Friedman, Genisco Technology Corp.

(parent company)

AOC Contact: Barbara Inano

Solaris Systems has been in the defense business for over 40 years. It has built a solid reputation of quality products and service responsive to the needs of its customers.

During its extensive history, Solaris Systems has migrated from the production of "black boxes" of 1/2" and 1/4" magnetic tape drives and Winchester disk systems to rugged and militarized graphics workstations, display monitors and peripherals for critical airborne, shipboard and land-based applications.

More specifically today, Solaris Systems' product line includes rugged Unix workstations (Solaris Systems carries the distinction as sole supplier of Sun Microsystems' entire line of rugged workstations), transportable workstations (SPARC, VME and S-bus formats), 17" and 19" color display monitors and integrated keyboard/trackball units, all designed for severe environments and built to last.

Solaris Systems' products have been utilized by the Army (TRITAC AN/TYC-39, et al.); the Navy (AN/WLQ-4, et al.); the Air Force (Rivetfire, Senior Scout, et al); and Marine Corps (TERPES, TCAC, et al.). With its product offering and commitment to service, Solaris Systems is truly the source for total systems solutions.

Solaris Systems seeks to maintain a dynamic state of development, research and product enhancement. Relying heavily on its ability to develop specialized hardware and modify standard hardware for specific military programs, Solaris Systems has encountered few viable competitors.

To augment its defense market, Solaris Systems entered the industrial arena with a line of industrial workstations, X terminals and application software targeted to the manufacturing industry. The crossover provided a new direction and unique challenges for Solaris Systems, which it has answered with systems integration services and a growing product offering.

With a look to the future, Solaris Systems is building its international team to increase its market share overseas as domestic programs and spending diminish.

Solaris Systems -- as a recognized leader in providing rugged, militarized and industrial workstations, data storage peripherals, electronic components and application software to the defense and industrial markets -- will continue to maintain the high quality of product and service which its customers have relied upon for many years.

ST KELTEC, INC., 84 Hill Ave., Fort Walton Beach, FL

32548, Phone: (904) 244-0043, Fax: (904) 664-0546

Chief Executive: Robert J. Blaisdell, president

AOC Contact: Alex Coronis, director of marketing

ST Keltec has been providing high- and low-voltage power supplies for more than 30 years to prime contractors associated with the aerospace and military market.

More than 10 years ago, ST Keltec coupled its high-voltage power supply technology with purchased traveling wave tubes (TWTs) and entered the microwave tube amplifier market. Today we sell TWT and klystron amplifiers worldwide for instrumentation, satellite and military applications.

The power conversion equipment is provided in a wide range of custom designed DC to DC configurations that accept standard (28 V, 155 V and 270 V) and nonstandard input bus voltages. The input bus voltages are converted to well-regulated output voltage from 2 V to 25 kV at power levels from under 1 00 W to tens of kilowatts. Similarly, the amplifier products are provided in various configurations which operate from 1 to 40 GHz at power levels from 10 W to 3 kW, CW and tens of kilowatts, pulsed.

Our power conversion products conform to applicable military/space performance and quality specifications and are being used in such diverse applications as aircraft, submarines, ships, satellites and smart weapons. Our amplifier products can be provided in full militarized or commercial versions; and while usually intended for surface operations in equipment racks, they have been provided in airborne versions.

STEINBRECHER CORP., 185 New Boston St., Woburn, MA

01801-6279, Phone: (617) 935-8460, Fax: (617) 935-8848

Chief Executive: R. Douglas Shute, president

AOC Contact: Jean M. Nazarian, marketing communications


Steinbrecher designs, develops and manufactures RF. microwave and millimeter wave subsystems for advanced signal acquisition applications. Products include HF/VHF/UHF/microwave high dynamic range analog and digital tuners, millimeter-wave power sources/power-generation products, transceivers, multipliers, amplifiers and converters. Steinbrecher also designs and manufactures transceivers for digital wireless communications applications, including cellular base station receiving and transmitting equipment. Other capabilities include scientific software development, high-speed digital circuit design and high dynamic range RF circuit design. Complete capabilities for complex systems development and manufacturing are also offered.

At HF and UHF/VHF, high dynamic range RF subsystems products include wideband and analog and digital tuners. Tuners offer digital output and over 90 dB of instantaneous spurious-free dynamic range. Analysis bandwidth of up to 10 MHz are accommodated in full-rack, half-rack and 2-in. slice packages. Complete capabilities for complex systems development and production are also offered.

