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ANEX 2003, at last: after a postponement this spring, the wait is finally over for this year's biggest nonwovens show.

The Asian Nonwovens Exhibition (ANEX) will be held December 15-18 at INTEX in Shanghai, China. Originally slated for May but rescheduled due to concerns over Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome, the event is expected to attract nonwovens professionals from around the world.

Sponsored by the Asia Nonwovens Fabrics Association (ANFA), together with the organizers, CTA Science & Technology Co. Ktd. and CMP Trade Fairs Pte Ltd., the event features a conference in which nonwovens professionals from all over the world will speak on trends impacting the industry today.

ANEX 2003 is co-sponsored by European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA) and INDA, The Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry in North America. It is part of the three-year cycle of nonwovens-related trade shows that rotate between Europe, North America and Asia.

On the following pages, we look at what some of ANEX's exhibitors will present at the show. Please refer to our April and May 2003 issues for more ANEX information.

* From Advanced Fabrics, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, will be spunbond and spunbond/meltblown fabrics produced using five-beam technology. These high-performance fabrics are targeted at the medical, hygiene and industrial markets. Additionally, Advanced Fabrics will introduce its Medalon, high-performance SSMMS fhbric for surgical drapes and gowns.

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* Ahlstrom FiberComposites, Helsinki, Finland, is a global supplier of products in the engine filtration, nonwovens and reinforcement composites markets worldwide. Ranked among the top 10 nonwovens producers in the world, Ahlstrom's engineered fabrics arc used in industrial products as well as everyday consumer products such as surgical gowns, wipes, wall coverings, filtration specialties, engine filtration technical, automotives and glass nonwovens. The company is now introducing a new viral barrier nonwoven fabric for surgical gowns and medical apparel plus a new manufacturing facility in Korea for the production of engine filtration products and nonwovens.

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* Anpap Oy, Valkeaskoski, Finland, will present its complete nonwovens production lines at ANEX 2003. The company also offers consulting and engineering services.

* Machinery supplier Anqing Heng Chang, Anquing, Anhui, China, will display its equipment for the disposable hygiene market. Included in its product line are sanitary napkin machines, panty liner machines, baby diaper machines and adult diaper machines.

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* A global supplier of bleached cotton fiber for absorbent personal, pharmaceutical, health and beauty care products and nonwoven fabrics , Barnhardt Manufacturing, Charlotte, NC, bleaches cotton fiber to customer specifications using a safe and approved chlorine-free formula and process controls. Production lots are traceable, consistent and designed for product applications. Barnhardt can provide short-, medium-and long-fiber bleached cotton in bales, rope form and sheets.

* Plans for Mayen, Germany-based BHT Bicma's booth include the latest information on its products as well as product samples of the company's special ultrathin fluff/SAP core technology. The company will also offer updated information on its Easypack high-speed trifolder/single wrapper as well as news about its joint partnership with SSP for baby diaper, adult diaper and training pants equipment.

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* Birla Viscose is exhibiting a wide spectrum of high quality viscose staple fiber in raw white and dyed varieties. These are widely used in nonwoven products for medical, personal hygiene and industrial applications. The company will also introduce antibacterial, elemental chlorine-free and zinc-free fibers, which have been especially developed for medical and hygiene end use categories.

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* Memphis, TN-based Buckeye Technologies' airlaid products are used in fluid management systems in disposable diapers, feminine hygiene items and adult incontinence products. The company's specialty nonwovens feature cloth-like characteristics for tabletop and wiping applications such as disposable napkins, baby wipes and pre-moistened towelettes.

* An established French manufacturer of slitters, rewinders, spooling lines and rerolling machines adapted to the requirements of technical textiles and nonwovens, Calemard, Roche a la Moliere, France, produces a wide range of precise equipment for many markets. The company combines its multislitting expertise with its know-how for high productivity spooling lines for hygiene components.

