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ANSI may stop programmer polyglotism.

ANSI May Stop Programmer Polyglotism By specifying syntax and semantics for the SQL and NDS database languages, two newly issued American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards are expected to reduce the number of languages that MIS programmers must learn. The standards will also improve software portability, ANSI anticipates.

The standards define the logical structures and basic operations for SQL and NDS databases. The SQL standard, ANSI X3.135-1986, enables users to query and alter relational database management systems (DBMS). The NDL language standard, ANSI X3.133-1986, is used as an interface to DBMS for preplanned, highly organized network structured databases.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of either standard should contact the Sales Department, American National Standards Institute, 1430 Broadway, New york, N.Y., 10018.

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Title Annotation:in Standards News and Notes
Publication:Communications of the ACM
Date:Apr 1, 1987
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