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FACED with the allegation of having played up the neech (low- level) politics in his election campaign, BJP'S PM candidate Narendra Modi on Friday hit back at the Congress accusing the party of not sparing even superstar Amitabh Bachchan and singer Lata Mangeshkar from its politics of untouchability.

"It does not behoove Sonia Gandhi to talk about neech and chhuachhoot (untouchability) in politics when her party has been practising it for years," Modi said at an election rally in Motihari in Bihar.

He said that Amitabh Bachchan had been invited to the inauguration of a sea link in Mumbai some time ago but his invitation was cancelled at the eleventh hour by the Congress only because he happened to the brand ambassador of the Gujarat tourism. "Is this not the politics of untouchability?" he asked.

"And when Lata Mangeshkar expressed her opinion that Modi should become the prime minister, a Congress leader raised the demand for taking the Bharat Ratna back from her. Is this not the politics of untouchability?" he asked.

Hitting back at Sonia who had, on Thursday, opined that a believer in the politics of oonch- neech (high and low) cannot govern the country, Modi said that as a matter of fact, the politics of untouchability was the hallmark of the Congress and those parties which practised the vote bank politics.

"The BJP leaders were invited to a dinner but their food plates were kicked away," he said, referring to the last- minute cancellation of a dinner by Nitish that he was scheduled to host for the BJP leaders, including Modi, in Patna during the party's national council meeting in 2010.

The 63- year- old leader, who addressed three rallies in Bihar on Friday, also mocked Congress vice- president Rahul Gandhi for talking about the prospects of Gopalganj developing as a wristwatch- making hub in future during his rally in Bihar on Thursday.

Modi said that Rahul lad least knowledge about the geography of the country. " This area is famous for its litchis as well as sugarcane," he said. "He could have said that a modern food- processing plant would be set up for litchi juice. He could have said that he would like Obama to sip the tea with sugar from Motihari."

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:May 10, 2014
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