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ANDY'S COCAINE WARNING; INVESTIGATION Party Prince is told: 'Ditch your dangerous friends or you'll ruin the monarchy'.


PLAYBOY Prince Andrew has been ordered by the Queen to dump his dodgy new pals and their murky world of cocaine, crime and casual sex before he damages the Monarchy for ever.

The Queen and Prince Philip were furious after their second son was pictured cavorting with topless beauties and touring red-light districts during a holiday in Phuket, Thailand.

But they were appalled when Palace investigations revealed his new-found friends have notorious links to hard drugs.

An insider revealed: "Andrew has been told in no uncertain terms that he must cut loose from this gang with all their drug links before it drags the reputation of the Royals into the mire.

"His behaviour is not that expected of the Duke of York and he has been told it must end right now.

"Andrew is laying himself open to exploitation and scandal, and is becoming an appalling liability. What sort of example does he set to the rest of the world?"

The Sunday People can reveal that among the 40-year-old prince's new chums - nicknamed the NyLon Gang because they flit between New York and London with no expense spared - are:

-Pop singer JENNY FROST, whose armed robber and drug addict ex-fiance served seven-and-a-half years in tough Dartmoor prison;

-Britpack actor SEAN PERTWEE, a former punk-rocker who was expelled from THREE schools, is alleged to have regularly snorted cocaine, and is described as "a nasty, nasty piece of work";

-His wife JACQUI HAMILTON-SMITH, a fun-loving aristocrat who dated pop star Robbie Williams at the height of his drink and drug addictions

-Record producer NELLEE HOOPER, notorious in showbiz for moving in heavy drug-using circles. He is a serial womaniser who also bedded Jacqui and once kicked Williams between the legs after calling him a "c***";

-Stunning model ERICA BAXTER, who lived with singer Jason Donovan while he was in the grip of a terrible addiction to cocaine and Ecstasy; and

-Socialite GHISLAINE MAXWELL, daughter of Britain's biggest crook and disgraced tycoon Robert Maxwell, who escorted Andrew to a sleazy "hookers and pimps" party in New York.

Ghislaine has also taken the prince to nightclubs and parties where he's been pictured looking dazed and confused and sweating heavily.

A Royal source said last night: "Andrew really should look a lot more closely at the sort of people he is hanging around with and where this could all lead. He is moving in a world drenched in hard drugs.

"He is not the most intelligent of men and is easily led. It would be very easy to manipulate him. There is the spectre of drugs hanging over almost everyone he's now associating with and almost everywhere he goes and it is really not something a man of his position - and a father of two young daughters - should be getting involved in.

"The Prince is heading for a fall. Somebody needs to shake some sense into him before it's too late."

One worried old friend added: "We are all terribly concerned about the sort of cocaine-linked people he is hanging around with now. There are too many temptations of the wrong sort.

"Andrew doesn't even drink normally, and he is in danger of being dazzled by what he sees as this glamorous and beautiful set. But scratch the surface and you reveal a lot of unpleasantness."

Even ex-wife Fergie has accused him of "acting like an overgrown schoolboy" and said he is embarrassing their two young daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Jet-setting Andrew pockets pounds 240,000 a year from the taxpayer to help fund his high life.

He also earns pounds 60,000 as a Royal Navy Commander, but is giving up that job this summer for a new post as a roving ambassador for British business. The Queen was said to be outraged when she saw photographs of Andrew on his freebie five-star jaunt to Thailand.

Jenny Frost, newest member of chart-topping pop group Atomic Kitten, who was pictured half-naked with him aboard a private pounds 1 million yacht, told The Sunday People: "We had a wicked time.

"I had no hesitation in going topless in front of Prince Andrew, why should I? The fact is I didn't want to get strap marks on my body while I was sunbathing.

"I'm not bothered about getting my boobs out in front of anyone. We did what friends normally do - chatted, had a few drinks and lots of laughs. Andrew was one of the gang and very down to earth."

Jenny, 22, who once dated soccer star David Beckham, denies ever taking drugs.

But her former fiance Paul Greenhalgh, 33, has openly boasted of taking cocaine and did time in Dartmoor after a jewel robbery.

He said: "Our relationship was brilliant. I was regularly taking drugs. I took cocaine at our flat and various parties. It cost a lot of money but Jennifer was earning and I had some of my own."

Andrew was also snapped trying to throw bikini-clad blonde Normandie Keith, 28, into the sea off the yacht. Her best friend is IT girl Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, who has battled a coke addiction. The woman at the centre of the Prince's whirlwind new social life is Ghislaine Maxwell, whose crooked dad threw himself off his yacht 10 years ago.

New-York-based Ghislaine has been with Andrew on eight trips around the world this year alone.

Another of the prince's old friends warned: "It is time he woke up and smelt reality. Andrew has no idea what he is getting into with these people. He knows next-to-nothing about most of them.

"But the circles he is beginning to move in now spell trouble."

Aristocrat bedded drug addict Robbie


BLUE-BLOODED Jacqui Hamilton-Smith, 31-year-old daughter of Lord Colwyn, was bedded by pop star Robbie Williams at the height of his drink and drug addictions.

Described as "fun-loving", she is married to Britpack actor Sean Pertwee but used to date fellow NyLon Gang member Nellee Hooper.

Snorting Dr Who son with a vicious temper


FORMER punk rocker Sean Pertwee, 35-year-old son of former Dr Who star Jon, was engaged to model Nathalie Bloom before marrying Jacqui.

She claimed he was a bully, regularly snorted cocaine, and persuaded her to have an abortion before dumping her. Nathalie, 30, added: "A nasty, nasty piece of work. He treated people like filth."

Kitten who fell for a junkie dangerman


JENNY Frost, 22-year-old singer with pop group Atomic Kitten, is the former fiancee of convicted armed robber and drug addict Paul Greenhalgh.

He became friendly with disgraced property tycoon and serial sex offender Owen Oyston after they shared a cell. Jenny denies taking drugs, but says meeting Andrew was "wicked".

Playboy record boss parties at coke club


PLAYBOY record boss Nellee Hooper, 37, was a regular at Browns nightclub in London's West End, which became a notorious hotbed of drug dealing.

His model girlfriend Erica Baxter lived with singer and former Neighbours star Jason Donovan while he was in the grip of his terrible addiction to cocaine and dance drug Ecstasy

.Royal raves with pal of cocaine-mad Tara


CROOKED tycoon Robert Maxwell's daughter Ghislaine took Andrew to a sleazy Hookers and Pimps party in New York.

Glamorous Normandie Keith, who Andrew was pictured trying to throw into the sea, is the best friend of IT girl Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, who has battled her own addiction to cocaine.


POSH: Jaqui with Robbie Williams; STORMY: Pertwee and Natalie Bloom; LOVERS: Jenny and Paul Greenhalgh; CLUB SET: Nellee, Jason and Erica; PALS: Ghislaine, Normandie and Tara
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jan 28, 2001

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