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ANA committee for nursing practice information infrastructure.

Nursing documentation has always been important to the profession, but too often it has just provided a record of what nursing did, not the deliberation behind these actions. This has often led to the belief that "nursing" is composed of just completing tasks. The American Nurses Association believes that if we are to change this mind set, we need evidence that there is more to nursing than just tasks. Current healthcare systems are now beginning to rely on automated information systems to provide data and information to support care delivery, resources management, and quality initiatives. With the introduction of electronic healthcare records (EHR), the opportunity is available to use technology to demonstrate what nursing does and how nursing utilizes an evidence-based foundation to develop nursing interventions. The introduction and move to EHRs, however, requires that nursing accept standardized terminology to record its actions, allowing information extracted on nursing assessment, diagnoses, plan and evaluation to be shared across the healthcare environment, within nursing departments, but also with third party payors and other healthcare professionals. This terminology is very different than the medical coding provided by CPT or ICD codes.

ANA has assumed the responsibility to insure nursing's information infrastructure is in place to disseminate information and foster knowledge development, influence health policy, and contribute to the quality patient healthcare initiative. The Committee for Nursing Practice Information Infrastructure (CNPII) assists the American Nurses Association in that leadership role, and is charged to:

* Serve as the primary authority for the ANA on the nursing practice information infrastructure.

* Influence health information policy at international, national and state levels related to maintaining quality, integrity, security, and confidentiality of personal, professional, and organizational or enterprise healthcare data and information.

* Disseminate knowledge about nursing's information APN Corner infrastructure, languages, classification systems, and terminologies.

* Recommend program initiatives, as appropriate.

The Committee for Nursing Practice Information Infrastructure (CNPII) has been working on these issues for the past decade. Through TNA's recommendation, Dr. Diane Todd Pace of District One was named as an alternate member to this committee. Other current committee members include: Suzanne C. Beyea, PhD, RN, CS, FAAN, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (Co-Chairperson); Gail Keenan, PhD, RN Director of the Nursing Informatics Initiative, University of Illinois Chicago, School of Nursing (Co-Chairperson); Victoria Elfrink, PhD, RN,BC, College of Nursing, The Ohio State University; Linda Goodwin, PhD, RN, Director, Nursing Informatics Program, Duke University School of Nursing; Marcelline Harris, PhD, RN, Mayo Clinic; Kathy Lesh, EdM, MS, RN, Technical Manager, Clinical Informatics, The KEVRIC Company, Inc.; Susan T. Pierce, EdD, RN, Northwestern State University; and Linda Thede, PhD, RN, BC, Editor, CIN Plus.

The Committee for Nursing Practice Information Infrastructure members attended a meeting at the ANA headquarters in Silver Springs, MD, in January 2006, to examine the standardized nursing terminologies recognition criteria and program, and finalize decisions associated with the website content about the Nursing Practice Information Infrastructure (NPII). With the idea of helping nurses to make the move to using standardized nursing terminology, the committee launched a Web site at to the public on February 6, 2006. One of the features at this site is the ability to provide feedback to the committee. Additionally, Dr. Pace can be emailed at for any further comments or feedback.

by Diane Todd Pace, PhD, RN, APRN, BC
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Author:Pace, Diane Todd
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Date:Mar 22, 2006
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