* A. Celli Nonwovens, Porcari, Italy, will present its Slitto, Slittomatic & Coremat slitting systems with computerized positioning at ANEX. The company also produces non-stop lamination lines and roll handling and wrapping systems.

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* The SmartView Nonwovens sytem-from Cognex, Natick, MA, is a web inspection system composed of cameras, computers, software and image processing electronics as well as camera mounting frame and lighting components. The systems can be used by nonwovens producers to detect, identify and report defects on nonwoven fabrics,

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* Risskov, Denmark-based airlaid specialist Dan-Webforming will have a new booklet describing its full swing airlaid production lines, inverted air forming systems and airlaid products as well as a complete company background at ANEX. The company will also present a power point presentation of its recent turnkey installation in China.

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* Elsner Engineering, Hanover, PA, designs and builds converting and packaging machines to convert master rolls of nonwovens into consumer rolled or flat folded products such as consumer and industrial personal care wipes, surgical drapes, fabric softener sheets, surgical sponges and surgical bed sheets. Elsner also manufactures special complementary machines such as tub and canister loaders for folded and rolled wipes. Elsner will exhibit its machine offerings through a video library and sakes literature at ANEX 2003.

* A new generation of camera systems from Erhardt + Leimer, Augsberg, Germany, represents a new step in defect detection and quality assurance on running nonwoven webs. Designed as turnkey solution, Elsis inspection systems provide state-of-the-art technology combined with a comprehensive service package from feasibility studies to training. Elsis offers a multitude of technical highlights: the latest image processing algorithms, a completely new system and software architecture and application-specific defect databases and user-oriented operator panels.

* The European Nonwovens and Disposables Association (EDANA), Brussels, Belgium, will present information on its association as well as training courses, symposiums, conferences and recommended test methods. Additionally, information on the EDANA-sponsored INDEX 05 exposition, scheduled for April 12-15, 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland, will be available.

* Fameccania.Data, Teatino, Italy, designs and constructs machinery for the manufacture of baby diapers and training pants, feminine hygiene products, panty shields, adult incontinence briefs, bed underpads and wet wipes. Information on the company's complete machine lineup will be available at ANEX.

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* Fehrer, Linz, Austria, will present the latest developments in its machinery line-up. These include needlepunch machinery, web forming and random carding machines and papermaker needlepunching and finishing machines.

* Roll goods producer Fibertex, Aalborg, Denmark, produces needlepunched and spunmelt materials in Aalborg and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Applications cover all personal care, geotextile, carpet backing, furniture and bedding, horticulture and agricultural products.

* FiberVisions, Varde, Denmark, is a polypropylene fiber producer with facilities in Denmark, the U.S. and China. Its product range includes high quality hydrophilic, hydrophobic and other functional fibers, but the company's specialty is polypropylene for nonwoven processes in fine deniers from 0.9-10 dtex.

* Fleissner, Egelsbach, Germany, is presenting its new Aquajet spunlaced systems for composite nonwovens and wovens with a carded/airlaid/spunbond/wetlaid nonwoven mat. The company continuously produces lines for all kinds of nonwovens.

* GDM SpA, Offanengo, Italy, will present complete production lines for baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adult diapers, light incontinence products and underpads. Included in the company's presentation will be the BT-600 baby diaper machine, BTP-500 training pants machine, LT-600 light incontinence machine and the AT-300 adult diaper machine.

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* Brunswick, GA-based Georgia-Pacific's Golden Isles fluff pulp is used by absorbent producers worldwide in the manufacture of such products as baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, adult incontinence products, airlaid wipes and core applications, pet pads and absorbent meat pads for the grocery industry. This pulp is well suited for high porosity applications such as medical filtration, automotive filters, vacuum cleaner bags and other high permeability papers and nonwovens. This year G-P's Augusta, MS operations began producing Golden Isles fluff pulp. This $25 million investment ensures the company's capabilities to meet the growing demand for fluff pulp.