At millimeter-wave, subsystems and components products include Q-band and W-band power sources, transceivers, varactor frequency multipliers, IMPATT and power amplifiers, high-power MILSTAR quadruplers and up/down converters. High-performance power-generation products and transceivers provide leading-edge cost-effective solutions in compact packages. An example is the X-band to W-band power multiplier with 1 W of output power at 94 GHz, suitable for use in high-performance communications and seeker designs.

For digital wireless applications, products include transceivers for digital wireless communications such as cellular, SMR, PCS and CDPD. Steinbrecher has been developing innovative, cost-effective, ultra-high performance communications product solutions for government and industry since 1973. The company is positioned to address both military and commercial markets in communications, EW, radar and SIGINT.

SYSTRON DONNER, Microwave/Instrument Division,

13100 Telfair Ave., Sylmar, CA 91342, Phone: (818) 362-9900,

Fax: (818) 367-4709

Chief Executive: Julie Taylor, president and CEO AOC Contact: Bruce Carpenter, product line manager

Systron Donner Microwave/Instrument Division has been a leading supplier of specialized program-oriented subsystems and special purpose instrumentation since 1956. Products include velocity deception jammers, monopulse radar receivers, modular synthesizers. up/downconverters, solid-state transmitters, TWTA replacements, instrumentation synthesizers, microwave counters, transmission line analyzers and radar test sets.

A wide variety of GaAs FET amplifiers have been designed for specialized programs spanning the frequency range from 0.5 to 26.5 GHz, and over 4,000 standard waveguide components spanning the frequently range from 2 to 140 GHz.

The division is experienced in all stages -- from initial conception, through detailed design and development, to the manufacture of prototypes, preproduction models and full production quantities.

The total in-house capability of the division includes a clean-room complex providing thermo-compression and ultrasonic bonding capability for processing MIC semiconductor chips. Production assembly processes including microwelding and automatic die-attach stations and a complete range of microwave test equipment -- including microwave network analyzers for gain and phase tracking measurements, and precision noise figure equipment for measuring low-noise solid-state amplifiers and receiver front-ends. The complex includes a controlled photolithography room for processing ceramic and Teflon-Glass substrates, a complete machine shop with automatic tape control mills, a precision aluminum dip-braze facility, a plating capability and all other required production processes.

Systron Donner's Quality Assurance maintains and offers quality control procedures to Mil-I-45208 and Mil-Q-9858A, soldering per Std-2000, environmental testing per Mil-Std-202 and Mil-Std-810 and reliability predictions per Mil-Hdbk-217.

Technologies integrated into Systron Donner's products include complex signal modulation and demodulation, signal identification and analysis, advanced digital signal processing and frequency synthesis. Expertise in these technologies helps support the division's continued success in special purpose instrumentation and application specific subsystems.

TELOS SYSTEMS GROUP, 14585 Avion Parkway, Suite

2000, Chantilly Virginia 22021, Phone: (703) 802-1730,

Fax: (703) 802-0718

Chief Executive Officer: Richard Foster, president

AOC Contact: Paul Ostrom, VP

Telos Systems Group, a division of Telos Corporation, is a diversified computer services firm providing software and systems engineering support services to customers nationwide. The division provides high-level, computer-related technical expertise on a wide variety of contracts, satisfying the requirements of both government and industry.

Telos Systems Group has extensive life-cycle system and software engineering experience in support of real-time communications and information systems, ranging from satellite and space systems to military battlefield automation and network communications systems architectures. Our life cycle engineering services include:

* Design and operation of large computer facilities

* Hardware field engineering and on-call maintenance

* Definition and documentation of system concepts of operations and functionality/performance requirements

* Architecture assessment

* System and software design

* System and software development

* System and software integration

* System and software testing and validation

* Training

* System maintenance and enhancement

* Simulation and modeling

Telos has provided software engineering support for the NASA Voyager project since 1975 and the Deep Space Network project since 1979. The corporation has provided continuous life-cycle software engineering support to the Fire Support Center for Software Engineering at Fort Sill, OK, since 1976, and to the Communications Center for Software Engineering at Fort Monmouth, NJ, since 1983.

