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ANUGA - world food market.

ANUGA - World Food Market

October 12th to 17th 1991 will see the next edition of Anuga in Cologne. With over 6,000 exhibiting companies from around the world and some 236,000 trade visitors, Anuga has long been acknowledged as the largest food show in the world, and one which people in the trade cannot afford to miss.

At a London conference a few weeks ago, Wilhelm Niedergoker, Managing Director of KolnMesse, the organising company said that further capital investment had been made of nearly 70m. [Pounds] to extend the number of Halls available and the facilities. This means that in 1991, Anuga will be occupying 250,000 sq.m. of exhibition space.

Careful consideration has been given to arranging the exhibition into market segments to make it easier for the buyer in identifying which stands to visit and also to cut down on the mileage needing to be covered by the visitor, as those who have been will know only too well. The Consuma section covering food products is divided into the Milky Way with over 400 exhibitors taking nearly 40 per cent more space than before; the international Beverage Market; the Meats and Sausage sector; the Confectionery Center and the Frozen Foods segment. Technica will this year focus on food processing and production equipment, while Gastroma will concentrate on large scale kitchen technology and vending.

Mr Niedergoker said that Britain was well represented at Anuga with over 200 firms exhibiting and with around 4,500 British visitors in 1989. In mentioning the European Community's 325 million population as the driving force behing Anuga, he also pointed out that the opening up of Eastern European borders and the rapid liberalisation of trade offered a potential additional market of 320 million consumers in the East, who account for 13 per cent of the world's income. As has already been demonstrated in the former East Germany, high quality Western products are in great demand in food just as in other sectors of the economy. Mr Niedergoker felt that a great deal more had to be done to channel products into this vast market and he believed that Anuga could act as a catalyst in the opening up of new markets.

Dr Gerhard Hein, chief executive of the Federation of the German Food and Drink Industry in his remarks to the audience said that the number of older people is growing year by year and there are more single-person households and fewer families. There is also a marked shift in the emphasis placed on work and leisure; people no longer live to work, they work to live and enjoy life. Consumer behaviour has therefore shortened product life and with mounting competition allowing larger companies to grow rapidly, appears to favour well-established brands. However in a rapidly changing society, there are numerous niche opportunities for the fast reacting small food companies. He went on to speak of the need for adequate packaging to ensure good hygiene, good shelf-life, suitability for transport and storage as well as providing the consumer with a safe food product. Both the packaging and food industry have to accept a greater responsibility for this and for the environmental balance, to avoid, reduce and eliminate packaging waste.

Dr Hein spoke of the unification of the two German States and the effect on the food industry, where excessive central planning in the East means that there are many obsolete plants which will have to be closed and around 150,000 jobs surplus to current requirements will have to be axed. Unification, he said, is not a painless process, but there is growing evidence that companies are prepared to invest and cooperate with firms in the East, and he belives there are opportunities for British companies here as well to participate in joint ventures and the transfer of technology.
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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