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AMETEK--Reading Alloys.

AMETEK--Reading Alloys

220 Old West Penn Avenue

Robesonia, PA 19551

Phone: 610-693-5822

Fax: 610-693-5542




Year Founded: 1953

Number of Employees: 151

Number of Facilities: 1


AMETEK Specialty Metal Products--Reading Alloys is a world-wide leader in producing master alloys, specialty alloys and high-purity alloy powders and fine powders. Our alloys are manufactured in accordance with a certified ISO 9001/AS 9100 quality management system and tested by our internal Nadcap accredited analytical laboratory.

Reading Alloys has been an approved raw material supplier to global orthopedic manufacturers and leading plasma coaters for nearly 10 years. Our Titanium powders our manufactured by specialized Hydride-Dehydride (HDH) processing and sizing equipment that allows us to customize particle size distribution to exact customer specifications. We are now moving forward to combine the established HDH powder manufacturing process with the Plasma Spheroidization (PS) process to offer spherical powders to both the titanium medical device makers and the medical implant industry a new cost effective solution, within the established titanium powder supply chain. PS titanium powders can also be produced in high volumes and exhibits no agglomerates or attached satellite particles which reduce powder flowability.


Markets Served

Powder Metallurgy processes such as Hot Isostatic Pressing, Cold Isostatic Pressing/Sintering, Metal Injection Moulding, Plasma Spraying/Coating and Additive Parts Manufacturing.

Powder Products

Medical and commercial grades available in hydride-dehydride (HDH) CP Ti and Ti-6Al-4V Standard (Grade 5) and ELI (Grade 23) powders are available as plasma spheroidized (PS) powder. Medical grade powders are certified to ASTM standards.



Powder Characteristics

Typical particle size distributions (PSD) range from 35 mesh (500 microns) to 325 mesh (45 microns). HDH titanium powders include solid, angular, blocky or sponge morphology. PS powders are spherical, free flowing, have no satellite particles or agglomerates and are of spherical morphology.

Powder Applications

Coatings on titanium alloy implants, net shape, part production and thin film (sputtering target).


Technical Services

New product development, applications engineering, alloy development, and pilot trials to full-scale production.

Advanced Quality Control Systems

Nadcap-certified laboratory, ISQ 9001/AS 9100 certified, compliant with EU REACH Regulations and worldwide distribution.
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