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ANTIGUA-DEATH-Former diplomat calls for hanging after daughter murdered.

Former Antigua and Barbuda diplomat, Bruce Goodwin, has called for the implementation of the death penalty after his 27-year-old daughter, an attorney, was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend in Anguilla.

Media reports said that Taitu Goodwin was stabbed and killed in her apartment on Sunday.

'I have always been an advocate of the death penalty for murderers. It may not be 100 per cent effective as a deterrent but it is still a deterrent and if our judiciary system had not gone soft on murderers and criminals, many of those who have died at the hands of these demonic personalities would still be alive today and so I think it would be for my beloved Taitu,' said Goodwin, a former ambassador to Cuba and the African Union.

'I am calling on the judiciary to return to the days when they were tough against demonic perpetrators like the brutal murderers we have strutting around in the Caribbean thinking oh I can do what I like with people's lives and only spend a few years in jail and come out and walk around and be happy as if nothing had happened,' he added.

Goodwin said he wanted the killer of his daughter, a former Miss Anguilla, brought to justice, adding 'everyone knows who he is.

'He has confessed I understand, everyone knows who he is and I want him brought to justice and justice for me is that he is hanged by his neck until he is dead.'

Goodwin said his daughter had followed her passion and pursued a degree in law at the University of Cardiff in Wales and at the University of Lyon in France. She furthered her education with obtaining her masters in trade and investment law from the St John's University in New York.

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Publication:CANA News
Date:Sep 10, 2019
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