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AMSA's Full Service Moving Project kicked off in January. Various implementation glitches have been occurring, as with any new program, but FSMP seems to be working with the Move Mangers (MMs) to resolve these issues. Computer systems seem to be the main problem areas, with access to the Best Value Distribution Database and speed of invoicing through PowerTrack being the areas of greatest concern at this time.

As of February 21, four 387 FSMP moves had been booked, with most still pending pickup. 228 shipments were delivered directly, with 233 in SIT and another 28 already delivered out of SIT. Another 456 were in transit. 684 additional moves were Personally Procured moves, where the service member arranges for the move or does it himself. Because of the origin locations involved, the Army has the most shipments -- 2,433.
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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