Through extensive practical experience, Telos has developed a full life-cycle perceptive on all aspects of system development and sustaining support.

Telos Corp. had 1991 gross annual revenues of $144 million. Its plan for future growth focuses on expansion into civil Government agencies and the commercial sector, while maintaining its existing customer base through responsive, top quality service.

Whether defining a new environment or upgrading an existing system, Telos Systems Group has the expertise to successfully meet the challenge.


St., Suite 310, Alexandria, VA 2231 1, Phone: (703) 931-1495,

Fax (703) 931-5939

Chief Executive: John L. Hakes, president

AOC Contact: Judy Bradshaw, office manager


PLC Co., 358 Hall Ave., PO Box 5039, Wallingford, CT

06492, Phone: (203) 949-8400, Fax: (203) 949-8423

Chief Executive: A. Torpie, executive VP

AOC Contact: Robert Krimsier, VP, sales and marketing

Times Microwave Systems. a division of Smiths Industries Aerospace and Defense Systems Inc. was founded in 1945 under the name of Times Wire and Cable Co. Since its founding, TMS has been an engineering-oriented organization specializing n the design and manufacture of coaxial cable, coaxial cable assemblies and components for electronic equipment.

Times has long been a pioneer in the development of coaxial cable and microwave cable assembly technology. Starting in the 1950s, Times evaluated the impedance and attenuation characteristics of coaxial cables as a function of frequency, and developed new materials, processes and improved coaxial cable constructions for both military and commercial use. Throughout its history, Times has continually made new and vital contributions to the development of coaxial cable and interconnection systems. It should be noted that Times now has more QPLs to the Mil-C-17 coaxial specification than any other manufacturer.

The products produced at Times Microwave Systems (TMS) include high-performance flexible.. semiflexible and rigid coaxial cable and coaxial cable assemblies, connectors and delay lines. These products address characteristics such as phase stability phase tracking and the lowest attenuation at microwave frequencies in the most difficult environments.

TMS has a long history of supplying high-performance microwave cable assemblies for use in military systems. TMS assemblies are employed n many programs. and TMS is currently the only qualified supplier of low-smoke/low-toxicity coaxial cables in accordance with the US Navy and Mil-C 17 requirements.

TMS is also approved as a qualified supplier of transmission line assemblies in accordance with Mil-T-81490. This specification was developed and issued by the Navy to ensure that microwave transmission lines would exhibit long life and provide stable performance throughout that life in rigorous military environments. TMS has played a major role, working with the government in the generation of RF and microwave specifications.

Times Microwave Systems is a key leader in the design, qualification, manufacturing, and on time delivery of high-performance cable and cable assembly products to the commercial and military marketplace.

TRW, Military Electronics & Avionics Division, One

Rancho Carmel, RC2/2664, San Diego, CA 92128, Phone:

(619) 592-3170, Fax: (619) 592-3885

Chief Executive: Roy J. Adams, VP and general manager

AOC Contact: Gary L. Kirchoff, director of business


TRW Avionics and Surveillance Group with its two major divisions -- the Military Electronics and Avionics Division (MEAD) and ESL Inc. a subsidiary -- is the principal operating unit in the EW market. MEAD is a leader in integrated modular avionics development and integrated support of aircraft systems. ESL Inc. is nationally and internationally recognized for its reconnaissance and communications systems, advanced signal processing, imagery and related studies and analysis.

Current EW projects include the integrated avionics STAR precision DF systems for ESM and targeting applications, reconnaissance and surveillance systems for fixed- and rotary-wing manned and unmanned vehicles and integrated support systems for most of the fielded EW systems in the US inventory.

The STAR (Special Threat Analysis and Recognition) receiver system provides a flexible, lightweight, high performance and low-cost system solution to detection. location, classification and tracking of target/threat emitters and radars. The STAR product line includes channelized receivers, high-resolution cued superhet receivers and state-of-the-art parameter encoding preprocessing. The self-contained STAR receiver system can be tailored or reconfigured to provide the required capability for a wide range of missions and platforms. Because of its small size and low power, it is compatible with aircraft, aircraft pod, UAV or ground/ship vehicle installations.

TRW Avionics and Surveillance Group employs nearly 4,000 engineers, technicians and support staff at its facilities located across the country. The Military Electronics and Avionics Division is headquartered in San Diego, CA, with front-line engineering offices in California, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah. ESL Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, with a facility in Reston, VA.