* Hanwei Machinery Mfg. Co. Ltd. manufactures converting machinery for lady napkins, baby diapers, underpads, adult diapers, panty liners, wet wipes and nursing pads. The company also produces automated stacker and packer machines for the hygiene industry. A full range of these capabilities will be on display at ANEX.

* To strengthen its position in the Asian market, Jacob Holm Industries, Soultz, France, will present its spun-laced and needlepunched nonwovens at ANEX. New products to be launched at the event include dual-side nonwovens, printed nonwovens, embossed nonwovens, laminated nonwovens and nonwovens after-treatment.

* Japan Vilene, Tokyo, Japan, will present nonwoven products for apparel, automotive, medical and consumer markets as well as air filtration, industrial and electrical materials.

* Fibers for nonwovens will be displayed at Charlotte-based Kosa's ANEX booth. These will include bicomponent fibers for airlaid, wetlaid and drylaid technologies for absorbents, automotive products, building and construction materials, filtration, home furnishings and specialty nonwovens.

* Martin Automatic, Rockford, IL, will host multimedia presentation highlighting its capabilities in unwinding, splicing, tension control, web handling and rewinding. Included in these presentations will be a professional translator to help explain the new equipment.

* The Honeycomb Roll, from Metso Paper, Biddeford, VT, revolutionized the tissue industry more than 40 years ago. Since then, most successful companies in nonwovens have relied on Metso for technological superiority and innovation. In Biddeford, Metso manufactures thru-air dryers, thru-air thermal bonders and thru-air dry/cure systems for a wide variety of tissue and nonwovens application.

* M&J Fibretech, Horsens, Denmark, will present information about its airlaid technology which includes turnkey airlaid plants for multibonding, thermal bonding, latex bonding and x-bonding as well as forming systems combined with other forming and bonding technologies. The company will also display feminine hygiene products, baby diapers and other items using this technology at ANEX.

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* National Bridge Industrial produces and sells polypropylene spun-bonded nonwovens as well as processed laminated materials. These products are used in garments, shoes, packaging materials, family products, recycling bags, medical uses and agricultural items. National Bridge also targets the medical market with disposable masks, nurse caps, shoe coverings, isolation gowns and exposure suits.

* Taipei, Taiwan-based NCM Nonwoven Converting Machinery Co., Ltd. Manufactures all types of nonwoven converting machines including mask machines, bouffant cap machines and shoe covering machines. Other products made using NCM machinery include pillow cases, filter bags, ice packs, mops, headrest covers and CD sleeves.

* The Norton Universal Summit 204 Lamination gun delivers precise control of adhesive pattern widths, fiber size and density for increased bonding strength and pattern flexibility. It delivers add-on weights as low as one gram per square meter at 300 meters per minute. Also on display at Dawsonville, GA-based Nordson's ANEX booth will be the EP11 Slot Coating Head featuring improved cutoff results through the use of the clean-cut valve. This allows precise applications, even when coating on low-tensions webs with poor routing paths. Additionally, Speed-Coat Slot Applicators feature integrated module and solenoid double-cycle speed from 12-6 milliseconds. Its quick-change module and filter assemblies reduce replacement time by 50% and the nozzle design simplifies applicator set-up and ensures application quality when web routing or web tension is not optimized.

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* NSC nonwovens, which has sold more than 49 active crosslappers since 2000, has build a Wuxi NSC Hongyan plant in China. The new facility will open in December and feature the newly designed Thibeau CA21 carding machine. Based on Thibeau's worldwide experience and recognized know-how, the Thibeau CA21 card will lead, in combination with the active crosslapper, NSC nonwoven's customers to success in quality and competitiveness in the nonwovens industry, according to executives.

* Optima Filling and Packaging Machines will showcase its lines for packing soft disposable paper products into poly bags. Typical products packaged on Optima machinery include sanitary napkins, baby diapers and incontinence products. Optima offers turnkey solutions from stackers to bulk and final packaging from low cost to high tech machines.

