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ANA flight came close to crashing after wrong instruction from ground.

TOKYO, Nov. 24 Kyodo

An All Nippon Airways flight could have crashed into a mountain in Hokkaido in 20 to 30 seconds if it had not carried out an avoidance maneuver after receiving incorrect instructions from an air traffic controller, the Japan Transport Safety Board said Wednesday.

The board is investigating the situation involving ANA 325, operated by Air Nippon Co., an ANA group company, which came close to the land surface while flying to Asahikawa, Hokkaido, from Chubu airport in Aichi Prefecture in October.

According to its preliminary report, the airplane with about 60 passengers aboard came as close as some 220 meters to the land surface around the top of the 2,197-meter Mt. Pippu in Hokkaido at one point after it took steps to avoid a crash following the erroneous instructions from the ground.

The board is set to investigate the case further by checking recorded data of communications with air traffic control and flying route data, as well as records of the ground proximity warning system, which triggered an alarm in this case.
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Publication:Japan Transportation Scan
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Date:Nov 29, 2010
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