TRW Inc. is a global company strategically focused on providing products with high-technology and engineering content to automotive, space, defense and information markets. Over the past 30 years, TRW has applied its system engineering expertise to become a leading manufacturer of military and commercial electronics and automated products. TRW is also a leading developer of reusable software, advanced information management systems and integrated electronic circuits. The company's annual sales exceed $8 billion, with just over half that total a result of government-related business.

TYX CORP., 1851 Alexander Bell Dr., Ste. 200, Reston, VA

22091-4384, Phone: (703) 264-1080, Fax: (703) 264-1090

Chief Executive: Richard L. Gauthier, president

AOC Contact: Karen L. Phillips, office manager

TYX Corp. is a leader in the development of test software tools and engineering services. In developing over 50 of the most sophisticated tools for ATE test software development and providing engineering support to a host of ATE developments for major contractors, TYX has accumulated an outstanding array of program engineering and management expertise. These tools and expertise are now available for your ATE development efforts. TYX has extensive experience and high-quality capabilities in the development of:

* test documents such as test requirement documents (TRDs) and component maintenance manuals (CMMs)

* test program sets (TPSs) and interface devices (switches, IDs and ITAs)

* instrument drivers for IEEE-488, VXI and custom bus structures

* customer versions of test languages such as ATLAS, Ada and BASIC and

* custom test software documentation tools,

We invite you to look through the list of PAWS tools and determine where TYX Corp. could fit into your development efforts.

At TYX Corp., we are always looking to become a prime or subcontractor, a team member or a vendor. Your needs are our requirements, and our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services to your organization. Our success is based on our commitment to you, our customers.

USSAILIS ENGINEERING, 24 O'Donnell Dr., Florence,

MA 01060, Phone: (413) 586-51 11

Chief Executive and AOC Contact: Jim Ussailis, president

Ussailis Engineering is a small business that supplies consulting services to government or industry. We provide guidance on the design and construction of RF and microwave systems and specialized antennas. We also fabricate small RF and microwave assemblies.

In the past year, we have expanded into two-way, low-power, RF remote control links for commercial users.

Through arrangements that we have with other small businesses, we can provide a team effort to solve almost any RF or microwave problem, including RF hardware-computer integration and RF hardware-software integration.

Some of our recent accomplishments are:

* Achieved a 15-dB dynamic range improvement in an airborne radar receiver.

* Designed and provided prototype construction of receivers and transmitters for several low-power RF links.

* Published the section on weather radar in the Polarimetric Handbook. This section is a cookbook approach to polarimetric radar construction.

* Performed systems analysis, including link analysis, for many ESM and ADF receivers.

* Constructed a meteor-burst communications Yagi antenna array.

* Developed a receiver analysis program that provides the cascade results of 12 parameters. The program is the first to perform cascade 1-dB compression point and dynamic range.


Avenue, Simi Valley, CA 93063-3349, Phone: (805) 584-8200,

Fax: (805) 527-8332

Chief Executive: Thomas A. Brancati, president and CEO

AOC Contact: Clinton W. Deisenroth, VP, business


Whittaker Corp.'s Electronic Systems Division (WES) is an inventive company

focused on improving defensive systems combat survivability. WES engineers provide high-quality solutions that are tested and produced.

WES has a diverse product base including command and control hardware with ADA based software directed toward interoperability, air defense systems and simulation; electronic warfare hardware including broadband and specialized jammers, robust antimonopulse techniques as well as IR modulators and lamps; display hardware including large plasma, very high resolution militarized and ruggedized CRT displays for submarines, ships and aircraft; radar simulators and replicas; real-time, Scud-type missile detection radar with 750-km tracking and accurate location of origin and destination; Advanced Sonobuoy Receivers providing 16 sonobuoy channels plus SRS and OTPI for both helicopter and fixed-wing applications; pyrotechnic devices including initiators, explosive bolts, pressure cartridges, gas generators, actuators, thrusters, as well as explosively actuated valves, cutters and guillotines; power storage and aircraft electrical power control systems using silver zinc electro-chemical batteries as power systems for critical guidance and control systems and computer control monitoring and switching of complete aircraft power systems; and specialized. high-temperature RF cables,

WES technical talent and extensive product lines allow us to provide innovative engineered solutions to your aerospace/defense problems.
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