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 PITTSBURGH, Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Ansoft Corporation announced today that it is shipping Version 1.2 of Maxwell(R) Spicelink, a signal integrity design software product for high-speed electronic design applications.
 The most important enhancements in this release are new field solvers that can increase the speed of electrical characterization by a factor of 10 or more over previous versions. Power and ground plane characterization is simplified by the addition of automatic SPICE model generation for structures with multiple sources and sinks. Maxwell Spicelink 1.2 includes all previous capabilities for simulation of 3D structures, including non-ideal grounds and ground bounce, for the design of electronic packaging, connectors and MCMs and PCBs.
 Maxwell Spicelink addresses high-speed digital design issues including signal integrity and crosstalk, parasitic parameters, power and ground plane placement and electromigration. The product's primary strength is its sophisticated capabilities for electromagnetic analysis of interconnect structures, including 3D modeling of package and die interconnects, PCB connector and bus structures and semiconductor metallization. Circuit level signal integrity modeling can be performed at the SPICE-level to study crosstalk, ringing and reflections with SPICE-level accuracy.
 "Now, design engineers can use the same signal integrity tool for modeling different classes of interconnect problems without taking a substantial performance hit," commented Dr. Zoltan Cendes, founder of Ansoft Corporation. "Previously, engineers needing electrical characterization often had to choose between an accurate, general finite- element field solver, as in previous versions of Maxwell Spicelink or specialized fast solvers that had limitations in terms of accuracy, problem size, material types or geometry.
 "With Maxwell Spicelink Version 1.2, certain classes of interconnect, including both single and multi-layer packaging structures and RC-dominated interconnects can be characterized using the new fast field solvers. When more general capabilities are needed, such as in many packaging or MCM structures involving ground bounce, the designer can still use the finite-element modeling technology proven in years of use by Ansoft customers."
 The 10X or greater speed improvement in C matrix extraction comes from a new algorithm for capacitance computation called multipole acceleration. Other integral-equation techniques such as BEM suffer a substantial performance penalty with large models because the full- matrices used in these methods require order n3 solution times. Multipole techniques, however, offer linear (order n) performance and solve geometrically complex structures in MCM and semiconductor packaging applications very efficiently. Maxwell Spicelink Version 1.2 is the first commercial product to incorporate multipole acceleration (MPA).
 The 10X to 100X speed- in R and L calculations for 3D structures results from enhanced proprietary fast FEA algorithms for computing current distributions, combined with a modified Neumann integration technique for accurate L matrix calculation. Other implementations of Neumann integration use a filament method to model current flow in an interconnect, severely limiting its accuracy. The new approach implemented in Maxwell Spicelink eliminates this problem by using true 3D conduction solutions to determine the actual current distribution in the interconnects.
 In addition to fast L, C R computation in 3D, other new capabilities included in Maxwell Spicelink Version 1.2 are:
 -- 3D AC analysis including skin effect and induced eddy currents;
 -- A fast planar solver that can import DXF files of single layer planar structures to compute resistance and capacitance of these structures automatically;
 -- SPICE output compatible with HSPICE, PSpice and ContecSPICE is produced automatically; and
 -- Network licensing is available.
 Maxwell Spicelink 1.2 runs on popular UNIX-based workstations and the purchase price is $49,500 (U.S.)
 An Oct. 27 seminar at Techmart (San Jose, Calif.) will showcase Maxwell Spicelink Version 1.2. Ansoft will present solutions for several types of ground plane problems.
 Based in Pittsburgh, Ansoft Corporation has over 600 customers worldwide in the electronics, automotive, aerospace and manufacturing sectors. The company's products are sold through distributors in Europe and Asia. Ansoft developed the microwave CAE tool, the High-Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS), sold worldwide by the Hewlett-Packard Company. Ansoft headquarters are located at Four Station Square, Suite 660, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219-1119 USA. Phone 412-261-3200. Fax 412-471- 9427.
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 /Note to Editors: Photos available./
 /CONTACT: Keith Franz, vice president of sales and marketing of Ansoft, 412-261-3200, or Georgia Marszalek, public relations counsel, 415-345-7477, for Ansoft/

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