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ANA House of Delegates proposed bylaws amendments.

Two sets of bylaws were reviewed during the ANA House of Delegates over the two-day event. Because of actions taken in the "Special House," where the Transformation Bylaws were reviewed, several Biennial Bylaws were not reviewed because they were no longer relevant. The biennial bylaws are as follows:

1) Biennial Amendment 6-Biennial Elections This amendment changed the winner of elections from a plurality to receiving the majority of voters present. A run off would be necessary if no one received the majority vote.

2) Biennial Amendment 7-Pertained to the Nursing Congress on Economic and Practice was not heard due to changes from the Transformational Bylaws.

3) Biennial Amendment 8-Pertained to ANA's Purpose and Function. This amendment was not heard because of changes voted upon in the "Special House".

4) Biennial Amendment 9-Pertained to the House of Delegate and was not heard because of the actions in the "Special House"

5) Biennial Amendment 10-Pertained to the Board of Directors and expanded the BOD from the seven proposed in the Transformational Bylaws to nine and added a place for the new graduate nurse.

6) Biennial Amendment 11-Pertained to the Constituent Assembly and was not heard due to the changes voted upon in the "Special House," which eliminated this body.

7) Biennial Amendment 12-Addressed the Organizational Affiliates and their role.

8) Biennial Amendment 13-Dealt with nurse members, the Individual Membership Division and was referred back to the ANA Board.

9) Biennial Amendment 14-Defined the change in the name CMA to C/SNA and who makes up the C/SNA, including allowing retired nurses to maintain their membership in ANA.

10) Biennial Amendment 15-Changed the notification of dues increase from 60 days to 90 day.

11) Biennial Amendment 16-Changed the time for submitting Bylaw changes from 180 days to 90 days.

12) Biennial Amendment 17-Clarified the use of Robert's Rules for parliamentary procedure. This section went pretty fast since the passage of Bylaws in the "Special House" eliminated the need to review all of the Biennial Amendments.

Reported by GNA Delegate Sheila Warren

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Title Annotation:ANA HOUSE OF DELEGATES ACTION REPORTS; American Nurses Association
Author:Warren, Shelia
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Date:Aug 1, 2012
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