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ANDY MAKES BID FOR FREEDOM; CORONATION STREET Captive escapes when twisted Phelan crashes van.

Determined to deal with his huge Andy-shaped problem, Phelan bounds his prisoner's wrists and bundles him into a van, telling him they are going to France with his fake passport.

However, an adrenaline-charged Phelan veers off the road and crashes into a tree, giving Andy a chance to escape. Elsewhere, Eileen and Nicola snoop around the house that Phelan is supposedly decorating.

Anna is distraught to learn that her daughter has run away with Seb and makes it her mission to track them down. However, Seb disagrees with Faye's plans and Anna spots him in a layby. He pleads with her to take him home. Once there, Anna is aghast at the dire conditions that Seb is living in.

Eva returns from Paris with the fruits of all of her shopping. Her

fiance tells her his plans for Underworld before asking for another scan of their baby. Eva prints off a scan photo from the internet and instructs Maria to deliver it to him, before making the Rovers look as tacky as possible for her and Jenny's hen do.

NEIGHBOURS Toadie and Sonya learn that Nell is struggling in school, and Toadie comes up with a plan his wife has not agreed to.

Sheila suspects Courtney is engaging in dodgy behaviour at the day spa. Karl calls her out, but is waylaid as Courtney admits the nature of her services to men.

Pleased to have his sons rallying round, Hamish continues to worm his way into their affections and persuades Aaron and Tyler to cash in on their inheritance. Does he have an ulterior motive?

HOME AND AWAY John suggests to Marilyn that they try for a baby of their own, but it's not long before something changes his mind.

Tori keeps vigil at Mason's bedside.

An attempt to take him off the ventilator leaves him with damage to his spinal cord. Mason regains consciousness, but is devastated to realise he can't feel his legs.

Meanwhile, Brody opens up to Justin and tells him what made him turn to drugs, and Ziggy flirts with VJ.

HOLLYOAKS It turns out the ice queen has a heart and it belongs to a certain bad boy - Grace is in love with Warren.

Grace frets as Warren and Sienna's nuptials loom and confides in Tracey. Later, Warren walks in on Sienna in her wedding dress. Will seeing his wife-to-be cement his love for her? Lily is crushed when she learns she won't get into Oxford or Cambridge. Instead of harming herself, she bunks off school and spends the day with Prince, while Darren seeks an angry solace in a poker game.

RIVER CITY Emotions are at an all-time high as the residents gather to bid farewell to a loved one, and Annie struggles to cope with her loss.

Maggie steps in to organise a wake, knowing everyone will want to pay their respects.

Amber persuades Lenny to let her take over the Pop-Up, but - she'll need to work with Stevie.

AJ is holding out hope that Ellie will join him on his trip to India. However, mixed messages means he ends up asking Pete instead.

EASTENDERS The residents reel from the events of last week and one person feels the heavy burden of guilt bringing up past ghosts.

Kush asks Denise to move in with him but doesn't get the answer he wants. Sonia and Kim spot an agitated Kush in the Square and are shocked when he suffers a cardiac arrest.

Bernadette is inconsolable after her loss and begs her mum to take her to the hospital to say a final farewell to the infant, but Karen refuses, infuriating her daughter.

EMMERDALE David fails to turn up to Tracey's birthday gathering in the shop, but he happens upon a lovelorn Leyla, who is a sight for sore eyes in her ruined wedding gown.

The floodgates open as she tells David she can't afford to pay for the rented gown. He offers to help her out financially. At the shop, David announces he and Tracey won't be going on holiday as he has given the money to Leyla.

Debbie is desperate for cash and ignores Ross's pleas for her to be straight with Charity. She tells him that Graham's boss wants to meet her in a hotel and that she intends to extract money from him.

Liv is shocked to discover that Rebecca is pregnant.


WORRY Toadie & Sonia


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Date:Sep 10, 2017
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