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Byline: rob DAVES

LOADS of clearly-not-very-ill patients in North Wales are making a hospital appointment and then forgetting to keep it. This thoughtless behaviour costs pounds 150 a time which makes the cup of coffee doctors get to drink in this unexpected break an extremely expensive, if pleasant surprise. Some people just don't deserve free health care. I bet they'd turn up, gasping, purple-faced and walking with a limp if they were staring down the barrel of a pounds 150 fine.

Mind you, turn up punctually and you'll end up sitting on a chair in the corridor for an hour. As a compromise, I would suggest always keep your appointments, but be fashionably late for them.

LAST week the Daily Post exposed the shoddy way the Royal Mail is treating sub postmasters - freezing their pay and slashing their bonuses - while ensuring those at the top get eye-watering salaries and handsome pay-offs.

I don't think the Royal Mail gives a damn about post offices. If it does, why does it repeatedly run big banner adverts on internet auction site eBay encouraging users to print their own postage labels? This means that post offices will sell fewer stamps and make even less money and even more will close. So why does Royal Mail do it? THOSE robotic fish which could soon be policing North Wales' harbours on the look out for water pollution sound promising. They will "mimic the undulating movement of real fish" as they paddle around, their microchips busily gathering data.

I'm sure it will all go swimmingly, but is it really a good idea to "let them loose" off the coast of Spain to see if they're successful before bringing them over here? Spanish trawlermen will just catch them, land them and sell them to fishmongers, like they do with all the rest of our fish. And Spanish cuisine is pretty ropey - these pounds 20,000 robots are going to end up being eaten by Spaniards unaware they're not real fish.

WHY have so many postal votes been issued for this general election? Haven't we learned lessons from the last time that they invite corruption, particularly in certain communities? Thousands of postal votes have had to be recalled in Vale of Glamorgan, a key marginal seat, due to errors.

I have only ever voted postally once - when I was on holiday. If people aren't away, why is it so difficult to just pop out to a polling station? Those unwilling to make the effort don't deserve to vote.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
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Date:May 4, 2010
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