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Antitope Limited, an Abzena company, has collaborated with Synthon Biopharmaceuticals BV (Synthon), a global pharmaceutical company with expertise in the development of complex small molecule and biosimilar drugs and new biopharmaceuticals, including antibody drug conjugates (ADC), to assess the potential immunogenicity of candidate antibodies for Synthon's ADC programmes.

Antitope will use its EpiScreen technology, a highly accurate and sensitive ex vivo human T cell assay to determine the potential immunogenicity of the antibodies provided by Synthon. The EpiScreen technology correlates with published clinical anti-drug antibody immunogenicity data which supports selection of lead product candidates with low immunogenicity during preclinical development. We are confident that Antitope's EpiScreen technology will strongly help reduce the risk that Synthon's antibody based development candidates will induce immunogenic responses in patient populations, said Marco Timmers, CSO of Synthon Biopharmaceuticals.

Matthew Baker, CSO of the Abzena group and co-founder of Antitope, commented: We are very pleased to be working with a company that, like Abzena, has scientific innovation at the heart of its business and look forward to collaborating with Synthon to help it build its biopharmaceuticals pipeline.

About Antitope

Antitope is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abzena Limited, a group focused on providing proprietary technologies and value-added services to enable the development of better biopharmaceuticals.

Antitope provides immunogenicity assessment, protein engineering to create humanized antibodies and deimmunised therapeutic proteins, and cell line development for manufacture. The Company provides its services and technologies to an international client base that includes most of the world's leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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About Abzena

Abzena is focused on providing proprietary technologies and value-added services to enable the development of better biopharmaceuticals.

Abzena comprises two wholly owned subsidiary businesses PolyTherics and Antitope which have established a broad suite of complementary technologies that are designed to improve the chances of successful development of antibodies and proteins with enhanced therapeutic benefits.

PolyTherics specializes in proprietary site-specific conjugation technologies for antibody drug conjugate development and solutions for optimization of the therapeutic properties of biopharmaceuticals.

The group has built a global customer base over the past decade, including the majority of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies as well as large and small biotech companies and academic groups.

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About Synthon

Synthon, with headquarters in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, is an international pharmaceutical company and a leader in the field of generic medicines. The company started its biopharmaceutical franchise in 2007 and is building a promising portfolio of next generation medicines. Synthon is developing rapidly into a specialty pharmaceutical company, focusing on the therapeutic areas of auto-immune diseases and oncology. Synthon products are currently approved by regulatory agencies in over 80 countries worldwide and marketed through strategic partnerships and in dedicated areas through direct sales. Synthon employs about 1,400 staff worldwide, and in 2013 it recorded a turnover of EUR 215 million.

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Date:Aug 1, 2014

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