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AMS Unveils DakotaROM-SP CD/DVD Server.

Advanced Media Services (AMS) has announced the release of DakotaROM-SP, the newest member of the Dakota family of network-attached storage and data-distribution appliances.

According to the company. DakotaROM-SP integrates CD/DVD-ROM and hard disk technologies with a specialized and optimized multi-protocol thin server to create a high-performance, easy-to-use, and affordable solution for distributing in formation and software. This specialized CD/DVD server connects directly to your network, and is operating-system and server independent, providing clients in heterogeneous network environments with simultaneous access to CD/DVD-ROM libraries at hard-disk speeds.

DakotaROM-SP is powered by the next generation Storpoint CD E100 thin server engine from Axis Communications, which, according to the company, is optimized for fast, easy, and efficient CD/DVD sharing. Equipped with a 32-bit 100-MHz custom network RISC Processor and up to 160 MB of RAM, DakotaROM-SP is a high-performance network CD/DVD server, according to the announcement.

Two levels of hard-disk caching provide accelerated access to CD/DVD-ROM content. Performance caching enables you to cache all the directories and files (mirror), or just the directory structure and a designated portion (partial) of the CD/DVD-ROM to the hard disk for faster access. Archive caching enables you to create a complete image of a CD/DVD-ROM onto hard disk and then remove it from the CD/DVD reader, enabling you to image as many CD-ROMs as your hard disk capacity allows.

By serving CD-DVD content from SCSI hard disk, a much higher performance storage medium, you increase data transfer rates and improve client access times, especially in multi-user environments. This results in improved application performance and higher productivity. Storing images on hard disk also reduces your cost per CD compared to traditional CD Towers or Servers. A DakotaROM-SP 300 series desktop model with 36 GB of disk space can serve over 56 full-capacity CDs.

According to the company, the scalability feature of DakotaROM-SP provides investment protection. As your CD/DVD library grows, you can simply add an internal or external disk-expansion module and increase your CD/DVD capacity while maintaining centralized management.

DakotaROM-SP provides network server and operating system-independent access to CDIDVD-ROM data to clients in Netware (NDS and Bindery), Windows NT/95/98, OS/2, UNIX, Macintosh, and Web environments simultaneously. Since no server is required, Windows 95/98 or Macintosh clients in a peer-to-peer network environment can share CD/DVDs.

Web browser-based management tools embedded in flash memory simplify administration and product enhancements. DakotaROM-SP can be managed from anywhere on your network or over the Internet. Native OS integration and full user and group security is supported for effortless administration. Optional client software, Axis Storpoint Disco, makes it easy for users to see and access all CDs and DVDs on their desktop and arrange them into personal folders.

Source: Advanced Media Services, Wilmington, MA, 800/466-0813, 978/658-1870;

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Date:Sep 1, 1999
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