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 ADA, Mich., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Amway Corp. has announced the reintroduction of its Artistry Cosmetic and Skin Care lines of some 200 products for international distribution. The announcement was made today at a special media luncheon held at the St. Regis Hotel in New York by Tom Eggleston, chief operating officer of Amway Corp.
 The new Artistry lines will be marketed by independent Amway distributors in the U.S. and Canada beginning next month, and will roll- out internationally in 20 countries in 1994 and in four more countries in 1995. This major introduction coincides with the 25th anniversary of Artistry-branded skin care and cosmetics.
 Artistry Cosmetics and Skin Care formulations have been developed to encompass the needs of the international, culturally diverse audience that Artistry products reach. Elements of the new collection have been drawn from global sources, as well as the company's own U.S. research and development division and manufacturing headquarters.
 The most visible change for both Artistry lines is the packaging, projecting a more sophisticated, upscale image. Simplicity of selection and use for both lines and the addition of new products are unifying themes for the new Artistry lines.
 "Artistry is the flagship brand for the Amway beauty business worldwide. Over its 25-year history, Artistry has established a quality and value reputation. This product launch is therefore important to the global Amway business -- both from a product development standpoint in the sheer number of products being introduced to consumers, as well as in global marketing and distribution challenges on four continents," said Eggleston.
 After the initial reintroduction in North America in 1993, Artistry cosmetics and skin care products will be marketed by independent Amway distributors in 1994 in the following countries: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama and Brazil. In 1995, the following countries will be targeted with the launch: Korea, Poland, Portugal and Indonesia.
 "Amway's Artistry products have been reformulated, repackaged and reintroduced to appeal to the discerning tastes of women throughout the global marketplace. We've met the challenge of developing products that meet worldwide regulations and the highest quality standards -- while also meeting the expectations and needs of Amway distributors and their customers," Eggleston said.
 In addition to the restaging of the line, several new products are being introduced. These include a Delicate Care Skin Care System, consisting of a Delicate Care Cleanser, Toner and Hydrating Fluid; Progressive Emollient Creme; Artistry Base Controller; Artistry Concealer Pencil; Artistry Creme Foundation; Artistry Powder Foundation; Artistry Smudgeproof Mascara; and Artistry Oil Free Foundation.
 In 1983, Amway invested in a $16 million state-of-the-art cosmetics facility to ensure product quality through advanced technology. That facility was expanded in 1991 by 63 percent to accommodate increased production of personal care products. The $12 million expansion increased the overall cosmetics facility to its current capacity of 98,000 square feet. Almost all product development, from the selection of ingredients through the manufacturing process, occurs at the company's worldwide headquarters in Ada.
 Recent reports indicate a growing momentum of direct selling in world markets. "In a year of recession in Europe, the burst of the bubble economy in Japan, and little growth by most U.S. companies, we believe that the global marketplace truly validates the Amway opportunity," Eggleston said.
 For the fiscal year ending Aug. 31, 1993, Amway reported annual sales of $4.5 billion at estimated retail. Annual sales for fiscal 1993 represented a $600 million, or 15 percent, increase over reported sales of $3.9 billion for fiscal 1992. The number of Amway employees worldwide increased from 10,000 to 11,000 during the past year.
 Amway Corp. is a privately held company owned and operated by the families of co-founders Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos. More than 2 million independent distributors in 60 countries and territories market Amway's 400 home care, personal care, health and fitness, home tech, and commercial products, another 5,000 brand-name products through Amway's PERSONAL SHOPPERS Catalog, and a variety of services and educational products.
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