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ANGUS SMOG; Cartoon inspires peat-scent candles.

Byline: By John McEachran

AROMATHERAPY candles scented with peat are going on sale thanks to the Record's legendary character Angus Og.

The hero of our popular strip, drawn by the late, great Ewen Bain, tried to bottle the smell of burning peat and sell it to visitors on his home island of Drambeg in the Utter Hebrides.

Now 20 years later, his idea has been put into production by Caithness businessman Sandy Crawford.

He has set up the Peat Reek company in Brora to make and sell peat cones.

He also manufactures cones with a distinctive Scots pine aroma.

He said yesterday: 'Maybe subliminally the idea came from the Angus Og cartoons. I am a fan.'

Sandy is aiming them at the thousands who visit Scotland every year trying to trace their ancestry. He hopes they'll take the cones back to give them a wee smell of the Highlands when they return home He added: 'I have been developing this business idea for the past six years. Smells definitely stir up memories or emotions in people and not everybody has an open fire in their homes to burn peat.'


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 20, 2004
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