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AOC Board Meetings, November 14, 1999.

The AOC Board of Directors (BOD) met in two sessions during the annual convention in Anaheim. The first session included the current BOD and was chaired by the outgoing president, Ken Mathiasmeier. The Second Was for the 2000 BOD, chaired by the new president, Stephanie McClernan.

The first session included the AOC Educational Foundation Board (AEF) meeting as well as a full BOD meeting. After the minutes of the June-10 AEF meeting were approved, Dan Allred, the AOC Scholarship/Enlisted Tuition Grant Committee chairman, reviewed the key provisions of the AOC Policy and Procedures Memorandum. He stressed there is only one AEF, and participating chapters must comply fully. Funds, once allocated for scholarships or ETG, cannot be transferred back to operating accounts; chapters cannot decide who receives the awards (outside party must select); and international chapters were not precluded from having programs. Mick Riley pointed out that chapters with scholarship funds could and are encouraged to transfer funds to chapters with ETG programs. The concept would be formalized in a change to the appropriate policy and procedures memorandum. The AOC BOD's position is to eventually increase ETG programs to a level equal to scholarships. It was noted that Dan Dunbar, who established the AEF, an d Marty MacDonald, who started the ETG program, were 1999 Life Achievement Award recipients. The meeting adjourned at 10:05.

The president convened the AOC BOD meeting. He thanked the EXCOM and the BOD for their support during his term and summarized what he felt were the major accomplishments during the two years. These included the stabilizing membership, substantial retained earnings, implementing the 2000 Strategic Plan, establishing the Senior Advisory Board, major progress on Volume III, The History of US Electronic Warfare, introducing information superiority into the Professional-development courses, installation of the of the new headqarters computer systems and a new Web site, Key meetings since the last BOD meeting included Dr. Paul Kaminski, SAB Chairman; Congressman Joseph Pitts [R-PA], a former B-52 EWO, who wants to spearhead an EW effort on the Hill; and John Tritak, Director of the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (IAO).

The minutes of the June BOD meeting were approved as was the treasurer's report.

The AOC will have a surplus despite a breakeven budget and less income from the annual convention than forecast. He briefed the 2000 budget which he called medium-to-high risk, citing an increase in two-day conferences, minimal earnings from the Zurich conference and the decreasing income from the annual convention. The Finance Committee felt a small surplus was the prudent approach. The budget would be discussed/approved by the new BOD in the later session.

The executive director reported that the annual convention was running slightly behind in registrants but otherwise essentially on budget. He said office automation was up and running and the new homepage was getting almost 4,000 hits a day. Zurich 2000 was on track but, as stated, forecasts had to be met if the AOC was to break even. He reviewed plans for the 2000 convention in Las Vegas, which included holding a sit-down luncheon in lieu of a banquet. He concluded by reviewing plans and facilities for the 2001 convention at the Omni Shoreham in Washington, DC.

Tony Brees reported he was close to finalizing a draft PPM for the "AOC Technology Hall of Fame." He asked for and received a sensing of the BOD on several key provisions. He also reported the Historical Electronics Museum near Baltimore was seeking interactive EW displays.

Vickie Burkett briefed proposed changes to PPM 2, which had been staffed with the BOD prior the meeting. They were approved, except as noted. They included a separate Integrated Product Team Award; a new description for the Pioneer Award; the addition of a Logistics Award; and new procedures for selecting the Gold Medal. One change was to have the president not vote in the Gold Medal selection process except to break a tie.

Dr. Alfred Price reported he had completed 195,000 words on Volume III; that there would be a line-by-line review during the convention; and that he would be conducting additional interviews in Anaheim, at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ft. Huachuca, and in the DC area before returning to England. The BOD gave him the go-ahead for another 25,000 words in order to include operations in Kosovo.

Mark Ashton reported that a change to PPM 3-1 will be circulated to BOD members for approval that would require regional directors to report on the status and viability of their chapters. Board consensus was that it was desirous that the incoming president understudy the president for at least a year. Specifics still need to be worked out. The required Constitution change(s) would be addressed initially by the newly formed Past-Presidents Council, then finalized and circulated in time for approval at the spring BOD meeting and inclusion on the 2000 ballot.

Corporate Membership stands at 93 members, having gained ARINC, Computer Science and Applications, Inc., and TriaSys Technologies since the June meeting. Dr. Steve Carey, Association Marketing & Management Resources, will conduct a series of meetings with AOC BOD members, chapter officers, and members during the conference. Dave Adamy provided the BOD a detailed report on 1999 Professional Development programs, which had exceeded all expectations to include showing an unexpected profit. Joe Short then briefed the status of the remaining 1999 and 2000 two-day conferences.

Under new business, it was recommended that the AOC look into whether the other Services had an award similar to the AF's Mike Gilroy Award given to the top graduate at the Randolph AFB EW School; $5,000 was approved to install a flag pole inside the perimeter to fly the American flag over AOC HQs; and information was provided on the spring 2000 Dixie Crows and Eglin Chapter Conferences. By resolution, the BOD honored the five departing members of the BOD; Charlie Brown, Bill Gardner, Tofie Owen, Grady Jackson, and Dave Sjolund; for their distinguished service to the AOC. Ken Mathiasmeier swore in Stephanie McClernan as the new president of the AOC. Upon motion, the BOD meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm.

Stephanie McClernan convened the new BOD and announced the new EXCOM: Vice President -- Cliff Moody; Secretary -- Vickie Burkett; Treasurer -- Dick Wallace. She mentioned that next year when Dick Wallace leaves the BOD due to term limits, Ken Krech will replace him as Treasurer. She also thanked her company, AAI Corporation, for their past and continued support of her AOC work.

The new BOD started work on the 2000 budget. Dick Wallace led the discussion and highlighted significant items to include purchasing a supply of Gold and Silver medals; increasing membership dues by $5.00 with a corresponding $2.50-per-person increase in chapter rebates; providing payment to Capitol Club for their expenses in planning and leading the Capitol Hill Round-Up efforts for 2000; and having a formal luncheon as opposed to a banquet at the 2000 convention in Las Vegas. The budget was approved as presented by the Finance Committee.

Monte Correll will be chairing some upcoming strategic planning sessions. Stephanie offered to visit any chapter that would like her to come speak at one of their events.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 pm.
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