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* Orlandi Spa, a Garlasco, Italy-based roll goods producer, will present its hydroentangled spunlaced nonwoven materials for medical and hygiene products at ANEX. The material is 65% viscose and 35% polyester. The company will also have its hydroentangled airlace material, which is 50% wood pulp, 25% PES and 25% polypropylene, on display.

* Paper Converting Machine Company, Green Bay, WI, will exhibit its Total Nonwovens converting Solutions capabilities at the Anex Show in China. PCMC will demonstrate its core competencies in folding, wetting, rewinding, unwinding, printing and embossing of nonwoven materials. The focus will include information on the highly successful Clipper wipes machine and Calypso crossfolder. It will also offer information describing the new customer lab line that will be available in the near term.

* Parkinson Technologies, Woonsocket, RI, continues to innovate on design and techniques of its surface, turret and center/surface winders for improved quality and reduced operating costs exceeding process demands. Parkinson supports its customers in the Asia Pacific region with a fully staffed engineering service and sales office in Tianjin, China.

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* Charleston-based PGI's Asian division can produce 16,000 tons of spunmelt materials annually, which is claims makes it the largest producer of its kind in Asia. The company also operates a technical office in Osaka and a sales support office in Taipei, allowing it to continuously provide high quality products and services to the Asian market. Products are applied to the medical, hygiene, industrial and agriculture markets.

* Rieter Perfojet, Montbonnet, France, supplies complete spunlace lines to the nonwovens industry. Already, the company has sold two complete spunlace lines. At ANEX, the company will display its Spunjet technology, which combines spunbond and spunlace techniques. This will allow producers to make nonwoven fabrics with new characteristics, opening up potential in untapped markets for nonwovens.

* Sandvik Hard Materials, Epinouze, France, will display complete CRC modules with optimal reliable cutting function. Sandvik Carbide Rotary Cutters provide optimal reliable cutting function, according to the company. These complete cutting modules with optimized cleaning systems are drawn for trim removal to vacuum pipes and monitoring of the product during and after cutting.

* Sateri Oy, Valkeakoski, Finland, produces viscose fibers in both TCF and ECF grades for drylaid nonwovens in raw white and for wetlaid nonwovens in raw white and spundyed (short cut) varieties. Sateri viscose fibers are applicable in hygiene, medical, household and industrial end uses. Sateri also produces flame retardant viscose fiber Visil, which is applicable in fire barriers and insulation.

* Schober GmbH, Eberdingen, Germany, specializes in the manufacture of tools, modules and machines for the die cutting, sealing, punching and scoring of nonwoven, woven, foil, film and paper products. During the past 10 years, Schober has become a leader in tungsten Carbide rotary die cutting and module concepts systems.

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* SSP Technology SpA, Garlasco, Italy, will present its baby diaper and adult diaper machinery products. Additionally, the company will showcase its combination eqiupment for both baby and adult diapers, which can make training pants for babies, pull up products for adults and a combination training pants and pull up product.

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* Suominen Nonwovens, Nakkila, Finland, will display its carded thermal bonded nonwovens for baby care, feminine hygiene and incontinence applications. Also on hand will be spunlaced materials for healthcare products and wiping applications including baby care, personal care and household and industrial cleaning.

* New Castle, DE-based Uniqema will present finishes for nonwovens, fibers and yarns. In nonwovens, the main focus will be on hydrophilicity and managing fluid transport in hygiene, medical, food, geotextiles and agricultural fabrics. In fiber production, Uniqema finishes ensure efficient manufacture and processing coupled with end use performance tailored to the final application. Uniqema will exhibit its range of nonwoven-related finishes and demonstrate its problem solving and technical service capabilities.

* Xingshi Equipment Co. Ltd., will display adult and baby diaper and feminine hygiene product manufacturing equipment as well as machinery for stacking, packaging and printing at ANEX. All of Xingshi's equipment is based on servo-driven technology.
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