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 CLEVELAND, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Here is a product of interest for Hispanic Heritage Month -- Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, 1993.
 To meet the needs of the growing Hispanic population in the U.S., American Greetings has expanded its popular La Flor(R) Spanish card line to include 20 percent more greeting cards, as well as the addition of party goods and gift wrap especially designed for Hispanics.
 "For many years, we have offered Spanish greeting cards for holidays, birthdays and many other card-sending occasions," said Scott Halm, American Greetings product manager. "In addition to our premier Spanish card line, La Flor, we also offer a line of Spanish cards featuring Ziggy(R), as well as a line with contemporary, yet very sentimental and touching prose, called 'Feelings of the Heart(TM)' or 'Mensajes del corazon.' Our newest Spanish line provides cards for birthdays, friendship and more, featuring our very popular and cute HoneyLove Collection(R) of teddy bear art. Another new addition to our Spanish product offering is a complete line of 'Fiesta!' coordinating party goods and gift wrap," said Halm.
 Jose Martinez, of American Greetings Spanish product management group, explained, "We know that the most popular Hispanic card-sending holidays are Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter and Father's Day, in that order. This differs from the rest of the American population, and our La Flor card line reflects these special needs." For Christmas, the largest card-sending holiday, American Greetings offers a tremendous variety of Hispanic cards, including elaborate specialty designs, musical cards and a full selection of La Flor boxed Christmas cards.
 "The Hispanic culture often centers around the church and religious events," said Martinez. "Our Spanish card lines offer all the traditional everyday cards, as well as those specifically designed for Hispanic celebrations, like Name Day, 'Dia Del Santo,' and a girl's 15th birthday, called 'Quinceanera.'"
 "In our Spanish lines, we don't simply translate English verses into Spanish and put the cards on the shelves," said Ines Barranca, a senior editor for American Greetings La Flor line. "Literal translations usually don't meet the needs of our market.
 "Our Spanish lines are written to meet the needs of today's Hispanic families and lifestyles. For instance, extended families are strong in the Hispanic culture," said Barranca. "Aunts and grandmothers play important motherly roles in our lives. That's why we offer a wide selection of cards addressed to Aunt and Grandmother. And we've reflected the fact that the Hispanic population tends to be younger than the rest of the U.S. by incorporating more casual and conversational prose into our editorial with less 'verse.'
 "The Hispanic market is so diverse that writing Spanish verses to meet the needs of all its members isn't easy," said Barranca. "Sometimes something that sounds wonderful to Mexicans may simply not work with Cubans or vice versa. The key is to develop verses and sentiments that speak to all the nationalities that make up the Hispanic population."
 Martinez agreed, "Because of the diversity of people that make up the Hispanic market, it is sometimes difficult to find the right words and art looks that will appeal to everyone. But that's the creativity which is part of our job -- helping people communicate their thoughts and feelings -- whether it's in English or Spanish. And for Hispanics who are completely assimilated, like younger Hispanics who do not speak Spanish but want to send Spanish cards to Spanish-speaking relatives, we print English translations on the back of our cards."
 "Serving the needs of the Spanish-speaking population is important to us," concluded Halm. The Hispanic population is growing at the fastest rate of all the population segments in the United States. American Greetings is committed to providing the right Spanish card for that very special person."
 Headquartered in Cleveland, American Greetings Corporation (NASDAQ: AGREA) is the world's largest publicly owned manufacturer and distributor of greeting cards and related social expression products, with annual revenues of $1.7 billion. American Greetings products can be found in leading retail outlets worldwide.
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