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AMT and continuing education.

Continuing education for medical professionals is an absolute necessity in today's world. Trying to keep up with all the scientific advancements and changes in our profession would be impossible if each and every one of us did not make a conscious effort to continually educate ourselves. AMTIE is a program provided free of charge to all AMT members to help us keep track of our continuing education units (CEUs). The AMTIE report card that we receive in March of every year is a great way to present your efforts in education to your employer, and a permanent record for you to keep. In April of each year, AMT publishes the names of individuals who have complied with the recommended CE credit hours and received a Continuing Education Certificate of Compliance in the Journal of Continuing Education Topics & Issues. Those members who have exceeded the number of continuing education hours receive a Continuing Education Certificate of Excellence and are mentioned in the Journal also.

AMT recommends that all members certified before January 2006 obtain the following clock hours:

* Medical Technologists/Medical Laboratory Technician: 15 clock hours

* Registered Medical Assistant: 15 clock hours

* Certified Medical Administrative Specialist: 15 clock hours

* Certified Office Laboratory Technician: 15 clock hours

* Certified Laboratory Consultant: 15 clock hours

* Registered Dental Assistant: 10 clock hours

* Allied Health Instructor: 10 clock hours

* Registered Phlebotomy Technician: 5 clock hours

Members certified after January 1, 2006, or members initially certified prior to January, 2006, who wish to reinstate their membership after three years of inactivity are required to comply with the Certification Continuation Program (CCP). For reinstating members, compliance with CCP is required one time only, at time of reinstatement. Depending on the certification, members are required to obtain the following number of points over a three-year period prior to reinstatement:

* Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technician, Certified Laboratory Consultant--45 points

* Registered Medical Assistant, Certified Medical Administrative Specialist, Registered Dental Assistant, Allied Health Instructor, Certified Office Laboratory Technician--30 points

* Registered Phlebotomy Technician--20 points Where can you find continuing education to submit for the above? The easiest place to start is to attend state and national meetings. Your state meeting can be a great source of continuing education, and a wonderful way to meet others in your profession. This also gives you a chance to attend the business meeting and become actively involved in your state society. National meetings are a wealth of information, with topics pertaining to all of the various disciplines.

If you still need more CEUs, there are many resources available in the Journal and AMT Events. STEP is a continuing education program keyed to articles that appear in the Journal, with answer sheets available from the AMT office. A $3.00 processing fee must accompany each answer sheet that is submitted. Many STEP articles are available online through the AMT website. Other resources from AMT and other vendors may also be found in the Journal and AMT Events, such as home study units, manuals, etc.

Many employers also have continuing education programs for their staff. If this is the case, you will need to fill out an AMTIE Continuing Education Credit Request Form that also may be found in the Journal, AMT Events, or online to receive credit for these programs.

The cutoff date for acceptance of CE credit is January 30th of each year. Make sure you are one of AMT's "Pride of the Profession" by staying well informed and well educated!!

Janet Crigler, MT

Councillor, Eastern District
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Date:Mar 1, 2008
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